5 Minute Freewrite Prompt continuation Part 20 | Tap Dancer

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However, a week after her engagement party, the bar, like Cassy, was a bit subdued. While the music was still loud and strong, it has an underlying mournful echo. It was just like the engagement party, but worse. She was glad Ingrid wasn't around to notice; she didn't want her sister any more suspicious than she already was. What happened with Frankie Bushman that evening had been an impulsive act, but it was over now and everything would be alright.

There was no need to panic. So what if all she could dream about was Frankie? So what if he had invaded her consciousness, had become the subject of her every waking thought? When she closed her eyes, she could still see his beautiful face, hovering above hers. She would make it go away. She would make him go away. If only it was Frankie who was halfway around the world and not her love.


Bran had called earlier: he had arrived safely in Denmark and was on his way to his meeting. She knew she had to get used to it; from the beginning he had explained that his life and his work entailed a great amount of travel and that he was rarely home, but he was planning to slow down after the wedding. Hearing his voice had cheered her up a little, but her dark mood continued to build as she leaned back on the bar, watching customers arrive.

Couples walked in, those whom she was most familiar with. Holding hands, stealing kisses as they walk and the air was filled with signs of love. Some even started to dance around that horrible background music; and they call it tap dancing? They should really head out to Vegas and see how a real tap dancer performs.

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Is that the end of the story? Will she ever see Frankie ever again?

Ha ha.. That would for another prompt..
I have a feeling she ....

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I get the awful feeling it's bye bye Bran.

No no.. It can't be or is it 😬

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Waoh, I love the story despite not having fore knowledge of previous post.

Here with the Weekend freewrite prompt

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