Harley 'durianrider' Johnstone: a scammer, a fraud and a rapist.

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Harley Johnstone aka 'durianrider' is a criminal. He's a malignant narcissist who lies, steals, scams, exploits and assaults people.

My girlfriend, Hannah, is one of the many, many victims of this person's abuse. Harley is not only committing crimes, he's also accusing others of his own crimes.

Hannah spoke up about this in 2016, not accusing him of anything criminal, just saying that he's a liar and a hypocrite. Ever since she made her video called 'Durianrider's Hypocrisy', Harley has tried to destroy her.

This has resulted in an over 500 page long document of lies, slander, cyberbullying and public ridicule.

The document only contains the public posts Harley has made, in addition he has sent endless emails and messages to Hannah and I, our families and friends, some of which I go through in my videos.

After trying to get justice through the legal system without success (Harley fled the countries we sued him in), I decided to bring it upon myself to expose this criminal.

I created THE UNMASKING, a series that not only expose Harley Johnstone as a narcissist, but also as a rapist. Unfortunately, with help from YouTube he managed to get my YouTube-channel suspended. As a result the evidence against him has become difficult to find. That's why I'm making this post, to bring it all back together again. This way the ugly truth about Harley Johnstone is all gathered together in an easily shareable link.

Because of YouTube's incompetence, I've put my videos on LBRY. This way the videos can be watched both through the LBRY app and on any web browser through Spee.ch. I'll provide links to both LBRY and Spee.ch for each video below.
Note: The LBRY links only works if you have the LBRY app installed. It can be downloaded from this link: https://lbry.io/get (Available for Windows, Mac and Linux)

On LBRY there's more information about each video in the 'about'-section, to get the same information when watching on Spee.ch, go to the Steemit post next to each Spee.ch link.

With all that out of the way, here are the videos in chronological order!

THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The NarcissistDuration: 75 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this episode I go through the nine traits of narcissistic personality disorder, and show examples of Harley exhibiting all nine traits.

Some of the things that are revealed in this episode are; how Harley shamed a domestic violence victim saying it was "100% her fault", and then later cried about how his ex-girlfriend supposedly physically abused him. How Harley secretly takes steroids while claiming to be natural. How Harley buys fake likes to make people think he is more popular than he actually is. How he said being gay is a choice, and more.

THE UNMASKING, Part 2: The "Scam Artist"Duration: 56 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this episode I expose how Harley falsely accused Jennifer Faulisi of being a scam artist. Jennifer had stage 4 breast cancer and desperately needed treatment as soon as possible.

She asked the vegan YouTube community for financial assistance and initially received a lot of support, but because of Harley's smear campaign against her, people stopped donating. She had to leave treatment and later passed away. But Harley's smear campaign did not stop with her death which further proves that he has no empathy.

THE UNMASKING, Part 3: The ProjectionsDuration: 120 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this episode I expose how Harley projects his own behavior and actions onto others. For many years he has pretended to go above and beyond to "expose" sexual predators, in order to "protect" what he describes as young vulnerable women in the vegan community. But as revealed in this episode, he is the sexual predator who targets young women!

Note: At the time of writing this LBRY and Spee.ch have a problem with large file sizes. This video may have problems during playback. Until this issue is fixed, you'll need to go to the LBRY link and click 'Download' below the video. Once it's downloaded, click 'Open File', now you can play it externally in the video player of your choice.

Supporting BraveryDuration: 5 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

As shown in Part 3, Harley had targeted multiple young women and wouldn't take no for an answer when asking them for sex. After one of them came forward publicly, he forcefully took back a laptop he used to bribe her into silence.

I couldn't stand by and watch this creep in his forties continue to intimidate a teenager, so I made a fundraiser to support her for having the courage to stand up against this sexual predator.

Responding to Scam AccusationsDuration: 22 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

After my previous video, Supporting Bravery, Harley claimed that the fundraiser to replace the laptop he'd forcefully taken was a scam.

In this video I debunked these false accusations, and further exposed how much of a liar, hypocrite and abusive narcissist he is.

By the way, the fundraiser was a success. We raised $920 USD which converts to over $1100 AUD, so the girl could buy a similarly priced laptop as the one that was taken from her.

Fighting Fire with FireDuration: 32 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this video I show how Harley was doing everything in his power to get my videos taken down, while at the same time claiming that he was "flattered" by my videos.

I also go through the disgusting emails he sent to me about my girlfriend, as well as some of the slanderous posts he made in his efforts to silence us. I show his gaslighting tactics, and how he continually stalks and harasses my girlfriend and I, in an effort to cause problems in our personal lives.

