Carrot & Lentil Salad with Indian Curry Tahini Dressing ( Vegan ) FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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How about an Asian influenced salad? I got a little wordy on the title, sorry about that.

For those that follow me, you'll know I am currently traveling in San Diego with my sister @fullofhope. You can check out my post from yesterday to learn more about it Gringalicious in San Diego Travel Series - Part 1. Fortunately, I was able to get some posts lined up before I left.

I'll have a few more travel posts from San Diego, but those will have to come later.

I know that curry is an acquired taste for many, and you know what, that’s totally cool because everyone is entitled to their own tastes. If curry is not you’re thing, I get it, and you can actually just leave it out of this recipe all together. But, if it is something you like then you simply have got to try this dressing, You will thank me later for sure.

I did two versions of the dressing, one vegan, so that as many of you could give this a try. If you follow me, you'll know I am not a vegan and I have this real thing for Greek yogurt, I can't help it! Just a teaser, the vegan version uses coconut milk.

One of the best parts of a salad is that it is quick and easy. I know we're all super busy and I do have a real bad habit of producing some not-so-easy recipes from time to time, I know, it's a problem. I hope you enjoy this creation and it inspires you to create your own!


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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Do you want to learn more about me? Click here to see a recent @wadepaterson interview with me - 20 questions with @gringalicious And, I have not done this for a few weeks, first one to request the recipe will get a nice little upvote if they mention the word 'La Jolla.'

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Have I ever told you how much I enjoy pomegranate?


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Great post .. good
Wonderful recipe .. Healthy food! good for you
Thanks for sharing this with us

thanks so much for taking the time to comment @slimanepro

Thank you for sharing this salad recipe as it is also a good for weight conscious people. Healthy food.

thanks for stopping by and commenting @introvert-dime

Nicely presented salad! Great for health.

Recipe please! Hello from La Jolla @gringalicious


That looks very healthy!!

I’ve just finished my dinner, but you succeeded to make me hungry again 😉😀😁😂😅🤣


Hahahaha... Don't overfeed yourself oooo because of @gringalicious, me I have made up my mind not to look at those pictures again. It causes salivation and instant hunger.

Yummy, I guess I'll have some vegan lentil salad today! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration - upvoted and resteemed ♥

I am thrilled you liked it @isshappy. I thought this one might grab your attention. Thanks so much for the vote and resteem

@gringalicious , you also grab my attention on your this amazing food , so great dear , thanks for your sharing .

Hehe well, I love all your food photos but of course I like the vegan recipes best ♥ :)

If it grabbed mine, then it grabs everyone.
One cant ignore the enticement

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Lentil is one of my favourite ingredient. I usually mix lentil with rice and cook it together. Thanks to this we've got richer version of rice ;) Salad looks really tasty and I am definitely going to try it. It looks healthy and light. Good option for supper 😊 Thank you for inspiration :D

thanks to you @xuanito for the inspiration of mixing lentil with rice, I love that idea. Thanks so much for the kind words about my post, Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend too @gringalicious! 😊

Wow @gringalicious, it looks so delicious! Thank you very much for the inspiration, because I kind of started to be bored of salads lately, nothing new idea came into my mind. This one looks fabulous, I'll definitely do it :) Especially because I love thai food!!

I am thrilled I was able to inspire, that is always my goal. Could I make suggestion, could you add more photos to your food posts?

My family has gone vegetarian (not vegan) for Lent. We love curry and your post has reminded me of all the vegetarian curry dishes I used to eat when I “did the veg-head thing” in college for about two semesters. “Veg-head” was an insult slung at vegetarians way back then. This was back when the only vegetarian dish you could get at most restaurants was a side salad. LOL

Well, I am happy to hear that my salad was able to inspire. I try to create recipes that appeal to everyone so it's good to hear when one of my 'healthier' creations leads to inspiration. Fantastic commenting @alsedge and welcome to Steem. You're off to a great start with the commenting, keep up the good work. Feel free to contact me if you need any suggestions

Thank you. I’m actually making a spinach and mushroom risotto tonight, inspired by The Chew. But, I’m planning a curry dish with lentils next trip to the grocery, inspired by perusing your bogs.

Looks very tasty and super healthy.

thanks for commenting @unclehermit

Looks interesting when I think of somany ingredients that vary in taste. Will try to prepare it. :)

I hope you give it a try @tamsguitar and in turn take a go at making your own post about it

Okay. will give it atry once i have some spare time. :)

Wow this recipe looks like the combination of fruit and vegetable salad....I loved it its looks super delicious as always thanks for sharing @gringalicious thank you so much for liking my post.....I am grateful.

create quality content and you will get noticed. Here is a post that is brutally honest, but there is a lot of truth to it -

As always, thanks for your support!

