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Hello Steemians!

Here's the second installment of THE UNMASKING, the series that got me banned from YouTube.
If you didn't catch part 1, you can find it here.

In this episode I expose how the narcissist, Harley Johnstone, damaged a cancer patient's fundraiser by falsely accusing her of being a scam artist. Jennifer Faulisi had stage 4 breast cancer and desperately needed treatment as soon as possible. She asked the vegan YouTube community for financial assistance and initially received a lot of support, which caused narcissistic injury to Mr. Johnstone.

You see, as was covered in part 1, Mr. Johnstone is preoccupied with a fantasy that he made the vegan YouTube community, and that he possesses some kind of ownership over it. In his mind nobody is allowed to ask for money in "his" community without going through him first. He launched a smear campaign against Jennifer and, unfortunately the donations dried up. She could no longer afford her treatment, and the progress she had made quickly deteriorated. She passed away soon after leaving the treatment center.

▶️ DTube

Harley Johnstone got part 1 taken down from YouTube by filing a privacy complaint, so naturally he did the same thing with part 2:


Clearly he didn't like being exposed.
Once again YouTube helped him to cover his tracks:


Let me once again point out the hypocrisy of YouTube. They allow their platform to be used to damage the fundraiser of a woman in desperate need of financial aid. They allow her to be slandered even after her death. But a video going through the situation, effectively clearing the woman's name of all those lies is considered "inappropriate content".

How incredibly disrespectful to her family. YouTube is a disgrace.

Previous episode: THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The Narcissist

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I’ve already watched it on YouTube but I feel so sad for her.... what a monster he is.... does he still harass you by mail ? ( I’m Ana, my avatar on YouTube is a picture of ballet shoes if you remember lol)

The saddest part is how YouTube took down the video that cleared her name, yet leaves his slanderous videos up. I put up a filter in my email, so I wouldn't know. The stalker tried to follow us over here though, as covered in this video.

He just doesn't know how to be a genuine human being at all. His narcissism and ego is so overblown that he believes that he is the vegan "god" and "creator" of an online community that existed way before he was on the internet and especially youtube like vegsource's forums and website. he has no business in assuming he is only person to inspire vegans on youtube when this is not the case.
As a consequence of Harley's fear and jealousy of others when they take attention away from him that caused Jen's unfortunate death. She did not deserve to die because of him no matter what even if he personally disagreed with the therapy it worked for her and she was on the road for recovery.
Happy Healthy vegan made a good quote of bring a "scared, wounded animal attacking those who come near him when they try to help" by defending his own disgusting behaviour. This so true as he gets to defensive when legitimate criticisms are brought up and he has no truthful way to answer for the shit he spews to people in videos.
He can't seem to show an ounce of just basic concepts of empathy to her and yet cannot let this topic of her go and its hurts her family to this day when all they need is just a simple acknowledgement of fault in his videos and just an apology without the bullshit and acting as a victim and realize he has not hurt just one person but the person who truly suffered, Jen and the people who loved and wanted her alive.
This should be should be shown to his cult as it is a proof that he is not a compassionate and caring person but also to expose he isn't here for veganism to support what's right for both non human animals and humans. your message is clear and transparent unlike his own. He is a person not to be looked up as a mentor or leader but the narcissistic, weak and small person that he truly is. Thanks @michaelhebo for doing what you do without fear of him and I thank you personally for helping show my dislike of his content and behaviour is unacceptable and true and I'll never accept his bullshit at all.

He's exploiting veganism, it's just a part of the mask. He has gotten away with his abuse for far too long because of how he operates. Contacting family and friends, trying to get people fired from their job, lies and slander about anyone who goes against him. Filing false privacy complaints, copyright complaints, reporting any critique of him as harassment/bullying/hate speech, buying spambots, anything to shut down those who's not afraid of him.

