5 Minute Freewrite Prompt continuation : Super food

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Cassy Faulchamp swirled the champagne in her glass so that the bubbles at the top of the lip burst one by one until there were none left. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life-or at the very least, one of the happiest-but all she felt was agitated.

This was a problem, because whenever Cassy became anxious things happened-like a waiter suddenly tripping over the buffet table layed with overly super food prepared by the most famous team of chefs from Lafitte. Or the abnormal howling of the wolf from the barn which was full of old books and nothing but books, all belonging to her elder sister, Ingrid.

"What's the matter," Ingrid asked, coming up by Cassy's elbow. With her rigid modeling-school posture and prim, impeccable clothes, Ingrid didn't rattle easily, but she look uncharacteristically nervous that evening and picked at a lock of hair that had escaped her tight bun. She took a sip from her wineglass and grimaced.


Photo by Thomas Martinsen on Unsplash

"This wine has a witch's curse all over it,"she whispered, as she placed it on a nearby table.

"It's not me! I swear!" Cassy protested. It was the truth, sort of. She couldn't help it if her magic was accidentally seeping out, but she had done nothing to encourage it. She knew the consequences and would never risk something so important.

Cassy could feel Ingrid attempting to probe through the underlayer; to peer into her future for an answer to her present distress, but it was a useless exercise. Cassy knew how to keep her lifeline protected. The last thing she needed was an older sister who could predict the consequences of her impulsive actions.

Yet, in her mind... Killian's face betrayed her emotions and she blushed almost immediately.

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Before characteristically, looked/look. All my posts are edited. Love the model posture. Dang, she is uptight.

Thank so much for dropping by.

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Wow. I missed out this story and it is already at part 7! Another amazing story coming up. I have not been writing story for months I think. Berkarat already. When life is too busy, my brain is tired to even think of a story.

I love your writing. =)

I know what you mean..
It took me a while to get back to story writing. Hopefully this lasts longer than the previous ones I've written

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Love the descriptions! The characters are very real and I enjoyed this chapter.

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Thank you so much... I just love witchy stories

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Love how this story is coming along! I wouldn’t want my sister to know my future either lol

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Thanks so much :)
I'm trying to keep the story alive and interesting.
And the prompts help a great deal...

wine can be a devilish thing for sure :)

Any alcohol makes us do things that is sometimes beyond our control.
That's why we have to be more careful when consuming it

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