Solar Electrical Learning Part-19||Week-19||A 1 kW hybrid solar system and its configuration have been constructed and demonstrated.

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Steemian Friends,
Today, I will write Solar Electrical Learning Part 19. I will discuss hybrid solar systems in detail. I hope everyone will know about hybrid solar systems by reading my article.


We know about two types of solar: on-grid solar and off-grid solar. Basically, there are three types of solar systems:

  • On-Grid Solar
  • Off-Grid Solar
  • Hybrid solar.

Hybrid Solar System:

A hybrid solar system consists of on-grid and off-grid systems. Apart from battery charging from sunlight, if a load supply is provided, the electricity bill will come down. If the battery backup is kept by running the overhead lights and fans with sunlight during the day, then that system is a hybrid solar system.

Hybrid solar systems can reduce electricity bills. Because I will supply the load with electricity from the sun during the day, my electricity consumption will be reduced. However, a hybrid solar system is the most energy-efficient. As an example, I will design a hybrid solar system for my house, assuming a load of 1 kW.

I have shown below the cost of a 1 kW hybrid solar system, which is the current cost in our country.

Solar panel2000 watt64000 Taka(Local)2001 Steem


  • Per watt 32 taka or 1 Steem.
In our country, every watt is being sold from 30 taka to 60 taka or (1-2) Steem.

Hybrid inverter1 pcs1.5 VA18000 taka(Local)563 Steem

Hybrid Inverter

Battery1 Pcs200 AHlithium60000 taka(Local)1876 Steem

Lead Acid Battery

Lithium batteries cost a bit more. Although the price is high, the efficiency of lithium batteries is very high.

Battery1 pcs200 AHlead acid29000 taka(Local)907 Steem

A solar project with a 1 kW load will cost approximately 111,000(Local) or 3472 Steem. (Lead Acid Battery)

A solar project with a 1 kW load will cost approximately 144,000(Local) or 4504 Steem. (Lithium Battery)

If the electricity received from the solar system during the day is more than the load of my house, then the battery will be charged with the additional solar electricity, and my house's home appliances will be on. Hybrid solar systems do not require grid electricity to charge the batteries, so the electricity bill is economical in a hybrid solar system.

Up to 50% of the battery load will supply your home load at night when there is no sun. Then, the home appliances will be running with electricity from the grid supply of my house. The more battery backups I have in my home, the more I can keep home appliances running on batteries. Then, the power supply of my house from the grid will decrease.

Net meter:
I can install a net meter in the solar system if I want. I can install a net meter to see how much electricity my solar panels generate. Then I can calculate the electricity used from my solar.

Inverter with net meter

Blue line.png

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