Steemit Open Mic week #78 (my first entry) - Morning Light (Original Song)

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This is my first entry for STEEMIT OPEN MIC.
I have been intending to join this initiative since I was told about it on my first introduction post :) as a project that brings the musician's community of Steemit all together. During these weeks it has also helped me to discover and connect with fellow artists so I am honoured to be part in it for the first time this week.

Some background story about the song

This is a very old song, first drafts of it late from early 90s with my old keyboard and a cassette recorder and that is why it is also a rather simple one. It was formally included in one compilation and then I rescued it in my second album. But as I was a song writer by a younger self it has always been special to me.
When I was a child I used to have Night Horrors and hide beneath the blanket waiting for the light of day. I don't know what's so magical about the blanket of a child, as it can give you the super-power of protection, but there I was, scared and praying for the light to come. I suffer of a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis (It causes a particular kind of nightmares as body and mind gets out of sync during the phases of sleep and awareness). I will cover this in another post but this frightening experience actually inspired the "spectral" tone of many of my drawings and songs.

I spent so many times afraid waiting for the dawn to cast some light. But the light always returned.

Through the years the meaning of the song has somehow changed along with me while I grew up. No matter how dark it is, the sun always comes up. We must cope cycles of light and shadow they come and go just like day and night... The song also talks about accepting that sometimes there are things we can't control, but we must understand and learn to cope and not become bitter, sad or blame ourselves if things don't turn the way we had expected. Our struggles also shape us the way we are, we learn from all our experiences both sides of the specter... not blinding light, not ominous blackness. Remember that in-between is not dull grey but iridescent silver.

As you know besides a musician I am an illustrator, and all my music projects have my own drawings. Below one of my own illustrations for "The Underliving" illustrated music album, inspired in this song.

Priscilla Hernandez sleeping yidneth - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Below : me learning to sleep again, learning to dream too. Through the years I've learned to befriend my fears and understand them. But I will cover that in another post in the near future. I can sleep uncovered now. I'm not that scared little child anymore but I remember her. She still resonates in my spirit, and this song remains meaningful to me. Its meaning now is also slightly different... Be patient, hope, hold on and "dry your eyes, child" kindle a smile and if it gets dark remember light is always on the way

This songs makes me remember who I was, that "little me" but also who I am now

Morning Light - by priscilla Hernandez (

Yes, it's a sad song, but also a hopeful one... Just hold on! wait for the light!

And let go...
Time might ease that weight upon your heart
You need to take the burden off your shoulders, so you can feel your wings again

Morning Light (Don't delay) LYRICS

Dry your eyes, oh lost child,
No one heard you cry
Hold still, time might ease
Night can trick you when darkness brings
that old forgotten fear
It drinks you to the marrow, a load that doesn't allow
your feet to run away
And lies spread on lies, but no one seems to care,
at least it looks that way...
I know the sun will rise, and it will shine the same
for sinners and for saints...
I guess I have to learn
the lessons life may bring
the way that things can turn
Face your fate
even if it's unfair
there's no one you can blame
And lies spread on lies
and no one seems to care
at least it looks that way...
I know the sun will rise, and it will shine the same
for sinners and for saints...
oh Morning Light... don't delay!

Morning Light - by priscilla Hernandez (

So in this life we can't take anything for granted... but be sure "light" is on the way as long as the Earth keeps on spinning. And in the morning you find yourself in a brand new day... full of new possibilities.
Learn to brace your soul too for the shadows, because that is the balance, the duality of things. Remember that you can only see the trembling flickering light of the stars at night. So understanding your sorrow doesn't have to be a bad thing and it can be a sign of caring, it can channel beauty too.

I found a way to convey this moments into songs, and I understand their purpose.

Thanks very much for listening. If you like it please, write your opinions below.

Thanks also to @luzcypher and @pfunk for making this contest possible and in advance to the judges pannel @krystle , @passion-ground , @meno, @soundlegion and @verbal-d for any feedback on it.

