Meet the Steemians Contest - The results, the winners and the prizes

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Few hours ago, we revealed the name of the special attendees and we announced the final results of the contest. Here they are!

And the winner are …

We awarded the bonus points to all participants who managed to meet these special attendees.

Therefore, here is how the final top 20 ranking looks like:

The full results can be found on the Contest Ranking page.

Congratulation to the top 10 winners

@roxane left her opponents far behind her and got the top position.
Not only did she successfully spent at least 2 minutes with 93 steemians, but she also got an amazing bonus of 45 point by catching 2 silver and 3 bronze attendees. Congratulations!

As mentioned in the announcement, here is how the prize pool will be distributed among the top 10 winners:

1st place15% of the prize pool
2nd place10% of the prize pool
3rd place5% of the prize pool
4th place to 10th place2% of the prize pool

Here are the reward values for each of them:

1@roxane349.95 STEEM
2@suesa233.30 STEEM
3@arcange116.65 STEEM
4@gandalf46.66 STEEM
5@lizanomadsoul46.66 STEEM
6@louis8846.66 STEEM
7@hashcash46.66 STEEM
8@rivalzzz46.66 STEEM
9@guchtere46.66 STEEM
10@bubke46.66 STEEM

Well done!

Congratulation to all contestants

You will ALL get your part from the prize pool. Indeed, the announcement mentioned that:

The remaining of the prize pool (56%) will be split among all participants proportionally to the number of MSC points collected.

There were a total of 2065 valid mutual meetings
Altogether, the top 10 contestants made 555 valid mutual meetings
All other contestants made 1510 valid mutual meetings (2065 - 555)

The prize pool was 2333 STEEM thanks to our awesome sponsors!

1026.52 STEEM have been awarded to the top 10 contestants.
The remaining of the prize pool for other contestants is 1306.48 STEEM (2333 - 1026.52)

Therefore, each valid mutual meeting is worth 0.865 STEEM (1306.48 / 1510)

Rewards will be distributed in 24 hours, which should allow those who would like to challenge these results (errare humanum est) to come forward.

An additional reward for everyone!

Finally, each participant of the Meet the Steemians Contest will also receive this commemorative badge, which will be displayed on your personal page.

Congratulations to all the contestant, to the winners and thank you all for your friendly participation in this contest!

A last word from @arcange

This post put an end to the SteemFest³ Meet the Steemians Contest.

Steemfest has been absolutely amazing to me and I hope you enjoyed the contest as I did. I saw a lot of people walking around with their smartphone at hand, ready to scan meet someone they had not talked to yet. The SteemFest app, which has existed since the very first edition, has never been used so much.

I am delighted that the financial aspect of the contest, while being a motivating element, has quickly disappeared from everyone's mind, giving way to fun and the pleasure of human encounters.

I received a lot of feedback from many participants, expressing their gratitude and explaining how this contest has allowed them to break the ice and talk to people they would never dare to approach.

This was my main goal at organizing this contest and I can not find words to say how pleased I am with the success of this initiative.

There has been a tremendous amount of work done and I want to warmly thank the entire team who worked with me behind the scenes. I will once more say thank you to @roelandp and to the sponsors for their trust and unconditional support!

I look forward to next year for a new contest and new rules. I learned a lot from this first experiment and I already have plenty of new ideas... ^^

If you enjoyed the contest, please support Steemitboard:

Thank you and see you all at SteemFest 4!

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange

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Congratulations! You have all won. If not points or prize, at least a new connection or two.

(Gamification, right?)

I will be donating my whole prize to @t-r-f (SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund to help cover (some of the) travel expenses of SteemFest attendees.

Some improvements to the next version of a game:
"Connected with 25% attendees - free drinks unlocked"
etc ;-)


Congratulations for reaching the 4th position @gtg!
This is so generous from you to transfer your prize to the @t-r-f, as I know you already contributed a lot to it!

Nice Contest, but in my opinion the Gold/Silver/Bronze bonus points are overvalued, for instance I got kicked down from #12 to #23 due to the bonus points. I'm not complaining about my rank and I also don't care about the lower reward, but it feels weird when you fall behind someone where you have almost two and a half times as many scans (example: RemyHuxley #19 with 12 scans, myself #23 with 28 scans). In my opinion it would be better if for example Gold moves you up 5 positions, Silver 3 postitions and Bronze one position.


Thanks for your feedback @twinner

in my opinion the Gold/Silver/Bronze bonus points are overvalued

The purpose of this rule was to encourage people to go to those they do not know, those who are less famous, because they could potentially be worth a lot of points. I was aware that it would have a big impact on the ranking order and it was totally wanted.

I discussed it with several contestants and many of them, who gave more importance to fun and meetings, didn't care and found it amusing, although I can understand that it is different from the usual competitions and that it may seem strange.

Anyway, I learned a lot from this first experiment and we may operate differently next time.


