Weekly Activity Report As A Moderator Of Steem Kids & Parents. [May 14 to May 16, 2024]

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Hi my friends how are you?.
Hope you are all well. I'm fine too. Today I am here to present my weekly report as a moderator of the Steem Kids & Parents community. I am really happy to be a moderator of this community. I have done a lot of weekly activities in the community and I am compiling a list of them and presenting them to you. Like every week all the activities assigned to the moderators of the community must be done on that day. I will prepare the moderate report today on [May 14 to May 16, 2024] It was really a pleasure to work with this community group. I will continue to work with this community to the best of my ability. I will prepare my weekly moderator report reporting to you this week's activities in this community.

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My Activities For this Week

May 14 to May 16, 2024 on Steem Kids & Parents I have reviewed 32 posts that I have checked and given the link below.
No.Post LinkUser IDClub Status
01Post Link@shruti16#club75
02Post Link@alexanderpeace#club5050
03Post Link@iftikhar62#club5050
04Post Link@bellana#club5050
05Post Link@creacionesmkr#club5050
06Post Link@arroise#club5050
07Post Link@elcebe#club5050
08Post Link@lil.albab#club5050
09Post Link@samantha10#club75
10Post Link@sumayaorin#club100
11Post Link@chichigirl#club5050
12Post Link@simonnwigwe#club5050
13Post Link@princelafresh#club5050
14Post Link@arispranata5#club5050
15Post Link@alisha-doll#club5050
16Post Link@zahidmarwat#club5050
17Post Link@eslaeson#club5050
18Post Link@entity01#club5050
19Post Link@pretty-precious#newcomer
20Post Link@leigth#club5050
21Post Link@kolkamkwan#club75
22Post Link@king02No Club
23Post Link@ruthjoe#club5050
24Post Link@lanegra2804#club5050
25Post Link@meheruntinni#club100
26Post Link@imranhassan#club75
27Post Link@syedabatool#club5050
28Post Link@iftikhar62#club5050
29Post Link@mandate#club5050
30Post Link@chigraze#club5050
31Post Link@tripple-e#club5050
32Post Link@khursheedanwar#club5050

I've run an awesome contest in the Steem Kids & Parents community for this week and the current contest is.

In this community I run a diary game almost every week. The competition will be renewed every week and all the winners will be given prizes by organizing this competition. Many users participate in this competition and the competition is a wonderful competition. It is my responsibility as a moderator of the community to hold such competitions for the community.

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Our team of Steem For Ladies community.

@ngoenyi ADMIN Admin/Founder
@steemkidss ADMIN Admin/Official Account
@ drhira MOD Mod Pakistan
@ endingplagiarism MOD
@ simonnwigwe MOD Member
@ bossj23 MOD Mod
@ m-fdo MOD Mod
@ moyeon MOD Mod
@ uzma4882 MOD Mod
@ walictd MOD Verified
@ mesola MOD Nigeria


Finally I would like to thank my team. This is my moderate report every week in the club. All my activities for this week are covered and it's great to present those activities to you all. And I hope this report of mine will be interesting. I hope to contribute to this community and work dedicatedly for the growth of the community. God bless you all.


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Thanks for being with me.

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