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Hello Steemians!

As I showed in part 4 of THE UNMASKING, the narcissist Harley Johnstone was really struggling to keep it together at this point. His mask was slipping and everyone could finally see what kind of person he was behind the mask. Several of my videos had gotten hundreds of thousands of views, and other vegans were speaking up about him in videos like this and this and this and this and this.

On top of that the comments sections of my videos were filled with people expressing their disgust for him. Even though YouTube has deleted it all, you can find a portion of each comments section through archive.

Deleted comments sections:

Video1st Upload2nd Upload
THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The NarcissistLinkLink
THE UNMASKING, Part 2: The "Scam Artist"Link
Another girl comes forward...Link
THE UNMASKING, Part 3: The ProjectionsLink
Supporting BraveryLink
Responding to Scam AccusationsLink
Fighting Fire with FireLinkLink
What Goes Around, Comes AroundLinkLink
Destroying the CrazyLink
THE UNMASKING, Part 4: The Narcissistic InjuryLink

Despite Harley trying to convince everyone that he doesn't care about what people think of him, he's obviously very concerned about the public perception. As I showed in part 1, his ex-girlfriend revealed that he's even buying likes for his Instagram photos.

In order to combat the backlash from my series and make it seem like he still had support, he bought bots to like his videos and this resulted in his channel being terminated for spam and deceptive practices. By pure coincidence, my girlfriend and I happened to be in San Francisco at the time and as you may know, YouTube headquarters happens to be located in SF. We grabbed the opportunity to really rub it in his face and cause some more severe narcissistic injury.

▶️ DTube

If you pay attention you can see that nowhere in the video did we actually say that we were the ones responsible for taking down his channel. Although we had wanted to try to get a meeting with a YouTube representative, we never did. But thanks to this video and the narcissistic injury and rage it caused him, Harley exposed himself further which I point out in the next video, coming up soon ;)

Previous episodes:

1THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The Narcissist75 min
2THE UNMASKING, Part 2: The "Scam Artist"56 min
3THE UNMASKING, Part 3: The Projections120 min
4Supporting Bravery5 min
5Responding to Scam Accusations22 min
6Fighting Fire with Fire32 min
7What Goes Around, Comes Around4 min
8Destroying the Crazy80 min
9THE UNMASKING, Part 4: The Narcissistic Injury78 min

Having trouble with playback on DTube?
As DTube is still in beta and is not always working perfectly, I'm also uploading my videos to LBRY. LBRY is also in beta, but in my experience it's more stable.

To watch on LBRY:

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  3. Press play.

It's also possible to watch the video through

Both LBRY and have a download button. Feel free to re-upload on YouTube at the risk of getting yourself banned from the platform!


Hello Michael! I continue to work on getting to know this platform! I remain steadfast and determined to get to know it better! Take care!

You can do it! 🙌

Yes!!!! Glad to see you not letting up and posting the intro videos for Dtube!

The best troll video ever made!

It was great fun making it, oh, and the butthurt it caused, haha! 😆

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