Nice Contest, but in my opinion the Gold/Silver/Bronze bonus points are overvalued, for instance I got kicked down from #12 to #23 due to the bonus points. I'm not complaining about my rank and I also don't care about the lower reward, but it feels weird when you fall behind someone where you have almost two and a half times as many scans (example: RemyHuxley #19 with 12 scans, myself #23 with 28 scans). In my opinion it would be better if for example Gold moves you up 5 positions, Silver 3 postitions and Bronze one position.

Yeah I also went from 10 to 14 and so out of the big rewards :(

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And I missed your 10 bonus points even I've scanned you :-)

Yay :) now I only need to decide what project to donate the money to... :D

Donate it to @t-r-f :) @gtg already does it, maybe @roxane and @arcange will too 😊 would be a nice twist to the contest 😇

Seems like it hasn't paid out yet, so here we go!

That is a really cool and community orientated activity.

Thanks for helping all that people from @t-r-f- aka the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund

Congratulation for your 2nd place @suesa! Great come back thanks to the special attendees ;)

Payment of reward will be done in a few hours. This delay is intended, to allow people who might contest the results to do so.

Apart of that, I'm positively impressed by your generosity. Great move!

Only special people like 2nd place winners. Go 2nd!

The contest was a fun thing to do, and to me, it was never about the money :) It only feels right to give the money back to those who made those few days the great experience it was!

If it isn't paid out yet, sure! Seems like a good idea.

Oh btw do you two still want to collaborate on the Bitcoin Around the World documentary?? Perhaps showcase some Steemit projects in the film?

Ahh dang I forgot to respond to that email :/ chat me up on discord and then let's talk :)

I'm new to Discord so not terribly sure how to find you, sorry :(
Here's me: BitcoinAroundtheWorld#1821

congrats girl!

Congrats to all winners! Congrats to @roxane @suesa @arcange! You three are really awesome in playing the game! And I am so glad to have met up with the three of you... 😀😉❤️
And thanks again for the super duper cool game!
So happy I managed to squeeze into the top 20... 😁
See you all in SF4! And game on for the game! 🤗

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Woot!! Congratulation to all the winners!! I'm happy to meet with you all and playing the scanning game. 😄😃.. Thank you @arcange for the game, it's really a fun game and I enjoyed the 2 minutes conversation and take a lot of wefie photos together!

Congratulation to @roxane @suesa & @arcange! Looking forward to see you all at SF4 and like what @elizacheng said game on for the game! 🤗.

Yay!! Congratulation @elizacheng, am so happy and we need to go celebrate!! 🍾🎊🎉

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Celebrate! Yay! ❤️❤️❤️

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Wow 5th place seems to be my lucky number this steemfest haha first at poker and now here! Was a lot of fun and a great initiative!! I loved to use the scan to get in touch with as many people as possible :) Of course @roxanne hit it off haha. Thanks for the hard work! Already looking forward to next year! Cheers, Liz

Fantastic job all around guys!!!! The contest was a blast as well as pretty much every aspect of SteemFest. Thank you for doing all the things needed to allow us to enjoy ourself so much. You are all rockstars. Also, congrats to the winners!!!!

Congrats to all that played the game. I think the idea behind it was amazing and the 2 min catch made people even more competitive. I believe it is important how many real connections/conversation we had and I am happy to say that it did happen in my case. Congrats @roxanne, you rock

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This was a great initiative @arcange, and great fun, too! Thank you!

Congratulations to the top 10!

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Hi i am new here so everyone help

Congratulations! Nice Contest.

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