🎶 Open Mic Week 69 - My Top 5 Judges Selection 🎶

in openmic •  7 months ago

Were here at week 69 and the competition is as fierce as ever, seriously guys you just keep stepping it up and it's hard to find any fault with so many entries - it's just making the choosing part a little harder.

But again I have to say and overwhelming congratulations to all our participants you guys rock, you keep just amazing us with your phenomenal talents.

It's been a long week this week and I would like to give a special shout out to @onetruebrother, the very first winner of the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge - congratulations man you really deserved it and you should all head over and check out his work!

It has also been the first week back at school, so life is generally hectic at present - but as we settle back into our normal routines, I am thrilled to be able to focus more on Open Mic again once more.

Obviously I have been paying attention, but with the end of the first season of the Songwriters Challenge - who know's I might find time to write a few posts (not judge selections) and maybe just maybe be able to try and record a song, but we shall see.

Anyways that's enough rambling from me, let's get on with it - so here is my top 5 selection for week 69!

This week's top 5:

1st Place - @addiesworld - Wrecking Ball

Well I have to say your skill just shone through for me today, I have never particularly enjoyed this song - that is until now, you managed to make it into something so much more than the original.

As I have mentioned on countless occasions your voice just strikes a chord with me, I love your range and control - but best of all you know when to hold it all back, making this song something truly special and I really love it.

I love seeing how happy you look to be playing on the piano, that sort of passion and joy for playing music is exactly what I want to see - and best of all on top of your enthusiasm you just kicked some serious arse.

The subtle restructuring of the song, the reduction in the tempo was perfection - you made me really enjoy all the new elements you have created in this rendition.

Whenever I see your video's showing up on my list, I get a little excited to hear what you have on offer and I have to say you haven't failed to impress - not one single time have I ever felt you didn't give it your all.

Your playing is just sublime and the skill in which you play and sing in conjunction with one another, is just a tremendous sight to behold - you look at home in front of that piano, almost like it was a long lost friend.

I couldn't ask for more from an entrant and you stole my heart with this song, you converted me to band wagon - and now I can say I really love this song, so thank you for that.

You're a force to be reckoned with in this contest and I truly hope to see more from you in the future, maybe if I'm lucky you will even consider joining us for the next round of the Songwriters Challenge - either way I'm thrilled to hear your music and I can't wait to hear more.

2nd Place - @hanlovello - Let Her Go

Well the playing here is just a perfect example of precision execution, you caught my attention within moments and I love this entry and unique rendition so very much.

I am not to sure (with so many new entrant it's hard to keep track), but if I'm not mistaken this would be one of your first entries into the Open Mic contest - well firstly welcome and secondly wow you kicked arse, right off the bat with this entry!

You have an amazing vocal timber and control that you displayed to great effect during this entry, you created a new sound for a song I absolutely love and you made it your own in the process.

Your playing was just phenomenal, you have some serious skills there and I can't wait to hear more from you in the future.

3rd Place - @klynic - Say you won't let go

I wasn't sure what to expect at first but the further you guys delved into this song, the more I found myself drawn into it - what a brilliant way to perform this song.

I just loved every moment, mixing up the vocals was a really nice touch - then the different rendition you performed, really recreated the songs feel in a really interesting way.

Your playing is spot on and the vocals, well just wow guys you all smashed it - I love the different vocal types and how you all complimented each other perfectly.

I love the creativity it takes to rework a popular song and make it work for you in ways previously unheard, the highlight for me would be when you all sang in chorus together - the vocal power you all poses is a real gift and I love that you chose to enter together like this.

I hope to hear more from all of you in the coming weeks, your a wonderful addition to the Open Mic family - keep up the great music!

4th Place - @lucybanks - Black and Gold

Well Lucy I am sure by now you realise I am a bit of a fan of yours, it's not just your insane vocal skills or your brilliant playing - it's that you can tackle any song and just dominate it completely.

