Meet the Steemians Contest - Special attendees revealed

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Do you still wonder who were the famous “special attendees” at SteemFest?
It's time to shed some light on this mystery!

The list of the contest participants and their ID and the intermediate results of the contest have been revealed yesterday.

A little crypto story

Remember @roelandp has drawn 16 random numbers, 1 for a gold level, 5 for silver and 10 for bronze.

He encrypted this information and stored it in this transaction before the contest began.

Of course, he had no idea what those numbers meant.

A list of all the participants with their random assigned ID has been published yesterday in this post.

After that, @roelandp created a new transaction to reveal the key used to encrypt the memo in the previous transaction. You can check it here

Thanks to the key provided, we were able to decrypt the first transaction memo and we discover this:

Cool, we now have the ID of the special attendees!

But… Wait… Has @roelandp made a small mistake at drawing numbers? Yes, if you carefully look at the bronze serie, you will notice that the number 25 appears twice!!!

Booooo! @roelandp, you screwed up our contest!

Shall we throw him into Wawel's cave to be devoured by the dragon?
Nah, I guess he was a bit overloaded when doing his homework, like all of us before SteemFest.

Given the many services provided to the blockchain and our community, you are forgiven @roelandp! We will manage with only 9 bronze attendees.

The special attendees names revealed!

It's the end of suspense. Here is finally the list of the SteemFest³ special attendees:

Gold attendeeBonus
Silver attendeesBonus
Bronze attendeesBonus

Congratulation to all of them for being so special at SteemFest³! Yes, they were!

Last straight before the final result

Do you remember meeting them in Kraków? Don't worry, we will it check for you!

We will now:

  • check whether contestants have met the special attendees or not
  • calculate the bonus points for each participants
  • update the ranking.
  • calculate the reward of everyone

Stay tuned! Winners will go to the podium in a few computing cycles!

Thank you again to our awesome sponsors!

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Woot woot, I did scan @adetorrent. He is a great photographer. 😊😊

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LOL thanks :)

Woop, successfully scanned adetorrent, danea, amalinavia, and race-redmedia. Faintly remember good-karma refusing to be scanned... ^^


i think you should flag him for getting in the way of your moon ;)


Hahahaha, nah :'D I'm just happy with how many people I met, special attendees or not.

Nice I am a silver attendee

Posted using Partiko Android


Damn, I failed to meet you :'(


xD, don't worry I think I didn't scanned any of the special attendee

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we both were 'special', even spoke and never scanned @jeanpi1908! LOL.


Yeah it wasn't the goal to scan but to meet, so technicaly we still won

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very true!

Do you know what the picture is located in a country?

Hurray Silver !!!!


He he ... I'm glad we had a talk together ;)

I have a good feeling....... i think i got a few silver attendes :-)


this is great post. I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

How do they apply for the conpetition

I want to praticipate the project