Also: little reminder today THU 29th of March 20:00 CEST I will do a dlive show. If you like it feel free to request it live.

Thanks immensely everyone for your support... Just celebrating 2 months on Steemit! what a best way but sharing my first open mic and a dlive the same day? Thanks to each one of my followers and to whoever that has shared their feedback and kindness. Also special mention to @helpie and my helpienauts family for their support giving me a shoal where this minnow feels like belonging to in this "ocean so vast". Also to @isaria for the her encouragement too to join this contest. So here I am and hope you like it!.

Song, illustration and pictures in this article are copyrighted to me

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


Priscilla, I might sound like a broken record by now, after all of these years, but I must tell you how happy it makes me to see/hear this performance. I adore this song. It's so comforting, and healing. Consider this my request for it for Dlive!

You are an angel in a sea of devils, slowly casting your light out into the hollows. That's always what your music conveys to me.

Even when you speak in normal, casual everyday conversation, it's like you're breathing poetry.

I've truly never met anyone like you in my whole life. Your talents are a gift to the world. I hope you realize it. Can't wait to catch your dLive show. I recommend it to everyone who reads this! @yidneth never disappoints! ❤️

Aww you´re the sweetest angel. This is such a beautiful comment, it touches my soul. Thanks. We usually forget our own worth, it cannot be helped that sometimes we are beset by doubts so I won't deny your encouragement is comforting, warm and sweet (like a chocolate cookie :)) you know what I mean :)

@yidneth, your song was selected to be part of the collection set of trading cards for the album of Steemit OpenMic.
Congratulations !!

read more about:

You sound really good and hope to hear more from you soon.


Thank you @luzcypher I'm happy I could make it in this week. I am already friend of many of the people already participating, as even if I had not joined the contest has helped me already knowing and networking with fellow musicians.

what!? Thank you so much! :) Heading there to post my gratitude, and thanks for this wonderful welcome everyone. I'm really grateful of the Judges lovely reviews. And be sure I will be recording a new entry shortly :) The contest itself has helped me to connect with many fellow songwriters already. What a great way to celebrate my first two months on steemit :) I may do a special live broadcast later on as thank-you shout out :)

You know something weird? I wrote a comment here last week, but I can't find it. There were some internet glitches at the time, but normally it still saves what you write if the post isn't sent, yet I find nada.

Anyway, sorry for the preamble, lovely, but I needed to explain (& understand) why my comment wasn't here before ( unless there's a glitch and you can see it).

This song and your performance is spellbinding!
The notes you effortlessly reach and the timbre of your voice is simply beautiful!
With every song of yours that I hear I fall more into the spell of your talent.
Thank you for sharing!

And congratulations on winning Open Mic! Woohoo!!! So proud of you helpienaut!

Aw do not worry, 🌸 thanks for stopping by once again with an encouraging word and lovely compliment. Though I play many instruments my skill is layering, so keeping it simple one live take is always a challenge. The song is simple and done by my child self. I posted now also the studio cello and harmonies, pitch is higher in the album and I sort of prefer this one now though.

You are a beautiful person! so talented in so many ways! I love your gentle (and yet strong!) presence! the live performance today was wonderful - i loved seeing it all! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!!!

Thank very much for your kindness :) hahah well that was a rollercoaster of technical glitches, still I had a great time...! Thanks also for the encouragement ! :)

I love that you shared your inspiration behind the song. I've only had sleep paralysis a few rare times as a kid. The song just shines with positivity , and I'm sure listening to this as a child would've kept the monsters at bay. The lyrics echo the optimism a sunrise brings and even though the song is a bit melancholic, it also reminds us that from darkness comes light. I think that's beautiful.

I also love your art that captures the feeling behind your music. Listening to this also made me me think of this artist that captures the glimmer of hope amidst terror so well.


This music is like the teddy bear in that picture. You picked a wonderful song as your first entry. Thanks for sharing!

