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Old Maid. Tight-ass. Spinster: Ingrid Faulchamp knew what people thought of her; she had seen the way they huddled and whispered behind cupped hands as she made her way across the library, putting away returned books to their proper shelves. In the decade that she had worked there, Ingrid had made few friends with her patrons, who found her street and high-handed.

Not only did she never forgave a fine, she had a tendency to lecture on the proper care and maintenance of the books under her jurisdiction. A book returned with a broken spine, a drenched cover or dog-eared pages was sure to receive a cool verbal reprimand from Ingrid. It was bad enough that their opening budget barely covered their expenses; Ingrid did not need the patrons doing unnecessary damage to the books in her care.



Her mom, Joanna used to say that she was so set in her ways that she should have worked in the transportation industry, something secluded where no one would disturb her. Something like a ferry supervisor or train attendant. But, these jobs were too shallow for her. She was born to be more than just a normal attendant. That was why she spent a lot of her time in libraries since she was a child. Reading every possible book she could possibly get her hands on. Knowledge was her tool of survival, the one way to differentiate herself from her family curse and blend in with the human race.

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Enjoyed your story @ireenchew and the description of Ingrid at the first. 😂

Thanks so much.
I like Ingrid's character... It's so real in my mind

Ah, this is a series of story... Nice...

Ha ha.. Thanks so much.
Still a long way to making a book

You described her very well @ireenchew, and really nice that it's part of a series, something to look forward to, it's awesome.

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Thanks so much.
I write when the inspiration comes to mind.
It's a bit slow but I'm trying to keep it ongoing

Thanks @ireenchew, the Mona Lisa was not made in haste, take the time you need it will be awesome.

This is my first intro to Ingrid, and I'm already fascinated by her. I'm going to need to catch up on the series!


Ha ha.. Only 12 post so far.
I'm falling a bit behind in the last few weeks, couldn't find the inspiration of the continuation.

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I love a good book and I prefer it to a lot of people. Awesome read!

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Thanks so much.
And I agree that I do prefer holding a book to read as compared to reading an e-book

I would be mad too if books were returned damaged!

Whenever I buy any books, I would wrap them up nicely and write

This book belongs to Ireen Chew
Date & Year purchased

That's how geeky I am.. ha ha

What an interesting story.

Am here to deliver the weekend freewrite prompt

Single prompt, Take this one
Proffesional take three prompt in one

Thanks so much..
Hope I can do a weekend free write