What Goes Around, Comes AroundDuration: 4 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

After posting the Fighting Fire with Fire video, Harley encouraged his dwindling follower count to report the video for "pornographic material".

Well, the "pornographic material" he was referring to was his own disgusting emails that he had sent to me. I put this video together to further show how much of an absolute hypocrite he is. As his argument was that children do not need to see explicit language on YouTube, I took one single video of his, and cut it to show how he's the one using explicit language. Projection much?

Destroying the CrazyDuration: 80 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

At this point I had shown how Harley had sent my girlfriend and I death threats, contacted our families and friends, tried to blackmail us, and made countless public videos, posts and comments to harass and defame us. Even after everything that had been revealed through my videos, like how he took away a cancer patient's last hope, falsely accused people of rape, and said that a domestic violence victim was to blame, there were still people who continued to support him.

Toni Jessop, aka Vegan Girl, wanted to make out that I was the problem in this situation, so in this video I went through her "criticism" and exposed even more of Harley's vile actions.

THE UNMASKING, Part 4: The Narcissistic InjuryDuration: 78 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

At this point I had caused so much narcissistic injury that in Harley's rage, he uploaded random sexually graphic images to various webpages, including a porn site, and tagged my girlfriend's name in it. This is how low Harley is willing to go to get back at those who stand up against him.

This episode exposes these vile actions, debunks more lies and explains the psychology behind narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage.

An Update from the YouTube HQDuration: 4 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In order to combat the backlash from my series, and make it seem like he still had support, Harley bought fake likes for his videos and this resulted in his channel being terminated for spam and deceptive practices.

By pure coincidence, Hannah and I happened to be in San Francisco at the time and as you may know, YouTube headquarters is located in San Francisco. We took the opportunity to cause some more narcissistic injury.

Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = FraudsDuration: 120 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this video I proved that Harley steals other people's intellectual property, and sells it as his own for a profit. I show more evidence of how he uses fake accounts to harass others and comment in support of himself, even committing identity theft. I also show how he started to spam other people's channels, especially mine, to get them taken down.

Note: At the time of writing this LBRY and Spee.ch have a problem with large file sizes. This video may have problems during playback. Until this issue is fixed, you'll need to go to the LBRY link and click 'Download' below the video. Once it's downloaded, click 'Open File', now you can play it externally in the video player of your choice.

All Bark, No BiteDuration: 3 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this video I showed how Harley got my previous video, Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds, taken down by filing a false copyright claim on it. I also debunked his lie about not having an address to send legal papers to.

Naturally I called his bluff on taking me to court. Needless to say, I never received any paperwork. All bark, no bite.

THE UNMASKING, Part 5: The Sexual AssaultsDuration: 194 min
LBRYSpee.ch / Steemit

In this episode I fully expose Harley as a rapist who specifically targets and abuses vulnerable women in the vegan community. The first section of the video systematically goes through and debunks all his lies about my girlfriend. It then sheds a light on a number of his other victims, how his ex-girlfriend enabled and defended him, and how he manages to get away with his crimes.

Note: At the time of writing this LBRY and Spee.ch have a problem with large file sizes. This video may have problems during playback. Until this issue is fixed, you'll need to go to the LBRY link and click 'Download' below the video. Once it's downloaded, click 'Open File', now you can play it externally in the video player of your choice.

In Conclusion:

As said in the beginning of this post, I wanted to gather the evidence against Harley in an easily shareable link. I hope this post follows him wherever he goes, so people can be warned about this criminal who masquerades as a compassionate vegan. Hopefully this will make it harder for him to get close to vulnerable people.


Great work Michael, you've done more than enough. I am proud of your dedication to truth and I am proud of Hannah for surviving such terrible assault. PTSD is a terrifying thing to go through, I am proud of both your strength after everything you've been through! You guys are stronger than ever regardless of such unfortunate experience. I wish you both well. (p.s. INTJ-INFJ couple for the win :wink wink)

And Harvey, go to hell you disgusting p.o.s.

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Here's more evidence that this person is a scammer, fraud and rapist. Harley Johnstone recently dragged Anthony Colpo to court falsely accusing him of physical assault.

After Anthony's lawyer cross-examined Harley, his story was found completely unreliable. Colpo didn't even have to take the stand after his lawyer was done Harley on the stand. Anthony made a two part write-up of the whole ordeal:
Anthony Colpo vs The Evil: Part 1
Anthony Colpo vs The Evil: Part 2

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