One of these days I'm going to write about Sleep Paralysis, my case was rather severe and I've volunteered twice for its research. I make also sleep paralysis monster/child art, so I love that drawing, I know what it means .) but I've befriended my monsters now :)

Okay, the comparison to that picture, @soulturtle...?


Really? I would love to share experiences. I have also sleep paralysis art and a couple of songs and many drawings inspired by it. Now you have encouraged me to write about it sooner. My case was severe and really affected but also inspired me Thank you also for this lovely comment and feedback.

You should do that post with those songs and drawings. It can be a scary thing. It wasn't really a recurring thing for me, but occasionally I used to get it. Simple things like thinking I'm being called but unable to respond. I didn't see too many of the monsters, but I used to be terrified by horror movies instead. You're most welcome. Your music and art are both so amazing!

In my first album, the song "Nightmare" and the despiction of the shadowy beings is scary, then in "The Underliving" they are just another kind of beings, reaching out, through our thoughts, and in "Fear no More" I befriend them and they're no more antagonists... it's all a fantasy but it helped me to convey, through art too

My soul had need of your precious lullaby tones.

I've been weeping a lot this week – your emotive voice is drawing the tears again – pulling grief from the depths of my heart – spilling it across my cheeks.

Thank you for sharing the preciousness of your spirit with all of us. This is a brilliant way to introduce your sparkle to the open-mic community.

Listening, on repeat.


Aww thanks so much for stopping by and post such lovely and beautiful compliment. Your entry made me cry too, I saw you were holding your emotions at the end but they were seeping through you. But let´s not regret those tears, because they show we "care". Loving your picture of the droplets too. I love droplets, frost and all things ethereal, thanks for sharing. I know you've been hectic so I appreciate your effort to stop by and encourage me. Hugs

I can relate to this song and your sleep experiences more than ever and have written quite a few poems on the matter. I have my own spiritual intepretation of it rather than recognizing it as sleep paralysis but have you seen that movie Nightmare? It is a must see for us who have dealt with these incidences.

Either way, wonderful first entry @yidneth

I have added you to my Judge's Top list of Week 78
Please click here to read the full review

Thank you, heading back to read your review, but thanks in advance as I'm fairly new on Steemit and I welcome all feedback. :) I haven´t watched "Nightmare" movie, I know about it but I haven't found it available here. Curiously enough I have a song (it's a scary one) specifically inspired in Sleep Paralysis (maybe my darkest one ever) called "Nightmare" It released in my first "official" album.

These are the lyrics/poem (it is a "scary" tale on it, but in the rest of my approaches to it the tone is more benevolent now). You can see here also one of my drawings when I started to accept my fear and overcome it). I do many drawings inspired by it. I still have as an adult a messed "sleep and dream life" but I cope and convey.
After a few comments I'm encouraged to write about Sleep Paralysis. I'd be happy to read your poems too. My case as a child was rather severe, so in fact I volunteered twice for research (both times spent a week plugged to measure sleep patterns). It is fine you give it another explanation, I believe however it feels "healthier" for our mind to cope with fear, as it's what it is. This song "Morning Light" is in fact a "childhood" song. Though it released in several compilations in the early 00s in different versions its first formal release was on my second album in 2011 but I have drafts of this song on tapes from the nineties XD It's a genuine vintage I guess, but also as simple as it is it reflects a very vulnerable version of my former child-self and way to overcome it. So it resonates in me still today and I play it sometimes. One good side of it is that I found a way to convey it into art, songs and drawings... I even made my "monsters" more benevolent with time... I guess it was my way to overcoming, so they are part now of fantasy stories. Another good thing is that as I was very little (and very afraid) I had the idea that I had to remain innocent and good (it sounds naive) but I think it shaped me as a better person. As a child I caused no mischief, I was as quiet as tranquil and I found in serenity a big ally. But well, really curious as I'm always about other people who has experiences SP, I have (for better or worse) a lot to share about it but I'm encouraged to write a proper article now :). Thanks so much! :) Heading to your post to say thanks again :)

You're welcome again, yes please give that movie a watch when you get a chance

I'm going to check out that sleep paralysis song right now

Here are a few poems of mine that describe some of my different experiences

Hope you enjoy something from these.