What he can't do is to answer for what I uncover in my videos, and that says it all, doesn't it? ;)

That is true as it would you and hannah's story to be correct and his credibility (whatever shreds of it he has left) would be so miniscule that even he can't do anything about it. Steemit has already taken care of him by already from the platform with no credibility on the website to begin with. He has no power here now but youtube yes he does but he can't have power here. All see through his crap already so more power to you both and steemit. Youtubes downfall is going to a prolonged one. I love watching some Youtubers but the power balance is tipping severely now than ever before.

:O you right , he’s already here with his nonsense spam comments:, I can’t believe it!! And I thought he had move on... he will never stop :/....

He always pretends to have moved on and to be the bigger person, but it's just a part of the mask. He is the opposite of who he portray himself to be, that's what I'm uncovering in the unmasking series ;)

Glad this is still up on the internet. Steemit is a good platform for this I reckon, I'm glad you found it Michael!

Steemit is perfect for this, there's no way for him to remove it because it's in the blockchain now 😎

I wonder how and when the downsides of the blockchain system will show. What about people stealing content and claiming it's theirs?

They'll get down voted and lose their rep, so they'll get no recognition and no reward which are two of the main factors of plagiarism in the first place.

There are also bots like @cheetah that detects similar content, and you can report stolen content and other abuse to @steemcleaners.

Genuine people have a monetary incentive to keep Steemit clean as allowing bad actors to thrive on the platform decrease the value of the platform which can influence the value of the rewards negatively.

Glad to have found your content due to your mention of the Steemcleaners. Sad to hear that a woman is dead because of a piece of shit.

Thanks! How does that work, do you get notified when mentioned?

He's a piece of shit and YouTube allows him to continue with his abuse. Tragic.

Hi Michael, keep up the good fight 💙

Thank you! 😊
I won't back down, I'll finish what I started one way or another 😉

Harley says he is all about helping people. But here he single single-handedly destroyed someone's last hope at living, when he could have easily said he was wrong, and restored that hope. I don't see how anyone can watch this video and not think he is a scumbag. It blows my mind!

Well, there's a reason why he works tirelessly to get my videos taken down, isn't it? 😉

For those who think Gerson therapy is a scam, its worth checking out this video by legendary animal rights activist Keith Mann. It seems he has cured himself of cancer using Gerson therapy. So its possible that Jen's life might have been saved.

I do believe it can help those where conventional therapies have failed.
But i do feel that chemo is something that should not shunned entirely as it is. Yes chemo is not perfect and i don't condone attacks on gerson therapy as it clearly helped Jen and would of cured her cancer.
As i studied pharmaceutical science in university i do not have the view nor the mindset of all pharmaceuticals are the only treatments to treat diseases and that alternatives are bad and/or useless as they have their place and as someone who has natural therapies before it has helped,I am well aware that chemo drugs has many side effects, often that can affect people's health.
I want to stress in this comment i am not attacking gerson therapy nor will ever attack those who use it as it is a tragedy when individuals pass away from cancer especially Jen as she was clearly on the road to recovery on the gerson therapy.

A friend of mine got diagnosed with an agressive tumor in the chest which could have been deadly if found too late.
It was shrinked with radiation chemotherapy and could only then be removed by surgery.
Don't know if he'd still be alive without the access of chemo.

I'm not saying chemo is the holy grail and it's got no downsides though...

Thank you for this video. It is quite a video that certainly challenges my held beliefs and viewpoints quite a lot. I think now i am going to re consider what i have learned during my studiesand i should be more open. Thank you once again. I do geniuenely apologize that my previous comment was ignorant of my part for not realizing that i could of done more to educate myself before typing my comment.

Hello, I followed over to Steemit from YouTube. I've watched your videos there with a lot of interest, I suppose most of all I find it shocking how so many people have defended and made excuses for such sub normal behavior.

Welcome! :)
Especially shocking being a community that's supposed to be about empathy and compassion.

