Fit@40 #102 “Transformation Update” - 5 months in (Sunday 22 July)

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Today's thought/ pics/ vids

I’m now 5 months into my body transformation so I thought I’d give an update.


With the cryptocurrency bear market being in full swing, I’ve spent the last 5 months focusing primarily on my health.

Over the last few years as I've concentrated primarily on work and spending my spare time immersed in family (and crypto), I’ve allowed my weight to balloon.

However 2018 has given me the opportunity to step out of the rat race and recalibrate the things that are really important to me.

What has leaped out on me has been the need to get my health back on track.

I’m now in my early 40s. For me, it’s an important stage of my life that will determine the quality of my later years.

The crunch point for me came towards the end of last year. I weighed around 17 and a half stone (245 lb) and I was seeing a specialist about my high cholesterol levels. The Doc thought it could be hereditary and was recommending I go on Statins.

The idea of taking Statins didn’t sit right with me. Particularly as I knew there was so much I could do to improve my health. The specialist seemed to think I was in good shape however I knew that my diet and food habits were pretty crap.

Part of the problem was my lifestyle and lack of physical discipline. I had worked in an office for the last 17 years which meant a lot of time 'in my head' and not in my body.

Whilst the people were great and the job was enjoyable, I was falling into a pattern of a sedentary life, thoughtless eating and token exercise.

I needed a change.

So I took a leap.

I quit my comfortable job of almost 2 decades and decided to get really uncomfortable. Rather than jumping into a work or a money making project. I decided to take 6 months out and focus primarily on improving my health/ fitness as well as taking stock on my future direction in life.

Focus on one thing

I’ve been lucky.

I’ve managed to recruit @ivargereiko and @colossus39 as my trainers and mentors on my personal fitness journey.

It’s been great, I’ve been able to trade my crypto wisdom (and crypto!) for their personal training expertise.

The first thing I’ve learned is that it is important to focus on one thing. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. Do you focus on gaining strength? Gaining muscle? Getting fitter? Or losing fat/ weight?

For me it was important to focus on one thing.

I decided to focus on getting lean. I was used to throwing heavy weights around during my lunch-times (‘token exercise’ as I call it) and I knew that in getting lean, I was going to lose 'strength'. I also knew that there will be times where my energy will be low due to lack sufficient carbs, I wouldn't feel as fit as someone should do he works out regularly.

However this was all part of the process concentrate on getting lean first and go from there.

Destroy and re-build.

Simple Math

I’ve learned in the last 5 months that getting lean is it is all about simple math.

Burn more calories than you consume.

I didn’t go on any special diet. Just used more energy exercising than I did eating!

Yes I cut out the bulk of my bad habits (I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth), however I primarily worked to ensure that 5 or 6 days in the week I was in a calorie deficit, and that overall I was in a deficit for the week.

And I stayed consistent week after week.

Understanding what works for you

Outside of being in a calorie deficit (while training and keeping your protein intake as high as possible), it really is a matter of doing work for you.

For some it is about clean eating.

For others it about ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ (IIFYM).

I kind of see-saw between the two. If I get bored of ‘eating clean’, I switch it up with some Intermittent Fasting and IIFYM.

The key is to keep in a calorie deficit.

Attention to Detail

One thing that works well for me is attention to detail. I know some people go crazy weighing themselves daily and recording what they eat. However for me it helps to keep on track.

I know that whenever I’ve got into shape in the past it has been when I’ve been diligent about the detail.

I use the data to ensure that I was going off track as oppose to trying to force myself to lose weight quicker. I think that is key.


Another key component that really helped has been accountability. Having personal trainers have helped in this. Every week I have sessions with @ivargereiko and @colossus39. It’s far better to report progress rather than setbacks. Setbacks often means extra work!

Also I like to keep myself accountable to myself. Which is why I record my daily stats and post them @fitat40. It's hard to hide from the facts when there are recorded on the blockchain!

