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As I showed in my previous post the narcissist, Harley Johnstone, filed a false copyright claim on my video, Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds, which resulted in my video being taken down and a strike put on my YouTube channel.

The thing is, the video was only showing how Harley and his girlfriend stole the intellectual property of others, and sold it as their own for a profit. Obviously he can't claim the copyright of other people's work that he has stolen!

He also tried to push this lie about how he was trying to sue me, and that I was hiding my address so his lawyer couldn't send the paperwork. Well, you can't submit a counter notification on a copyright claim without giving the claimant an address, so I called him out on that as well:

▶️ DTube

Now, filing a counter notification on a copyright claim actually starts a legal process where the claimant will have to provide proof of a court action taking place, or the video will be reinstated. As I mentioned above, obviously Harley would never go to court for material he has stolen. So what did he do instead?

The same thing he did to my other videos, he filed a privacy complaint. As you can see in the video above I pointed out the hypocrisy of him filing a copyright claim on content that he has stolen, and in the claim his email address was shown. As I've already established in the Fighting Fire with Fire video @ 12:35, there's nothing private about his email address.

He obviously just wanted the video down as he didn't like to be called out on his BS.
Anyway, I simply used YouTube's blur tool to hide his email address, so the video wouldn't be taken down.

What he then did was to file a false copyright claim on the video instead. The same thing he did with Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds. Even though there's no content from Harley in the video, YouTube still took it down and put a second strike on my channel.

Obviously I submitted another counter notification.

As I mentioned above and as I also showed in the video, the claimant has 10 days to provide proof of a court action or the video will be reinstated.

Well, 10 days passed from the first counter notification I submitted and nothing happened. I know that Harley is not going to take me to court for content that is not his, so why wasn't my video going back up?

I had two strikes on my channel and I knew Harley was doing everything he could to get my channel down, so I obviously wanted YouTube to process the counter notifications so the strikes could be removed from my channel.

Then I received this email from YouTube:

Okay? So I contacted YouTube support and asked what was going on. After multiple messages they would not give me any specifics other than that I had violated their community guidelines.

I could only assume that Harley had continued to file false copyright complaints on my other videos, so I appealed on that assumption. Well, that couldn't be it because the conclusion they came to was this:

“We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”

That made absolutely no sense, so I tried to get some more information without much luck.

Then I received this email:

It's in Norwegian, so allow me to translate:

Hello NorVegan!
We have completed processing your counter notification.
The following videos have been restored unless you have already deleted them:

-The YouTube Group

I told you Harley wouldn't take me to court for content he has stolen, didn't I? I didn't call the video 'All Bark, No Bite' for no reason 😉

So they reinstated one of the videos that was the basis of suspending my channel... or so I thought.

Let me explain.

Naturally I contacted YouTube support yet again, and told them how I now have proof that my channel was suspended on false grounds. They reinstated my video after finalizing the review of my counter notification. That means the strikes on my channel were invalid, right?!

Well, not so fast, because then I got this reply:

Thanks Frank! I'd asked YouTube support about five times for specifics on why my channel was suspended only to get no specifics in return.

Now it made sense that my appeal had been rejected, I had based the appeal on copyright violations, or more accurately false claims of copyright violations, but my channel had been suspended for "spam practices".

What's so ridiculous about this is that I had already notified YouTube about Harley spamming my channel with dislike bots and they did nothing, then they suspend my channel for "spam practices". It should be pretty obvious that I'm not spamming my own videos with dislike bots!

Anyway, now that I knew why my channel had been suspended I could make a proper appeal and told Frank that I would do so.


Frank replied and told me that it's not possible to appeal twice:

“Also, you will not have an option to appeal for the second time as the channel will be reviewed thoroughly in the first instance.”

Reviewed thoroughly? What a joke.

First they refused to give me any specifics on why I got suspended, so I had to make the appeal based on my best guess. Then when they finally let me know the specifics so I could make a proper appeal, they wouldn't let me. Great.

Of course I have no specifics on what kind of spam practices I'm supposedly guilty of, so I can only assume it's the paid dislikes Harley attacked my channel with, as shown in the video Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds. Needless to say, I haven't used any bots or spam practices what so ever.

So I sent Mr. Frank another longer email explaining the situation. Not that I haven't tried to tell YouTube a bunch of times before, but maybe, just maybe they would listen this time... It didn't really matter at that point though, as I told my patreons at the time:

“I've come up with a new plan and I'll follow through with this plan whether my channel goes back up or not.”

The plan was to move over to the decentralized and censorship resistant platforms Steemit, DTube and LBRY 😎


You know what Frank did? Just closed the ticket, haha. Can't do much other than laugh about the level of incompetence, especially when the automated email you get when a ticket is closed is this:

“As a YouTube partner, you're important to us and we'd like to make sure we're meeting your expectations.”


So that's how I got banned from YouTube. The person who was exposed for severely violating the community guidelines, violated them even more to get the evidence of it removed.

Oh well, DTube and LBRY came just in time. Now that all the videos are back online again, I can focus on putting together the final episode in the series!

