5 Minute Freewrite Prompt continuation : Opens a lot of doors

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When Ingrid arrived at work the following day, there was a message in her email in-box. She stared at the computer screen. She had send the photo of the design key only yesterday afternoon and already he had replied. She had expected it, but it still surprised her to hear from him so soon.

Come join me, Ingrid.
Together, we will open alot of doors and explore the world as one

Ingrid shook her head and brought herself back to reality.

"Good to hear from you. Interesting thing you've got there. Will get back to you with analysis. Been a long time. I assume this means you received my letter?"

Yes, she got his letters. She was almost tired of reading them, really, although she wondered how she would feel if they stopped coming. If a week went by and no letter arrived, would she be happier or sadder? She massaged her temples. She shouldn't have responded to him. Her mother and sister would never approve. But it wasn't about her or them or even him. There was something in those ornately decorated design keys. Something important, she could feel it, something that she had forgotten, and he was the only one who knew how to decipher it. The only want who could help her unlock the mystery of the code. She wrote him back.

"Got your letters. Not sure this is the right time to get together. But am hoping that you can still help me"

The reply was instantaneous.

"Of course. You know you don't need to ask"

Photo by Wellington Cunha from Pexels

She signed and did not send a respond. It was time for her "witching hour," as Hudson called it. The line in front of the main desk was out of the door. Some of the women had been there before the library opened. They had been patiently waiting all morning, some pursuing the shelves, some reading books, most content to merely stand and wait. The impressive results of Ingrid's work kept pouring in; the nightmares that stopped, the strange aches and pain that were cured, the rash of positive pregnancy results.

They were all here for Ingrid.

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