Yeah I also went from 10 to 14 and so out of the big rewards :(

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And I missed your 10 bonus points even I've scanned you :-)


Sad ;(

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Yay :) now I only need to decide what project to donate the money to... :D


Donate it to @t-r-f :) @gtg already does it, maybe @roxane and @arcange will too 😊 would be a nice twist to the contest 😇


Seems like it hasn't paid out yet, so here we go!


That is a really cool and community orientated activity.

Thanks for helping all that people from @t-r-f- aka the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund


Congratulation for your 2nd place @suesa! Great come back thanks to the special attendees ;)

Payment of reward will be done in a few hours. This delay is intended, to allow people who might contest the results to do so.

Apart of that, I'm positively impressed by your generosity. Great move!


Only special people like 2nd place winners. Go 2nd!


The contest was a fun thing to do, and to me, it was never about the money :) It only feels right to give the money back to those who made those few days the great experience it was!


If it isn't paid out yet, sure! Seems like a good idea.


Oh btw do you two still want to collaborate on the Bitcoin Around the World documentary?? Perhaps showcase some Steemit projects in the film?


Ahh dang I forgot to respond to that email :/ chat me up on discord and then let's talk :)


I'm new to Discord so not terribly sure how to find you, sorry :(
Here's me: BitcoinAroundtheWorld#1821


congrats girl!

Congrats to all winners! Congrats to @roxane @suesa @arcange! You three are really awesome in playing the game! And I am so glad to have met up with the three of you... 😀😉❤️
And thanks again for the super duper cool game!
So happy I managed to squeeze into the top 20... 😁
See you all in SF4! And game on for the game! 🤗

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Thanks for your comment @elizacheng and well done on your own score!
See you at SF4 or any opportunity that pops out before;)


You are welcome and thank you! 😉

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Woot!! Congratulation to all the winners!! I'm happy to meet with you all and playing the scanning game. 😄😃.. Thank you @arcange for the game, it's really a fun game and I enjoyed the 2 minutes conversation and take a lot of wefie photos together!

Congratulation to @roxane @suesa & @arcange! Looking forward to see you all at SF4 and like what @elizacheng said game on for the game! 🤗.

Yay!! Congratulation @elizacheng, am so happy and we need to go celebrate!! 🍾🎊🎉

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Celebrate! Yay! ❤️❤️❤️

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Wow 5th place seems to be my lucky number this steemfest haha first at poker and now here! Was a lot of fun and a great initiative!! I loved to use the scan to get in touch with as many people as possible :) Of course @roxanne hit it off haha. Thanks for the hard work! Already looking forward to next year! Cheers, Liz


Thank you Liz, see you next year!


Or earlier in Belgium ;)


Sure. I may setup a meetup in Belgium or something like @beersaturday with @detlev

Fantastic job all around guys!!!! The contest was a blast as well as pretty much every aspect of SteemFest. Thank you for doing all the things needed to allow us to enjoy ourself so much. You are all rockstars. Also, congrats to the winners!!!!

Congrats to all that played the game. I think the idea behind it was amazing and the 2 min catch made people even more competitive. I believe it is important how many real connections/conversation we had and I am happy to say that it did happen in my case. Congrats @roxanne, you rock

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This was a great initiative @arcange, and great fun, too! Thank you!

Congratulations to the top 10!

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Hi i am new here so everyone help

Congratulations! Nice Contest.

Hi @arcange, first at all great job!

You made all of us engaging with all other attendees of SteemFest

I got as well a bit confused with that bonus points and my account was falling from 10/11 back to 20 as I had not a clue what to do.

Anyway, love to see your new flux project working live soon and like to say thank you for being on my moderation on steemfest stage 2

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Was indeed a fun contest and a good app. Thank you :)

Ooh look. @steevc in 12th place.

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Congratulations! =)

@roxane Congratulations!
She cared about communication and talked a lot.
Thank you for entertaining us!

Wow! @suesa we were behind you 100% . next time 1st place!

This is really nice.i look forward to being part of the next contest.
Congratulations to all winners!!!

Awesome! I've just seen this, what an unexpected bonus to win 9.15 steem just for meeting awesome people!

Love it, thank you @arcange for your contest and your work surrounding Steemfest, I appreciate it so much and can't wait to see you at Steemfest 4 :-)



Thank you @cryptogee. See you at SF4!

Felicitaiones a todos los ganadores, a los organizadores y a todos los que participaarón en este concurso! Bendiciones para todos y un fuerte abrazo para @arcange

Felicitaciones @arcange por ese tercer lugar, bendiciones para todos los ganadores, con un abrazo cariñoso.

it was fun to watch the tagging battle between @suesa and @roxane!!! Congrats to both of you girls =)


It's a nice contest for steemians. Congrats.

Congratulations to you all...
Making it to the list tells you made a big impact in the contest.102417.gif

Congrats to all winners :D