My 2016 Game Development and Art Creation Related posts

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I consolidated my music posts since July and I thought I should do the same for my game related posts. This will be a categorized list of my posts from 2016 on the topics of Game Development and Art Creation. I do this as it gives me an easier way to find specific posts, and I also believe it may be of interest to those of you that are into Game Development, Unity, and using these tools to make Art. I do have some posts heavily focused on programming and in the case of the programming posts I do not approach it as though you are just learning to program. I linked to other steemit authors that have that portion of things fairly well covered.


Unity Assets

Unity For Art

Other Game Development/Gaming

Professional Game: Wormhole Ventures: TBD Steam

The Game: Experiment in Steemit meta game

Have a happy new year!!!!

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