Everything mentioned in this post is very true and important......I need to work really hard

Thank you for the suggestion and support

Love the cool soft tone you have used for colors, everything looks fresh, and very tasty..
The stylish is very nice too, congratulations I will follow you, love your work.

thanks so much for the comment and for the follow @cryp2me

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also very good food job.
thank you so much!

thanks so much for commenting

This is a great meal!

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Love how the colors blend in the salad, the curry completes the full pack.Thanks for the post.

thanks so much for commenting @marcuscrede

Actually I have you to thank, recently I have decided to become a foodie and you are one of my inspirations for becoming one. I have always love to eat and share good food and I never realize it until @steemit gave my this platform. Thank you @gringalicious

Wow amazing you are great sir. Your post is one of the best post I really like it.
After watching your post mouse is full with water it's soon yammy.
I really like your post and especially your Salad, I.amazing your big fan. Thanks for sharing beautiful post. Thanks

thanks so much for commenting @princemalick. You lost me on the mouse?

Healtht vegetables makes healthy and tasty foods.
Thanx @gringalicious

thanks so much for commenting @shoukath I appreciate food ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck..

thanks so much for commenting @rkaitra

I like the way you design your table with the fixings, however my significant other called them litter?! Haha. Decent gems. What's more, exceptionally solid as well!

This post has received a 3.03 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @gringalicious.

It's a very special menu, and looks really good.
Apparently you are also an expert in Indian cuisine huh? It's perfect your skill in cooking. Hope I can follow your trail @gringalicious ..

No, I am not an expert on Indian cuisine, not at all. But, I do like to give it a try now and then. Thanks so much for commenting @ami92

Everything looks amazing and healthy!

thanks for commenting @azael25

thank you very much for sharing the very delicious food @gringalicious

Beatiful flower

One more amazing stuff from you :)

thanks so much for commenting @tasauver

I love your SteemIt blog!Your food photography is beautiful 😊

Special and new recipe of Carrot & Lentil Salad. Yummy looking. Great to see

thanks so much for commenting @pariza

Absolutely scrumptious and love the photos!

thanks so much for stopping by @senseicat

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 5.42% vote... I was summoned by @gringalicious! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

I like to eat carrots very much. In summer, the price of carrots increases in summer and the price decreases in winter.
That is why during winter I went to school and took the carrot bag and always used carrots.

interesting, thanks so much for commenting @exrakib

wow, looking very greedy food. and look like very testy food. thanks for sharing us.

thanks so much for commenting @disha2020

I just love the colors and the staging on this one! Amazing photos!!

Always so sweet and supportive @noboxes, you're always there for me, I appreciate it!!

make me starving cant stop to hit the gas for a fast food somewhere here nereby

don't speed, too much! Thanks for commenting

looks delicious, chef approved

thanks so much for the kind words @nickall

beautiful post gets kind words

I just checked my fridge for the salad cream I kept, I must prepare salad in less than an hour, you just made me salivate but I bet you that mine will definitely taste better. Trust me. Thanks for this early morning inspiration on food. Cheers!!!

Great to hear that your will be better than mine. I hope you make a post about it, if you do, please let me know

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That looks very tasty mmm 😋👍 I just followed you

thanks so much for the follow

You got a 8.68% upvote from @mercurybot courtesy of @gringalicious!

i am glad I got a wow, @gwenbyyy, thanks so much

Yes I love all of your post ❤

Looks delicious and healthy! How much protein? ;)

Well, I didn't do the math on the protein, give me a week or two to get caught up, and I'll sweet what I can do @thebatmanbiker

How about you making some super healthy and high protein stuff the gringalicious way? Then I can try it out too ;)

whenever in doubt ...salad to your rescue ...haha ...looks very tasty btw...keep em coming

thanks so much for commenting @shabab1. Stay tuned for more salads

look like delecious.

thanks so much for commenting

if you like Asian food try indonesian food, you can visit indonesia to be able to taste various kind of delicious food and contains many spices, tourists who have ever tasted indonesian food they liked average Nasi Goreng (fried rice) sate (meat with sticks and burn) if and many more that othersminced

thanks for the recommendation @fendy88. Indonesia is on my list

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the dish is amazing. I love salads fresh and very tasty, especially in summer it is tasty. good post.

thanks so much for the great commenting @olegas89

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Tastey food

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Great @gringalicious It looks healthy salad and delicious as well

I have been following you for sometime now but this is my first comment on your post.. why? Because everytime i caught your post a little too late. Luckily, i have managed to catch your post just in time.. you have some wonderful taste in food.
Quick question though : by any chance have you participated in master chef show? If not then why don’t you? :p

Thanks for the great commenting and for the question @jbn. I don't participate in contests for a few reasons, the main ones being that it takes a lot of time and also restricts my creativity. I'm a freedom lover and I like to create at my own pace. Also, contests are really more beneficial for newer users. They help give newer users exposure. I sponser a few contests behind the scenes and think they are a great benefit to the platform.