Now to focus on my favourite part's, I do have to say again I just absolutely adore your vocals - you have a true gift and you use it so well.

I am so glad to see you back with us again, we missed you and your endless stream of talent - I swear when I hear you sing you take me places.

This is the week for the reworked renditions just kicking ass, it was a great song to begin with and you just made it work so beautifully for you in every conceivable way.

I hope to see you with us again next week, basically I just want to hear you sing again :D

5th Place - @danieldyemusic - Angeline

The very first second you started to play you sucked me in, that entry was a full on performance and the both of you just nailed it!

When I realised it was an original I was even further taken aback, what a brilliant entry - with a great amount of energy and passion.

That playing was intense and just so full of energy I loved every moment of it, were you also keeping the beat as well as playing guitar singing and playing the harmonica? You have all the skills and you know just how to bring it all together for a slam dunk.

I loved the harmonies your daughter helped to contribute, I just love watching families sharing music with one another - it's even better when it's original and so bloody good.

That was a really stellar entry and I hope to see a lot more like it from you both in the future, I just couldn't have enjoyed it any more - you make a killer team and I can't wait to see what you give us next time.

Honourable Mentions:

@angelofmercy - Summer of 69

I have kept it a little short but sweet again this week, but that doesn't diminish the amazingly high quality entries we have been receiving - you guys just keep taking things to the next level, even when I didn't think another level remained to go to.

It was as always an absolute pleasure to get to listen to all your submissions this week, you guys never cease to amaze me with what you are all capable of - this is the most amazing group of musicians I have ever had the pleasure of associating with, you really make all us judges proud.

I can't wait to hear from you all again next week and don't forget the Steemit Musicians radio show is on in eight hours from the time I am posting this, please try and stop by and check out the musicians from the judges top 5 selections from last week - I know they would love the support and feedback + it's lots of fun!

I'd also like to remind everyone again that all top five nominations from this week, will feature in the Steemit Musicians live radio show on MSP-Waves next week.

A massive congratulations to all of those to be featured in the show, it is going to be great opportunity to get to further share the awesome entries we receive each week - I can't wait to hear the audience's feedback on our selections and your entries.

I hope you can all drop by and support those who made this week's lists, I'm sure they'd appreciate the support - not to mention if you join you get to help choose the weekly 20 SBD winning entry!

Please join us for Steemit Musicians this Sunday 12-1 UTC!

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You can listen live at the mspwaves website- http://mspwaves.com/home/listen
You can listen on twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/mspwaves
You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/kNxM7T6
You can check out http://mspwaves.com/ for more information

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On the note of the community I thought I'd take a moment to mention that, over at the minnow support program on our discord chat room Peace Abundance and Liberty - the recently revitalised music room has been getting rather active lately.

As well as the recent burst of activity, we have also added a jukebox to the room - so now when you're chatting with people in the music room, you can choose and play music from youtube (this includes open mic entries, I may have already played a couple I really enjoyed).

So far I have seen a few open mic regulars hanging out and about on the PAL chat rooms, now we have a place where we can actively share music live with people were chatting with - this can help musicians in so many ways, not to mention it's just fun to hang out and chat over and about good tunes.

In addition to the new music room Peace Abundance and Liberty chat rooms have a lot to offer, you can access bots to vote on your posts, you can also meet and interact with over 5000 steemians in the channel - this can be a very useful resource to new steemians, but is also a fantastic place to meet and interact with like minded individuals on many different topics.

Again a big thanks to @soundlegion, @jessamynorchard, @verbal-d and @passion-ground for all they do as judges, please remember to go and check out their top five selections each week and to @luzcypher and @pfunk thank you so much for making all of this possible - until next week.

Which was your favourite entry this week?