Here are two songs, one is a composition for a scary movie, the other is me singing about personified Death as Grim Reaper

These links will keep you busy for a bit lol, hope none disappoint, feel free to leave comments on the actual posts, I'll reply when I can

Be sure I'll be stopping by. I was looking for the movie you recommended, I'm afraid it can trigger fear in me, I actually enjoy horror movies (not the gore, the spectral ghostly ones) but when coming to this topic, I do hold some personal shivers :). I just found out the entry won the open mic, I'm so honoured, thanks to you and all the judges for the lovely reviews! I have a dlive concert schedule on Thursday but I may join live and play the song and a few others maybe later on. :) Well either way, sure you'll see my feedback in your poems and posts later on today and during these days :)

Yeah that movie Nightmare is a heavy one, best to avoid it and not invite any fear in. Yeah your song was great, congrats again on your win. Hope your live performance went well also

Nightmare was pretty intense the second half leading into the climax of the terror, from the beginning intro, ghastly whispers was a good lead in with the guitar, and towards the middle it was interesting the approach you took with a more upbeat percussion with a sombre lamenting style of singing. The lyrics are haunting and brought to life in the second half of the song showing chaos and fear. Very cool experimental expressive song of your experience.

Nightware as a funny one to record, I recorded the whispers almost as a subliminal message then play them backwards and learned them backwards, so it's a mix of backwards and forward whispers but pronounced backwards, most of them just say "remains of myself" or "stay the night with me" as a hint that unconsciously I am creating my fear and it is a part of myself. "Yidneth" is actually not my artistic name (Priscilla Hernandez is) but the name of a story I illustrated and nourish also the music albums and many of my projects, and of course there is lots of fantasy but also eeriness :). I joined Steemit as a brainstorm moment (after a long halt and some discouragement) in order to be able to release the third album in the arch "Fear no More" which I'm now doing the drawings for. We´ll see in due time, so far I met so many wonderful people and fellow musicians and got "kidnapped" by wonderful friends on discord, so just because of that my short journey here has been a re-encouraging time. And now another sweet treat, thanks everyone.

That is great to hear, we look forward to you releasing more wonderful music and the community here is very supportive of people's passions and projects. Don't get sidetracked too much though on Discord lol but yes fun convos are to be had, I am glad you are finding newfound encouragement

Yes, I was absorbed by discord a bit too much. Seeking balance. I went back to listen the two tracks too, liked the experimenral sountrack, just did not comment because I had left a trail of comments, and wanted to leave some space. Told you I would ;)

No problem thanks for taking time to listen to those tracks, the grim reaper one was a fun experiment while the rock dark track was definitely a stretch of risk taking, it came out pretty cool. Yeah, gotta find balance, I do my best to reply, even if I am 1-3 months late haha

Priscilla, I'm so sorry I missed this post before. I just popped over to see your new post then read your invite to this one.

What a beautiful, haunting and comforting song. Touches deep into the recesses of my soul. Thank you so much for sharing and I can't wait to get the time difference right so I can catch you live on ... DLive again. ;)

Angel Blessings of love, support and abundance of every good thing. xox

PS AND best of luck in winning Steemit Open Mic! ;)
Resteeming & FB/tweeting.

Awww @angelacs You are very sweet! Actually I won! I'm speechless myself, hurrying to say thanks to everybody!

Hi Priscilla <3 I just saw your post on Zippy's post and followed you here to your Steemit account. I am so glad that I did! This song is just so precious and I found your words, your art, and your beautiful voice, incredibly moving. You have a new admirer! With love, Jay x

Aww thanks for stopping by to listen and for leaving such sweet encouraging words. Yes, Zipporah's entry made me cry, hit on the right strings, and it was a sweet aching song hers, like an anchor itself. Thank you.

