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Quote from part 1 of THE UNMASKING @ 01:38

“I'm going to target a narcissist and expose him, and that's pretty much the worst thing you can do to a narcissist.”

After having targeted the narcissist, Harley Johnstone, with multiple videos exposing his abusive behavior towards multiple individuals, he really started to show how he operates behind the scenes to silence those who speak up against him.

In this video I show how he uses gaslighting tactics, stalks and harasses my girlfriend and I in an effort to try to cause problems in our personal lives.

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As we've come to expect, Harley once again filed a privacy complaint on an email address he shares publicly himself. And YouTube once again, helped him to get the evidence against him down. This is exactly how he has managed to continue to abuse people for years.

Previous episodes:

1THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The Narcissist75 min
2THE UNMASKING, Part 2: The "Scam Artist"56 min
3THE UNMASKING, Part 3: The Projections120 min
4Supporting Bravery5 min
5Responding to Scam Accusations22 min

Having trouble with playback on DTube?
As DTube is still in beta and is not always working perfectly, I'm also uploading my videos to LBRY. LBRY is also in beta, but in my experience it's more stable.

To watch on LBRY:

  1. Download and install their app:
  2. Open the LBRY app and put this in the address bar: lbry://fightingfirewithfire
  3. Press play.

It's also possible to watch the video through

Both LBRY and have a download button. Feel free to re-upload on YouTube at the risk of getting yourself banned from the platform!

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