Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest physicists of our time, dies at 76

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Stephen Hawking’s family released a statement today, confirming his death at his home in England.

Stephen Hawking

Source: Wikimedia, originally from NASA. Public domain.

This is a tragic event, since he was a great scientist who inspired a whole generation of aspiring young scientists.

When he was 21, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), a degenerative disease of the nervous system that causes paralysis of striated muscles due to the death of motor neurons.

The doctors predicted a two-year survival for him, but he lived more than five decades with the disease. He was probably the longest surviving patient with this disease in the whole history of medicine.

Despite this disability, he made astounding contributions to the fields of science and to humanity.

Let me quote a beautiful tweet by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the renowned American astrophysicist:

“His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it’s not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure. Stephen Hawking, RIP 1942-2018.”

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May his sole be in peace

yes it was today that he passed away . god bless him . he was a great man.. by the way i suggest you to see "Theory everything" movie (it made in 2014 and was about his life)


Thank you for recommending the movie The Theory of Everything (2014). It's actually a great movie that won a Best Actor Academy Award for Eddie Redmayne who played Mr. Hawking.

سلام. ممنون که به پستهای من ووت دادین
خیلی پست جالبی گذاشتین
من علاقه شدیدی به کتابها و مطالعات استیون هاوکینگ دارم

سلام، دوست عزیز. ممنون از پاسخ ارزشمند شما. موفق و پیروز باشید.

ببخشید. اگه مزاحم اوقاتتون نمیشم یه سوال داشتم دلاری که زیر پستها هست برای آپ وتها, دلار معمولی است یا دلار استیم. چون یه پست برادر من که 2.59 دلار بود
امروز توی والتش 1.245 دلار استیم داد و 0.427 استیم داد پس اگه 2.59 دلار استیم باشه بقیه اش کجاست؟



عددی که زیر پست نوشته می‌شود، تا حدودی گمراه کننده است. پاداش‌ها در اصل بر حسب استیم است و برای فهم ساده‌تر به دلار تبدیل می‌شود که البته باعث سردرگمی بیشتر می‌شود. (فکر می‌کنم بر حسب استیم‌دلار است.)

برای فهمیدن اینکه پاداش ۱۰۰٪ استیم‌پاور بهتر است یا ۵۰-۵۰، این را در نظر بگیرید که مثلاً اگر پاداش پستی ۱ استیم باشد، در صورتی که ۱۰۰٪ تنظیم شود، ۱ استیم به استیم‌پاور شما اضافه خواهد شد. اما اگر ۵۰-۵۰ باشد، نصف آن با «نرخ شبکه‌ی استیم بر حسب استیم‌دلار» (که توسط witnessها تعیین می‌شود و در حال حاضر ۳٫۸۴۵ است) به استیم‌دلار تبدیل می‌شود و به‌صورت استیم‌دلار نقدی به شما پرداخت می‌شود. سپس شما می‌توانید آن استیم دلار را در بازار داخلی به استیم تبدیل کنید. «نرخ بازار داخلی استیم بر حسب استیم‌دلار» در حال حاضر ۱٫۲۰۷ است (یعنی سه برابر کمتر از نرخ شبکه‌ی استیم است.) تا وقتی که این نرخ دوم از نرخ اول کمتر باشد (که از مدت‌ها پیش، همیشه همین‌طور بوده است)، تنظیم کردن روی ۵۰-۵۰ به نفع شما خواهد بود.


جوابی که شما دادید به من خیلی کمک کرد و خیلی چیزهارو کشف کردم و حالا
(چون میخوام من هم سرمایه گذاری اندکی بکنم )
برای من جای سوال و کنجکاوی که شما چرا استیم رو به استیم پاور تیدیل نمیکنید اگه شما استیمهاتونو به استیم پاور تبدیل کنید که بهتره. هم تاثیر رای شما برای دیگران زیاد میشه هم تاثیرش به خودتون موقعی که مردم پست یا کامنت شمارو رای میدن زیاد میشه و هم به استیم پاورهاتون سود خوبی میاد


بابت پاسخ شما ممنون هستم

Great post.Thanks for sharing it

We can imagine what kind of world he left, because we all live in that one world, but...

...which new world has he entered?

The question of humankind

He is one of my heroes. Thanks for the nice post.

Namaste, Jaichai.

Inna lillahi oinna ilahi rajiun.

Indeed, he was a great scientist.

Thanks for sharing this news.
I appreciate your every of luck.

Q.E.P.D Grande

I am very sad because of his death.

Stephen Hawking is a great soul. God bless him.
Thanks for your post.

So sad! We lost a valuable wealth @ghasemkiani

Oh that's a sad news.We have lost a great personality .May God rest his soul in peace

The contributions made by him to the humanity will be always remembered.It is not the health issues that prevent you from reaching our destination and he wii remain the greatest witness of this.Rip sir .We will always remember you.!!

So sad!!! news we have lost a great mind.

one of the best scientist is no more with us he will be remembered forever RIP !!!

Sad news...

May his soul RIP

:( rooheshun shaad

عیدتون مبارک

سلام. خیلی ممنون. من هم پیشایش عید نوروز و سال نو رو به شما تبریک عرض می‌کنم.

May his soul rest in peace !

He was really the great physicists.

Irrespective of his handicaps, he made significant contribution to the field of Science. May His soul rest in peace.
Thanks for sharing @ghasemkiani

Thanks for this news, i like physics upvote and resteemit


really sad news... greatest genius scientist of all time... he always be remembered.

Sad news. we really lost a legend today. 😥 Stephen Hawking will be remembered​ forever.

Very sad We lost a scientist.

great news. thanks for sharing.

Thanks for this valuable post sharing.... i like science . keep it up dear.....

Science is most important everyone, personally i like physics.

Thank you for sharing this sad, breaking news here on Steemit, @ghasemkiani. I'll be featuring your post in my curation series later this morning.

The movie depicting Stephen Hawking's life, "The Theory of Everything", was a wonderful glimpse into this very special man.

Stephen Hawking was able to access his multidimensional consciousness to create and share incredible breakthroughs that will benefit mankind forever.

He also understood the importance of balancing technology with enlightened consciousness to protect life on Earth and beyond.

Rest In Peace, beloved Stephen Hawking. Sending prayers and Angel Blessings to you and all your family and loved ones. xox

Oh My God, such a tragic news for all his followers for whom he was an inspirational mentor throughout his life. I have not seen anyone stronger with will power than Hawking. I know he is gone but his work will remain alive for ever and ever Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking:(

Don't miss out on my Learn Python Series @Ghasem :

what a man...we really miss him...RIP ...

neiltyson Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted @ 14 Mar 2018 - 04:06 UTC

His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it's not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy……

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your post is very beautiful

Very big loss for us all. A great scientist that he was!

Vote me please

you're making steemit a great community with your content ghasemkiani! keep it up!

he was the greatest he has done a lot he will be missed

Best scientist in the world

a sad news for the whole world his contribution to world is immense :)

his contribution is immense in the science field RIP

I can't belive ios almost 5 months already, I remember whriting a post when he died...