Sing and play week 139 - See who took part in Sing and play week 138

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Dear music lovers

Thank you for taking part in this event and we had 33 lovely entries this week.

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How to enter Sing and play week 139,

One entry per person only.

One of the main tags should be #singandplay.

You should upvote this post if you take part in this event.

Write a post in the "Dance and music" community and share your link and video here as a comment if you wish.

Title: Sing and play week 139 followed by "my entry"

You will need to write a post by next Wednesday, 19/05/2021. When the "Sing and play" event is not announced, you can start creating your post from Friday.

The format of this music event can change from time to time.

Prizes vary. They are in STEEM if this post receives a decent payout otherwise they are delivered in DC (Donatello Club tokens). The post that announced "Sing and play week 138" has a low payout of $ 3.94. The earliest twenty participants will receive 1 DC each. Leave a comment here if you like to receive 1 STEEM. You will have to send 1 DC back to @danceandmusic via, in the memo box type, "I like to receive 1 STEEM for Sing and play week 138". Please share the transaction detail here as a comment!

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These are the lovely entries from Sing and play week 138 in order from the earliest to the latest submission.


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Thank you!

 2 years ago 

Qué interpretación tan hermosa!

 2 years ago 

5/14/2021, 12:13:12 AM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 8963572

From: @danceandmusic
To: @ricardomello

Amount: - 1 DC

Memo: Sing and play week 138

gracias por el apoyo! saludos

You are welcome.

Muy buena interpretación, yo todavía viendo que cantar de rostro ya que no sé nada jajajaj saludos

Hijillo tienes hasta hoy!

 2 years ago 

5/14/2021, 12:11:42 AM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 8963571

From: @danceandmusic
To: @rajib833

Amount: - 1 DC

Memo: Sing and play week 138

What is the dc coin ? How it works and what is the way to get it? Please let me know 😊

 2 years ago 

5/14/2021, 12:06:54 AM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 8963553

From: @danceandmusic
To: @lyon89

Amount: - 1 DC

Memo: Sing and play week 138


Holami gente Steemit. Contento de compartir, una vez más, con todos ustedes en este ámbito Sing and Play. Esta es mi entrada para esta Semana #139

Amigo no coloco el enlace!

Muchas gracias por indicármelo.

Hola amigos, aqui estoy otra vez, muchas gracias al amigo @donatello por la constante oportunidad que nos brinda, saludos !!

Siii! muchas gracias por la constancia y el esfuerzo de valorarnos a todos :3! por acá dejo mi participación de esta semana n.n!

 2 years ago 

5/14/2021, 12:08:27 AM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 8963556

From: @danceandmusic
To: @edwardstobia

Amount: - 1 DC

Memo: Sing and play week 138

Agradecido mi amigo... Y que siga sonando la música 😎🤘🏾

Bien hecho, bonita canción original!
Gracias por participar!

Hello everyone! here my entry! :)

Hola a todos! aquí mi participación!

Excelente conglomerado de talento. Aquí les dejo mi entrada para esta semana.

Hola mi gente de Sing and Play, anteriormente olvidé indicar mi entrada de la semana 139; por aquí la indico

 2 years ago 

5/14/2021, 12:10:24 AM

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 8963566

From: @danceandmusic
To: @alejandrop

Amount: - 1 DC

Memo: Sing and play week 138

Felicidades a todos los participantes. Les deseo mucho éxito a todos para la semama 139. Saludos

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