I don't know if I should post this here, Michael please let me know if you want me to delete it, but the comments on this video give you a really good insight into what most people think about this person.

That's one of the reasons I moved over to Steemit. It's a transparent platform where you get a more accurate representation of what the public really thinks. As I've proven in my videos, the narc spent a lot of money on YT buying likes for himself and dislikes for others, creating numerous troll accounts commenting in support of himself etc. to try to change the public perception.

I didn't really care and just looked at it as rather pathetic, which is why I didn't bother spending any time on blocking and deleting all these accounts he was commenting from. But now he has put himself in a pretty awkward position. Now everyone can see what everyone really thinks, haha.

When is he going to learn that the more he tries to fight me, the worse it gets for him?

As I've said before, I have nothing to lose in this, he's the one who has built everything on a lie, he has everything to lose. Just look at how he bragged about over 5 mill. views a month in this video. What does he get now? Barely 1 million, that's quite a substantial drop!

That's quite a lot of people who now understand that he's a complete fraud and a waste of time as all his videos are just made up bs to make himself look good.

I hope this is ok Michael, I just can't resist it. This one came up on my feed after watching the other one. I had to laugh.

this has come up on my subscription page 5 times. it has taken the whole bar. did you have any difficulty uploading and completing the upload? it looks like it has gone up 5 time

I said what I needed to say below one of your videos. Now leave us alone please.

Am I missing something here? Are you two beefing?

I'm just not fine with him saying incredibly insulting things about Hannah. Spreading lies about her and having a laugh about it.

I have no idea why he comes here like it's all good as I made myself perfectly clear in the comment I wrote to him.

me? saying things about hannaH? i thought that comment you left was a troll account. can you explain.

I was thinking the same thing, I thought Dom and Michael got along; Dom shares the Unmasking videos on all his channels, spreading the word and making fun of Diddly, wonder what happened :/

I'll go through the cognitive science behind it in part 5, but to summarize: When you're told the same lie over and over and over again it exhausts you mentally so it's easier to just accept it as the truth than to resist it. It's quite literally brainwashing.

I have 500 pages of videos, posts and comments by the narc repeating the same lies. 500 pages. He is perfectly aware that if he repeats the same lies enough times it'll become the truth, doesn't matter how ridiculous lie is.

This is dom, not diddlyroider. i am confused.

it seems michael thinks i have said something. not sure what, or when. was all on his side. at a bit of a loss myself here

Maybe there were some comments on this post that got deleted and now it makes no sense? I'm confused too :/

not sure, he left a slightly criptic message on a video of mine (a message i cant find now) which didnt make much sense, it was like he was talking to a-bas-le-ciel (who he obviously has beef with) but also refering to diddly, but in a message to me. i thought it was a mistakenly copied and pasted comment on the wrong video... i cant find it now. i think there are some wires getting crossed. not said anything negative about hannah

So strange. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding :/

Which video? :( maybe someone uses an account with your name ?

"What was her name again, Hannah Chloe, she regretted that one, didn't she [...] well done diddlyroider, well done".

Timestamp: 8 minutes and onward.

At this point, with all the info that has come out to STILL name Hannah and promote this lie, it's so disgusting, and so insulting. Completely ignoring what Hannah said in her video and talk about regret, wtf?

Have I not made it clear enough what part 5 is about? You must know because you're using part 5 as clickbait. Another shitty thing to do btw.

Keep up the good work Michael! Looking forward to your next video (although Dtube doesn't really seem to work on my pc). And thanks for introducing me to this website. Looks interesting! Cheers!!

Thanks! DTube is still pretty unstable unfortunately, but they've made huge improvements since the launch half a year ago. LBRY is a bit more stable in my experience, but requires an own app as it's an entirely new protocol which is not supported by standard browsers yet.
Speech is kind of a work around that downloads the content from the LBRY network and then streams it from their servers:

when is the next one coming out??

As soon as DTube doesn't act up during the upload process 🙃

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