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She told herself. This is insane, just another of your bad ideas. Even worse than the time she brought the crow back to life (she'd gotten an earful from her mother for that one, least if someone from the Council found out, not to mention that zombie pets were never a good idea -- we learn that so much from the movie Pet Cemetary or any other mystery books that Ingrid has ever read to her during their bed time tales).


Go outside. Get some fresh air. Return to the party. She glided over to the vase of pink roses, trying to suffocate her whirling emotions by inhaling their scent. It didn't work. She could still feel him wanting her.

Goodness gracious! Why did he have to be so good-looking?

She thought she was immune to that kind of thing. Such a cliche : tall, dark and handsome. She hated cocky, arrogant boys who thought women lived to service their sexual appetite. He was the worst offender of the type -- screeching up in his Harley, and that ridiculous hair of his -- that messy, shaggy, bangs-in-your-eyes kind of thing, with that sexy, come-hither look : but there was something else. An intelligence. A know-it-all in his eyes. It was as if, when he looked at her; he knew exactly what she was and what she was like.


Someone not from this earth but not apart from it either. A woman to be loved and feared and adored.

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@ireenchew, Supernatural aspects sounds imaginative but deep down feel that all these are not a mere imagination but it exists to some extent or as a whole. Stay blessed.

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Oh yes.. I do belive that the spirit world and sometimes just because we don't understand it, we choose to ignore and call it bluff.

But there's so much in this world and out of it that we still don't understand. No science can explain it all

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Nice job turning your story into a freewrite! Your description of the guy was very good. I can just see him, all full of himself and expecting to get what he wants.

Oh yes.. And believe me when I say I've seen such men walking and parading themselves like their God's gift to all women.

Not knowing that such beauty only lasts for a few years.. It's what's inside them.. The real them that's important

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You got that right! I learned years ago that the good-looking guys were usually conceited and self-centered.

Yay!! Another part!!

😁.. I've been a bit slow on the continuation.
Not everyday I find the inspiration of the follow ups for the story but I'm trying to keep it alive and interesting as I go.

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Hi @ireenchew! I love this part. : )

She glided over to the vase of pink roses, trying to suffocate her whirling emotions by inhaling their scent. It didn't work. She could still feel him wanting her.

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Ha ha... I know..
I just had that naughty thought when I wrote it down.

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