5 Minute Freewrite Prompt continuation : Creature

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Becky Faulman, who had recently reconciled with her husband, was one of her first clients. Becky took a seat across from Ingrid's desk.

"How can I help?" Ingrid asked.

"I don't know if this is the right place to ask or if your can help. I just.. I feel like our place is haunted. I get the weirdest feeling at night, like there's someone or something there. Ross said I should come here even though he's never felt it. But I'm quite sure there's another presence in the house. The lights go on and off. The television turns on at odd times. It's like some creature is roaming inside our home like the Ghostbusters movie. Am I making any sense to you or am I just hallucinating everything around me? Do you believe it may a ghost or some kind ?"


"No," Ingrid replied slowly. Ghost did not exist, but she also knew that what humans referred to as ghost-phantom specters and wraiths seen in shadowy light as well as other supernatural phenomena-was usually due to proximity to the edge of a seam, where the physical world and the world of the glom came so very close that those on the other side would be able to sense the presence of another world just beyond their sight.

The edges of the seam were supposed to be held by a powerful binding spell her mom had set a long time ago when they moved to North Hampton. It seemed only natural, Ingrid supposed, that spells would lessen and weaken with age, although it had ever happened before. She fashioned Becky a talisman that would help keep the boundaries tight and get rid of the pesky paranormal inconvenience-no more blaring television at three in the morning, in any case.

Ingrid attended to the usual mix of unexplainable grievances until an unexpected visitor arrived in her office.

"Hey, there." Matt Nobel entered the office. He was so tall he looked funny sitting on the little stool across from her desk. "So I hear that you can help people."

"I do. What brings you here, Matt?" Ingrid asked, smoothing her skirt and not quite able to look him in the eye. She was irritated with herself for acting like a flustered old maid around him.

Matt leaned forward on the desk and she forced herself to look into those clear blue eyes of his. "I have a problem..." he said huskily.

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Wow so cool you can write that in such detail in 5 minutes! Do you already have the story end in mind? Haha

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Haven't yet.. Still thinking what's next.. Am going for holiday break w family.. So its a Steemit break for now

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