5 Minute Freewrite Prompt Continuation Part 18 : futility

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Jack's floral sleeveless t-shirt was stained and his eyes were bright and merry. When Joanna moved to shake his hand he shield away from her but allowed her to pat his head. "Nice to meet you, Jack Alvaz. I'm Joanna Faulchamp. Now, while your mother gets settled, would you like to take a walk down to the beach with me?"

Image by Reinaldo rrsilvestre from Pixabay

Jack spent the afternoon running around in circles. Joanna looked at him affectionately. Every once in a while he would look over his shoulder to make sure she was still there. He seemed to taken into her immediately, which his mother remarked upon before letting him accompany her to the beach. When he got tired of running, they picked seashells together. Although it was pleasant to have Jack here, her mind was somewhat distracted by the dead three birds on the bench this morning, the ones she had buried a little while ago, just away in the sand. Joanna could not put her finger on it just then. Was it a threat? Or a warning? And for what? And from whom?

The sunrise was slowly creeping behind the clouds. After so many nights of never-ending debates, Joanna knew this war was full of futility; absolutely pointless and endless. No one was willing to make full commitment to end it; all fearful of what is to happen. So many of the predictions have come true, in accordance to the Scriptures.

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