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A few days ago, SteemitBoard's team disclosed the badge created to reward SteemFest⁴ attendees. This has led to heated discussions about the presence of a Buddha representation on this badge, both on-chain and off-chain.

We invite you to read the comments published on the announcement post to get an idea of the content of those discussions.

Long story made short, it appears that the use of Buddha’s image is not in line with the cultural and religious habits of Thailand, hosting SteemFest⁴ this year.

Our main goal has always been to provide fun and amusement to all participants, and not to put people at risk and potentially in jail because proudly using an image that could irritate the native sensibility.

Therefore we have decided to refactor our commemorative badges and communication related to SteemFest⁴.

Here are the new badges for SteemFest⁴

image.png image.png image.png image.png

There is a badge with one star for each SteemFest attended (read the the announcement post for more information).

How to get it?

That’s really easy! Book a flight to Bangkok (@gtg worked hard for you to get an exclusive discounted price for your flight, book a room in Bangkok and book your ticket for SteemFest⁴ in Bangkok (more info on the official SteemFest website).

With these 3 sesames, you just have to register at SteemFest (in Bangkok). Et voilà... you will automatically receive your badge a few minutes later.

The badge will be displayed in your personal tab on your board.

Do not forget the Travel Reimbursement Fund

The Travel Reimbursement Fund (@t-r-f) will be open for funding until the end of SteemFest! Feel free to contribute and help your fellow Steem users to make it to Bangkok and to lower their travel expenses.

@steemitboard support this initiative and released a dedicated badge for any Travel Reimbursement Fund contributor. Read the announcement post .

The @t-r-f already collected 954 STEEM and 46 SBD thanks to generous contributors who already got their deserved badge.
You may also support the SPS t-r-f funding proposal

See you soon in Bangkok

On behalf of all SteemFest attendees, thank you for your support!

Useful links:
SteemFest4 - announcement
SteemFest 2019 Travel Reimbursement Fund SPS proposal
Road to SteemFest: Exclusive discounts for flight tickets!
SteemFest⁴ - last update

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I think we will have to remind people NOT to write that they're going to a conference when filling out the immigration form on the plane. If you attend a conference, you officially need a business visa...

Yes, @misslasvegas, this is a very good idea to say to people to make a cross on Tourist because Immigration here can tell them they are refusing their entering in the Kingdom. Also no one will be able to have a business visa from the ambassy.

This is really good to know. Thank you for informing us @misslasvegas

I'm sure you'll mention it somewhere, but was thinking to make a post about it too. Better too much info than not enough. ;)

Badge still looks awesome! Thanks for all the hardword!

Thank you @rayshiuimages. I hope we won't have to refactor this one 😅

Haha, I hope so too, although, I'm sure y'all would make something equally as awesome if you did have to 8-))

@tipu curate

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would love to go to one of this events, sad is so far on the other side of the wolrd

Maybe one of the next edition of SteemFest will be closer to you.

Отличная идея для всех!

Verry good jhob steemit bangkok.
Thanks you verry much

one more nice them for badge,,, this awesome guys.

Yes it is

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Selam bu rozet neyi ifade ediyor 🤔

it looks like great wish for you.

Thank You @erenkoypilates

I appreciate the encouragement steemit board are giving to new steemians.
I have voted with happiness

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Pitty that it is so far away :)

  ·  last month (edited)

Hi, @steemboard, the new badge is perfect as there is nothing that can hurt local sensibilities neither the authorities everyone will be safe. It can be good to say to people about Thai basic laws in public, like never touch the head of someone, never point the feet to a Buddha picture or a person and cover arms and legs when visiting temples and of course biggest respect to the King and the Buddha. I am sure everyone will love Thailand.