Wonderful to hear your reply.. as much as you are right about you not participating in contests, i was actually talking about the Master Chef Show that airs on TV. Lots of great home chefs from all across the country come together and compete to become the master chef. Or am i the only one who watches the show.. :/

It is a healthy salad and I love the color combination. Have a great weekend!

thanks so much @allesia, I am glad you liked the color combo

Asian influenced salad, I don't mind the name anything you can come up with.Whether you're on a diet, or you're looking for a go-to one bowl dinner recipe, salads should be thought of as crowd-pleasers, not a dreaded component of a meal. Great pictures by the way and enjoy your time in San Diego. Way to go girl @gringalicious

Awesome commenting @wa2qr, keep that up and you'll be a star of Steem

Thank you dear.

food that is beneficial and nutritious ... delicious...

thanks so much for commenting @abiumi

Upvote me my friend.....hhhhe...

Tasty photos... Yummy food.. I like your blog.

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wow !! Good food and a must try it... 👍👍🙏🙏

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I love the mute button

interesting it looks and delicious too wow can't wait to eat that :D

I hope you give it a try @blazing. Thanks so much for the continued support

Oh this looks like something my wife would absolutely love! Going to have to make a note of this one to make for her when I’m in the need of some extra husband points!

Husband points, I hear those are hard to come by sometimes, LOL. Great commenting @skiesandsports, thank so much

You're welcome! Haha, it's always good to have a sneaky fallback to gain a few if I'm looking to purchase some expensive bike gear or something!

Wow, a curry in a salad, that's new. Hope I can try it some day.

Thanks for stopping by @greencomet. I do hope you give it a try and it would be awesome if you posted about it. Have a great weekend!

What beautifully edible confetti!! And I love pomegranate. If you love pomegranate as much as I do, give the Persian recipe Fesen Joon a try, but pull back on the throttle of pomegranate extract, otherwise it can be quite overpowering...

I cannot wait to see some of your creations on here @texagonia. Bring it!!

thank you to prescribe how to create a food bad it sure I will be doing

not sure google translate helped you out there

waoo tremendous the presentation that you make us, this opportunity with this beautiful typical dish, be very rich, thank you for sharing these beautiful images and the recipes

thanks so much for taking the time to comment @joseangel12

Looks amazing :D

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Gorgeous photos. I love pomegranates too!! Way to bring it @gringalicious!!

You're always amazingly supportive @mamaloves, thanks so much!

The salad looks very delicious and the presentation is an art. And I especially thank you for the final comment on the gain of your first post, it is really motivating for those of us who are just starting out in this fascinating world of steemit, thanks and congratulations

tu ingles es fantastico, que bueno. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment @syllem. Keep commenting like this and you'll do well on Steem

Yummy in my tummy!

thanks so much for commenting @twoinspire

Healthy lifestyle is so lovee <3

thanks for commenting

Great Post & Pictures!
Looks so good and the pomegranate is a interesting mix. Thanks for sharing & Steem On :)

thanks for the great commenting @jcsteem. So glad you like the pomegranate, an amazing ingredient. Sorry for the short reply, I am traveling as I type

The salad looks delicious, I would like to eat it. Greetings. Nice pictures.

Thanks so much @keritroberts, greetings to you as well

Very beautiful, healthy and appetizing dish! I like this combination of products )

thanks so much for commenting @naditinkoff. Sorry for the short and sweet reply, I am travelling as I type

Hi my dear! Today you make indian dish! My husband like the indian food!! I try the most of their recipes, but I never try this one! It’s rich salad with lentils, and with the tahini dressing will be more tasty.
Have a nice weekend.

thanks so much @creativewoman, I always appreciate all of your support. I do hope you give this a try and perhaps make your own post about it


This is an Arepa, is delicious, you are going to lose your diet but it is really worthy.

I follow you, please follow me I've got venezuelan food. @gringalicious

You made me hungry at 2 am! you are bad gringalicious :( it looks very yummy

I've been accused of that before. Thanks for commenting @ralk98

Lol, I'm going to fix it by making the recipe if you share it 8)

Hmmmm! Delicious

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Here is a helpful link -

I love your post. But I can´t see why you won´t give up your recipe in the post, but in the comments.

Lovely pictures, by the way.

I do that from time to time to engage the audience. The Steemian that made the request obviously read my post and I actually gave them an upvote for asking. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Steem @geeneat

Everything seems exquisite, my presence was missing. to try, that provocative dish

thanks so much for commenting @ordosjc