Previous episodes:

1THE UNMASKING, Part 1: The Narcissist75 min
2THE UNMASKING, Part 2: The "Scam Artist"56 min
3THE UNMASKING, Part 3: The Projections120 min
4Supporting Bravery5 min
5Responding to Scam Accusations22 min
6Fighting Fire with Fire32 min
7What Goes Around, Comes Around4 min
8Destroying the Crazy80 min
9THE UNMASKING, Part 4: The Narcissistic Injury78 min
10An Update from the YouTube HQ4 min
11Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds112 min

Having trouble with playback on DTube?
As DTube is still in beta and is not always working perfectly, I'm also uploading my videos to LBRY. LBRY is also in beta, but in my experience it's more stable.

To watch on LBRY:

  1. Download and install their app:
  2. Open the LBRY app and put this in the address bar: lbry://allbarknobite
  3. Press play.

It's also possible to watch the video through

Both LBRY and have a download button. Feel free to re-upload on YouTube at the risk of getting yourself banned from the platform!


Reading the whole ordeal in one place and especially reading you last email to Frank which was so articulate and sensible and compelling and him just ignoring is so painful. Keep fighting the good fight. Seriously fuck YouTube for enabling a monster and further punishing someone like you who's actually trying to do something about it by silencing him. Can't imagine how endlessly frustrating it is for you knowing how bad it is as a viewer.

There are no problems, only solutions 👊

The quality of your videos is just brutal, even if you have no idea what the series is about you will easilly get hooked. You are very talented. Take care both of you.

Thanks! The most brutal video is yet to come though! 😮

Nice upload as always. Glad to see you growing here. Can't wait for the final nail in the coffin.(Rubs hands together menacingly)😎😈

Every hour I spend on it, is an hour closer to put all of this behind us. Can't wait myself!

Michael is such a genius for creating these videos in a cocky alphamale style, which is not even his style but it is designed to trigger the narcisisstic injury in DR. :D masterpiece

I haven't even made the video that all of this is about yet 🐱‍👤

From you interaction with Youtube, I would say that they are in vitiation!

I think if this was taken to court, they would lose and THAT is why Frank closed the ticket on you.

They need it to go a away! This is Youtube's FU!

And as they have made many new changes lately, they do not need something that will expose the lack of administration.

They want to make money of YOUR stuff as easily as possible!

You, Michael... You are a huge headache that can blow up in there face. So that is why they are trying to shout you up.

Its kinda like #MeToo and they do NOT need that kind of attention!

So be sure! It is money first and you out, they can live with The Narc. They will just monitor him. But mor important, he crates traffic and that is MORE important for the money earning, then decency!

I've tried to open new tickets, I just get an automated email saying they'll get back to me shortly, but they never do. I guess they've just blocked me or something?

The last unmasking episode will really showcase how horrible YouTube has been, they'll definitely not want that one to get any attention!

In other news, LBRY just posted a development and community update, one of the most promising alternatives to YouTube IMO!

put it out there then put it behind you. there is so much potential here on this platform a lot more then youtube ever had. fuck DR he will never get a foot in the doorhere people like him and Eisel get run off here very very fast :D

Working on it. The final video will be a massive one, but it'll be the end so it's okay :)

Good :) anna just told me he tried to get a foot in the door here and WAS run off LOL! Brilliant ! Looking forward to new stuff as I have developed an allergy toward the Spider King.

It's not so easy to create a hundred troll accounts around here, as he has done on YouTube. That's why you see no negative comments here, other than from his one account, but that account got down voted to oblivion XD

P.s one could almost feel sorry for him, it has to suck to know one is obsolete and a dinosaur... almost but ...nahhh LOL!

Any hint on when the last part is going to come out? Checking every day now, cannot wait...

Not in a good while. I'm currently in Bali, so there's other things I'd like to spend my time on while I'm here 😋

I've set the deadline to 1st of June, I'm not sure if it'll take that long, but it would be a suitable date being the world narcissistic abuse awareness day, not to mention the first episode was originally uploaded on that date. And of course, it would ruin the narc's little "festival" once again, if anyone still is attending that shit, haha. It would be full circle 😎

LBRY will introduce email notifications soon, so you might consider signing up there and subscribing to my @NorVegan* channel, that way you won't have to check every day ;)

*The link will only work if you have the LBRY app installed:

Michael, I just came to realize something when watching a clip of Dr. Phil regarding the character Durianrider use to play called Chester (old creepy man with a face mask) Watch this:

Chester the molester. Who is it that calls himself Uncle Chester?
Did you see the video @dombower made talking about split personality?
It's almost like there's a suppressed part of him that wants him to get exposed.

Don't worry, I'm working on it!

I think he gets a kick out of fooling people to believe he's this compassionate caring person while at the same time doing the exact thing he accuses others of.

Hi Michael, I wrote a comment and added the link to the video but I cant see my comment any more...? Anyways, yes I was watching a clip of Dr. Phil and just realized that the character Durianrider use to play -old creepy looking man with the face mask) is someone he calls uncle Chester. Coincident? I believe NOT. Cant wait for your final video! ;-) No havent watched Dombowers videos in awhile, will head over and see. Keep up the good and important work!

I could see the beginning of your comment in the notification, but only the video when I went to it. Not sure what happened there, but it's still in beta so it probably got something to do with that :P

Looks like Dom has removed all the videos to prevent his channel being suspended, like mine was. If you've watched Harley Johnstone + Victoria Barry = Frauds, you know he used the same tactics against Dom's channel as with mine.

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