No Rest Days

Another important aspect is mindset. My motto during this period has been no days off!

I try to do at least a bit of cardio on the days I'm not training.

Most times when I got injured in the past it was due to the intensity of the workouts rather than the frequency.

Nowadays I rarely go above 80% maximum effort. That way I can get more training sessions in and in the long run tax my body more, rather than hard.

I think planning rest days is misguided. Given how out of shape I was if I trained 4 days a week and spent 3 days a week largely inactive it wouldn’t have cut it.

Finding an hour in my day to focus on fitness shouldn’t be seen as special. It should be as mundane and routine as brushing my teeth!

Natural hiatus

The fact is life brings natural hiatus, where rest days are more frequent than you’d like

For example I’m going to New Jersey/ New York for 3 weeks for a holiday and family wedding. I know it will be impossible to train every day when I’m over there. The timing isn’t great because I’m probably only 4 or 5 weeks away from getting super shredded. However I don’t feel guilty. It’s only been the ‘no days off’ mentality that has put me in a great position to enjoy my holiday and push on when I get back.

I also think the temptation to workout when I’m away will be too much. Whether it’s going for a run, doing some calisthenics indoors or finding a gym to escape to, the desire to stay on track is strong!

Just to start

For me, this still feels like just the start of the process. There so much more I have to give, however it is good to take stock sometimes and see how far you’ve come.

After a brief break, I’ll definitely be back on my grind!

As always, I’ll keep you posted on my progress here, and you can follow the detail on my @fitat40 account.



Today's stats

MonthDayMorning WeightCalories InWorkoutProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
SunJuly222122407Chest workout14424879

Today's workout



Inc DB Bench

60kg x12
60kg x12
60kg x7
60kg x7

DB Bench

45kg x12
45kg x12
45kg x11
45kg x12

DB Press

30kg x12
30kg x12
30kg x12
30kg x12

Hammer curls/ (tricep kickbacks)/ [pressups]

40kgx8, 20kgx8, 10kgx8/ (10kgx8)/ [x10]
40kgx8, 20kgx8, 10kgx8/ (10kgx8)/ [x10]
40kgx8, 20kgx8, 10kgx8/ (10kgx8)/ [x10]
40kgx8, 20kgx8, 10kgx8/ (10kgx8)/ [x10]

Kickboxing bag work


Cycle machine

330cal, 30min, 8.14km



Last few weeks:

MonthDayMorning WeightCalories InWorkoutProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)Post
SatJune23215.52413Stretching session133225103view
SunJune24215.62547Legs, Bag work, +300 cardio17023995view
MonJune25217.61792+300cal Cardio14114660view
TueJune26216.71549PT session (Back)19212528view
WedJune27215.42055+600 Cardio, Kickboxing20416061view
ThuJune28215.71610PT session (Shoulders)16413442view
FriJune29214.81529+300cal Cardio + Abs1729246view
SatJune30212.11820Legs, +300 cardio20613544view
SunJuly1212.51943+300cal Cardio17411783view
MonJuly2212.21449+300 Cardio, Kickboxing1329256view
TueJuly3212.11451PT session (Push/ Pull)14011839view
WedJuly4212.61965+300cal Cardio16911393view
ThuJuly5212.42522PT session (Shoulders)165167128view
FriJuly6213.121105k run162118108view
SatJuly7211.42299Rest day147136134view
SunJuly8211.9194410k run, +300cal Cardio15415871view
MonJuly9212.42030Legs, +300cal Cardio15821949view
TueJuly10211.42136PT session (Push/ Pull), +200cal Cardio15721060view
WedJuly112121686Abs, +300cal Cardio12316953view
ThuJuly12212.21447PT session (Shoulders)1444676view
FriJuly13211.21902Abs, +300cal Cardio13013360view
SatJuly14209.22466Rest day13928286view
SunJuly15209.22950Chest workout210199102view
TueJuly17209.51571PT session (Push/ Pull)12012166view
WedJuly18209.42322Abs, +300cal Cardio18318079view
ThuJuly19210.31727PT session (Shoulders)15913152view
FriJuly20210.32712Rest day173201130view
SatJuly21211.133715k run, 8k cycle machine186397119view



Now that’s what you call “hard work pays off” I must say you made a whole lot of progress in just 5 months . It takes people 1-2 years at least

Amazing result man! Trying to get in shape myself I can only respect you for the amount of work you have put in and the awesome result you achieved so far. You look great.

