5 Minute Freewrite Prompt : A curse

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"Did Mother tell you about the dead birds on our beach the other day?" Ingrid asked.

Cassy nodded, forking her pancake. "Yeah. What's the big deal?"

"She's not sure. She thinks it's an omen. Like some form of curse that the witches has placed upon us."



"A curse! Who and why would anyone do something like that. Especially in a century like now. Whoever that was must be really stupid to put themselves visible."

"Uh-huh. Remember when she thought my old English teacher was a warlock who was out to get us after he accused me of plagiarism in eighth grade?"

Ingrid snickered. "Poor Mr Thord, it's a good thing she's not allowed to or Mom would've hexed him!" she said, enjoying the sisterly solidarity. One of the greatest pleasures of their lives was talking about their formidable mother. That subject could never be exhausted.

"What Mom needs is a date," Cassy said, feeding Sagria, their blue eyed Persian cat from her plate. "She's got to get over Dad at some point." They hadn't seen their father since the restriction had been handed down, which was one of the subjects they never talked about. Bringing up their father only made their mother angry all over again. It was a shame what had happened between their parents, but there was nothing they could do about it. Dad was gone, Mom didn't want to talk about it, end of story.

Cassy tried not to hold it against her mother, or her father, since he dropped out of their lives and never even tried to contact them afterward.

It was easier that way, just like it was easier to pretend there had only always been two children in the family. It was too difficult and sad to think about her missing twin brother ans aside from lighting a candle and no remembrance, only a void, an empty seat at the table. "So what do you think? Mom or Sal? I could make it happen." Cassy smiled naughtily. "He's got a crush on Mom, I'm sure of it."

"No. Don't do that to Sal. Mom would eat him alive for breakfast! You've got to stop thinking everyone's problems can be solved by falling in love," Ingrid said, looking uncomfortable and pushing away her plate.

"Huh," Cassy signed, getting up from the table and beginning to stack the dishes.

"You should be careful. You might have gotten away with a potion this once, but who knows what will happen next time?" Ingrid warned. "You're going to get into trouble if you keep doing it."

"Do what ?" Joanna said out loud while looking at both her children addressing her dating life on broad daylight. They never learned that the walls in this house has ears and eyes all over. If only they remembered the bedtime stories she told them when they were younger.

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