Exploring Steemit's Valuable Treasure - #2 - Special Single Edition - Stephen Hawking's Passing

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Hello again, Steemit Fam,

I decided to make this second issue of the Exploring Steemit's Valuable Treasure series a special single edition to honor the passing of Stephen Hawking.

At around 4:00am, EST this morning, I heard of Stephen Hawking's passing via the news channel I sometimes have on in the background while working.

Then I got on to Steemit to find posts to feature in today's Exploring Steemit's Valuable Treasure curation post. While clicking around, I found one of the first posts to share the sad news submitted by @ghasemkiani.

It was just last year that I watched the movie, "The Theory of Everything" that gave such an insightful peek into Stephen Hawking's life story.

The movie helped me understand his illness, courage, persistence, the vision he had and the love he felt for advancing humanity through his work.

Here's what I wrote on @ghasemkiani's post:

Thank you for sharing this sad, breaking news here on Steemit, @ghasemkiani. I'll be featuring your post in my curation series later this morning.

The movie depicting Stephen Hawking's life, "The Theory of Everything", was a wonderful glimpse into this very special man.

Stephen Hawking was able to access his multidimensional consciousness to create and share incredible breakthroughs that will benefit mankind forever.

He also understood the importance of balancing technology with enlightened consciousness to protect life on Earth and beyond.

Rest In Peace, beloved Stephen Hawking. Sending prayers and Angel Blessings to you and all your family and loved ones. xox

Please support fellow Steemian @ghasemkiani's breaking news post Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time, dies at 76.


Rest In Peace, Stephen Hawking.

Bless you and Thank you for all that you contributed in your long, miraculous, death-defying life.

Later today I will post the issue I planned to before finding @ghasemkiani breaking news post and deciding to do a single feature, bandwidth issues allowing. Yesterday I had to wait for hours before I was able to publish the first issue. ;)

Here's the link for @ghasemkiani's Stephen Hawking's again.

Did you watch the "The Theory of Everything"?

Please feel free to share any insights, comments or Blessings to honor and celebrate the life of this visionary below.

Thank you and let's be extra grateful for life and all it's Blessings today.


Copyright @ Angela Chen Shui. Worldwide rights reserved.

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