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Krystle... this post seriously brought me to tears. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your extremely uplifting words. Thank you, thank you, and thank you a MILLION times over. I’ve had so many ups and downs with music, but every time i sit on a piano bench it all comes full circle for me. Some part of me needs it, ya know? So thank you for recognizing that. This post is gonna go in a plaque on my wall to keep me motivated haha;) But truly from the bottom of my heart thank you. I’m going to have to look into that song writing competition! Where could I find more details about it?:)


Addie! Good work. Congratulations!


No worries at all, your a musical powerhouse in the making - you just need support and encouragement, it's all about knowing your music is appreciate and feeling confident in your choices.

If I can help you foster self belief in a super talented musician such as yourself, you better believe I am in all the way - and I have to say every single word was truth, I so love your music and all you do here.

You have a brilliant gift that should be shared with the world, it annoys me seeing "famous" people with so much support and very little real world skill - when there are artists like you with such clear and tremendous ability unsure of their place, your the perfect example of why the system is broken.

My goal as an Open Mic judge, is to ensure that people aren't restricted to the mainstream view - that they have the opportunity to decide to listen to the music and artists that speak to them, the more people that see and hear you perform will be hooked on that I am sure!

As for the Songwriters Challenge the very first round just finished and were taking a small break before we all jump back into the crazy awesome that was the first Challenge - check this out to see some of the highlights and see who was involved.

We have been posting the weekly themes, just like we do with Open Mic under @luzcyphers profile - when we know were starting it back up we will start to make some noise about it, but I am sure you would thrive in this Challenge ( I really like your original music as well :D ) and if you're really keen I can try to remember to drop by and give you a friendly reminder to check it out.

When I saw the end of the video, that happy sweet moment where you snapped out of performing the song I knew I saw a love for that piano - your relationship with it parallels my own with my voice, it was damaged so when I can't sing for long periods of time I feel like a part of me is missing.

I think a lot of musos may feel this way, when removed from that which in a sense completes them - it was an absolute joy to get to see you playing. Much love <3

Thank you for the kind words @krystle, for spending all the time listening, and for including us in your top 5! It was a blast to play openmic, and to read your feedback. Thanks again!


No worries at all I really enjoyed the entry, you both got into it and actually performed - I love great music and that's what you gave us :D

Thank you so much for putting me on your honorable mentions! :)
this is a great post and review as usual!
@hanlovello's entry blew me away big time!
I wouldn't have seen it without your post, so thank you very much!
Open mic's number of entries is getting ridiculous, I really have no idea how you do it!!


Well that is just all kinds of awesome and exactly what I was hoping would occur by us judges doing top 5 posts, I had a feeling if people were only given an easy way to find outstanding music they would flock to it - and here you are loving an entry you may have otherwise missed, this is just such brilliant news :D

You're always at the top mate, every week you never cease to impress me with your beautifully amazing music. <3


I feel like that's exactly what it has done, not just for me, but for many many of us, since the open mic post is often too intense, it has become very difficult to actually check out all the entries hehe.

I still try to follow up on as many as I can in search for col music, but every week it get bigger and bigger and it's become almost ridiculous hehe.

Thank you so much for your kind words :) I hope you like this week's entry as well, this is the first one I've done in spanish and I'm really proud of it :)

Wow, @hanlovello - Let Her Go....shudang. I usually shy away from enjoying the covers of openmic, however the musicianship and arranging and vocals to boot.. this guy produced a wonderful entry.


Yeah man it was a brilliant entry for sure :D

My favorite didn't make anybody's list: The rocking horse on the trampoline - the element of danger! The toddler participation! That song had everything.


I think most judges lists would be freakin massive, if they could include all the entrants they really wanted too - it really is the hardest part of the job, someone always misses out and it's all our fault :(

The good part is there is always next week :D

@melodeons, nice feat. You are a minnow in the system but have proven determined. @krystle, great job, very challenging if you ask me. I can't imagine the out of the box' judgemental prowess. @luzcypher, @pfunk, @soundlegion, @passion-ground et al, great job you guys do. Keep steeming the tempo.

Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this endeavor!