I was wondering what life is like being lean compared to Strong/fatter? What do you prefer? What are the most benefits in daily life?

Also did you get rid of your high cholesterol levels?

Keep up the awesome results and safe travels to New York!

Thanks @exyle!

what life is like being lean compared to Strong/fatter? What do you prefer? What are the most benefits in daily life?

Good question, I think it is easy to say 'I'm leaner, I feel great' but the the truth is it is hard work!

There is a certain comfort and "feel good" factor to being strong and fatter and eating what you like. I can't deny that. However in the back of my mind I know I'm eating myself to an early grave.

Being lean makes it easier to train hard. I can push my endurance more and train more consistently. A knock on effect is that anything else I need do day-to-day feels like a minor challenge.

did you get rid of your high cholesterol levels?

I go back to the specialist in the Autumn. So fingers crossed!

This is awesome. Really inspiring! The working in an office for years and ignoring your body is sounding very familiar. When I turned 30 I thought my body was begging to give up on me. Hangovers took days to recover from, and so did exercise. 10 years on and I've just turned 40, and been working in an office for the last 8 years, doing little to no exercise takes its toll. I've already quit alcohol and my daily red bull addiction, but I know there's a lot more I could do. I need to get my arse into gear and get moving, and your story is really inspiring. Thanks!

Quitting alcohol is a great start. I think getting started with a routine you can stick to consistently is key. I look forward to hearing your story once get going!!

You can do it! :) It feels so good once you get it going again. I started back with just a couple dumbbells and bodyweight training so far.

Nice stuff! Keep it up, this is where it will get harder to make gains because you're approaching super shredded.

Get some calisthenic workouts to do while you're on holiday :-)


Good work bro didn't see you in the gym 👍

Hey - I didn't know you were on Steemit! I'll follow your blog from now on. Won't be in the gym for a while as I'm away, but will catch up with you when I'm back.

I didn't know you was on here it's good to see you doing well bro 🤜🤛

Your story is really amazing and inspiring, I think it's incredible that you have thought about improving your health and leaving behind that sedentary life, you look amazing @nanzo-scoop!
Many times we focus on our work but we do not pay attention to what our body needs.
Since I am in steemit I dedicate myself to drawing many hours a day sitting and I do not leave home I have become sedentary, which has made my life a hell and with many pains.
I want to start improving my body but where I live there is no where I can do it.
I love that you look good, but more important that you feel good and sastifecho with yourself! all your effort was worth it.

That transformation tho!

Looking good @nanzo-scoop!! I’ve also been shedding the crypto gut 😂. Keep on that grind! If you ever come to Vegas, you can workout at my ufc gym for free for a lifetime 💯

Thanks man - I'll definitely take you up on that when I come to Vegas. Pity I can't make it on this trip!

Most people who comes to vegas don't even want to go... they rather party haha. Dana White even rolled up to the Fuchs gym last month. My twin brother invited him and took some pics. So messed up, he didn't even tell me until a few days later haha

That is simply incredible, man. Very well done! Undeniable testament that hard work never goes without reward.

Congratulations to the absolute max!

Thanks bro, look forward to catching up with you properly when I get back!

Wow..such a significant change in here. I think you love the man you are becoming. Very stronger and healthier with your daily workout. So much calories burnt. Great work for great results @nanzo-scoop.

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