5 Minute Freewrite Prompt Continuation Part 26 | Recycle

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Cassy noticed Ingrid silently reading her letter again. Her sister had begun receiving letters over the summer. They always arrived in a brown recycle looking envelope with no return address. Whoever sent them, Ingrid did not say, and she did not ask. Since moving back home, the sisters kept and easy peace. Cassy did not ask Ingrid why she had spent her last several years as a humble library clerk, and Ingrid did not ask Cassy why she dropped out of NYU and sold her bar in New York. If they felt like telling each other, they would. They shared confidences like clothes, but respected each other's privacy.

It was funny how at home they fell back on their old habits, taking their usual places at the familial tree. Ingrid worked days, Cassy took the late shifts, and they usually met for breakfast, at the beginning of Ingrid's day and the end of Cassy's.


After a few seconds she flipped the pancakes. She didn't need magic to know they would taste fantastic; light and buttery with a nutty sweetness. She stacked two plates and brought them to the table. She drizzled her pancakes with maple syrup, while Ingrid ate hers with fruit.

"Did Mother tell you about the dead birds on our beach the other day?" Ingrid asked.

Cassy nodded, forking her pancake. "Yeah. What's the big deal?"

"She's not sure. She thinks it's an omen."


This is a continuation free write prompt which turned into a short story novel. Perhaps, not so short anymore; anyhow hope you enjoy it. For previous prompts about the Witches of Farrenmore Heights; scroll below for each link


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