I just caught up and saw that you won first place with 'Morning Light', and I'm so happy <3 Well deserved, Priscilla, it's such a beautiful composition and your performance was very moving. I wish they'd chosen Zippy's song, too, but she 'won' right beside you in my eye at least <3

In all fair honesty being my first entry and slow song did no expect it so welcome be! Thanks. And of course you would have preferred her to win as your friend, that is just sincere. She was my fav of the week too. I even made her a section on my winning post that includes the studio version of the song. It is somewhere in the middle where I mention my own personal favs, so in a way she won along with me. You can check it here

Awww, that is wonderful, Priscilla. What a great friend and beautiful soul you are <3

Aw thanks, I was nothing but honest. I meant it right from the start 🌿

Absolutely amazing! Beautiful performance and thank you for sharing the background story of the song too.

Thank you so much for stopping by... it's a very old song of mine... was written as a child, though released it formally (different production though) when I was already grown. Still it always has that "simple" connection to my young self and it makes me feel very vulnerable in many ways. Thank you for your lovely words.

Melancholy girl, welcome to the contest! Good song :)

Thank you, yes, I agree it´s a melancholic sort of sad song, but I think it has a hopeful message anyway. Thanks for the kind wishes.

This is a beautiful song; love your voice, and the lyrics as well. The photo, where you have the sun in your hands, is awesome and fits right in with your post.

This was ethereal, my dear! Your voice took me in a journey frome note 1 until the end. Beautiful! “Songrats”!

Thank you so much Petra, I know you´re a proficient pianist. I love to compose but I usually layer instruments as I don't excel in any, I'm more of a storyteller, so it took me a while to self-encourage myself to record a solo one-take (been doing some practise over d-live and though I miss my band to wrap me, I'm finding a more intimate to connect with my songs this way too). All the best, and thanks for stopping by. Big hugs and muses on your way.

Very beautiful song and delivery ;9)

Thank you :)

thank you, I won the contest :) I'm so happy, just posted a new version of the song (the album version)

Right on Congrats ;9) I had a feeling you would do well, great material .. well done!

This is so brilliant!!

Thank you very much

Such a big pleasure!

Is one thing to sing and develop or compose lyris, is another thing to understand the lyris and this will determine your stand. I love your explanation and submission.

Awesome lyris.

Thank you 🌿

That was a magical performance! A beautiful song.

Priscilla tenés una voz hermosa!! y me encanta lo que hacés en el piano. Qué bueno verte en el @openmic :)

Puts down his guitar, swoons and listens to Pricsilla
Priscilla Priscilla Priscilla!
I echo what @luxcypher says! I rarely get goosebumps these days and it takes something mighty special to cause this reaction!!
What can I say that hasn't already been said?
You're an amazing soul and shining light here, and probably everywhere you go. Your musical prowess is to be admired.
Not many musicians can touch people so deeply as you do, and your humbleness is so refreshing too.
I love your entry this week and can't wait to hear more!

Your Helpienaut friend
Darren x

Hey @yidneth, congrats on winning 1st place! You so deserve it, well done! I'm pleased with myself that I started following you before (just barely before) you won. Back to work on the next one, I hope? Feed your audience - they're always, always hungry for more. Congratulations!

@curiousguitar thanks so much, I have been on steemit only two months, I go a little bit at my pace, so I was encouraged to participate but I had not found the time still the contest had helped me already to find so many wonderful fellow musicians. I know the song is a bit melancholic and I was unsure of my choice, yet again it was also very honest and personal for me and thought honesty was the best way to say "hi" this is me. Yes, be sure I'll participate again, not sure if this week I can, maybe yes, if not surely for next one :). Might join dlive to celebrate (for sure Thursday as schedule) but maybe briefly later on so celebrate :) and play it live.

Congratulations on winning the OpenMic Priscilla! Very well deserved. What a magical and inspiring performance <3

you have a beautiful voice @yidneth!

Thank you 💚

maybe this is an interesting thing for those who want to try something new