great. If there is contest and bonus for users, it will be the best.

For sure

@steemitboard Well done and please ear in mind that some of us, especially charities, do not often resteem posts unless they pertain to charity. Blessings and upvoted for your excellent work.

Thank you for implementing my suggestion in such a short time. The ranking is currently not available, but will try again later. I'm curious how often my posts have already been resteemed.

Wonderful, now it works.
And I can see, that my posts are much more often resteemed than I expected.

If only I could rank higher...

Congratulation steemboard

This is useful, thank you.

I admire your works


Thank you for this update to Steemitboard. I enjoy the achievement awards and I think you help keep morale up for newbies and oldies alike when rewards are small. It motivates us to keep making good content.
Thank you!

welcom @steemitboard,,,follow me

Thanks, good motivation toward some consistency!

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