Minnow of The Week #1 Choosing Winners Will Be Hard, Need Your Help!

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1,800 views and more than 180 entries, what? You peeps are awesome! Welcome to the Minnow of The Week Contest. Where we will be in search for Nemo, trying to find the best, but most undervalued minnows on Steemit. Those who really put in the efforts and dedication needed to be successful here.

Always remember that Steemit is not and will never be a get rich quick scheme, so don't fool yourself with false and unrealistic expectations. Hard work, dedication and a bit of luck is what it's needed to become successful here and it won't come over night. Put in the time and results shall be visible!

In honor of those who are doing exactly that but still fail to get recognition or support, I will host this contest weekly. I upvoted each and every one of your contributions except one that was complete plagiarism. Won't go into it now.

I spotted an issue and that is that I can't keep up with all entries and can't do this contest week to week like I was planning. I'm overwhelmed by the number of entries and need you to be patient as it will take me few days to a week to a week to carefully read all your entries and go through your blogs to see what you are up to, what you write about, etc.

While you wait until I do that, everyone who participated in the contest can vote for 1 other minnow

  • In order to vote make a comment with your entry in the contest, and the entry of another user that you want to vote for (you can't vote for yourself)
  • I will select 2 winners while the 3rd will be the one with the most votes
  • You got 7 days to vote as the winners will be announced in a week
  • In the mean time I would like to ask you to show some support for your fellow minnows and go through the #minnowoftheweek tag and upvote at least a couple of entries

Best of luck to everyone, see you in a week :)

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The minnow I vote for is @jibspark. My post is available here.

His entry post is here. Me and him go back a few years and he is perhaps the friend that I feel closest to. He introduced me to steemit and I was almost immediately hooked.

The reason I believe he deserves to win is that all his posts come from the heart and the soul. The poetry is truly touching and makes you think.

His blog posts are insightful and valuable. He tells stories of his life in the past and the future.

Steemit has been a great help so far for him, but I truly think that he needs an extra push into the spotlight to really get going.

He is a prime example of what steemit can do for a person and I hope that he wins as he truly deserves it. My favourite post of his is this one.

Voting for @nickibanjlady1

Best of luck dear.

thanks dear

Win this baby

Thanks dear for ur kind heart

@nickibanjlady I vote for you.
Win this bae😍


Best of lucl buddy!

Thumbup dear

Go win this one.. Best of luck.

Thanks dear

Go Nicky go Nicky go!! Lolz u must win o


All the best Nicki

all the best, dear. Na you go win

Thanks dear

Luck on your side, go get it.

Thanks dearie

Go go go baby😁..
I vote for you dear...
You gonna win this...

Oh oh mehn i am so surprise with the support you all give .....thanks dear

@nickibanjlady.... Please win this

Thanks dear for ur kind heart

@nickibanjlady win this dear

Win the contest and bring your SBD to the exchange 😎. Success

smiling ....thanks dear

This is my entry for the contest: https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@walkerland/minnow-of-the-week-steemit-connecting-people

I nominate: @byn https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@byn/minnow-of-the-week-contest-this-is-me-in-a-nutshell-my-thoughts-on-steemit-thus-far

Her entry was engaging, her main graphic was awesome, and some of here goals and challenges related to steemit resonate with me.

I hope people can consider my nomination for @valerie15 and I made the post on who she is and why I nominated here in this [post])https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@maverickinvictus/minnow-of-the-week-1-or-who-is-valerie15-and-why-should-you-care)

Hope i get your support for her.

Indeed @valeri15 deserves our nomination. My vote also goes to @valerie. Indeed she is a very talented woman. All of her works are very impressive, it really captures the heart of the audience. She is really an amazing woman. I hope @runicar will also consider @valarie15. Thank you.🤗☺️

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My support also goes to her.I have read some of her works and thru it alone i can say that she has the heart for our ohana and to new steemians.Her works written genuinely with a heart.

I totally agree to this nomination... She deserves to win this since she's an outstanding minnow...

Thank you so much :)

your welcome

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My post and the post that my vote goes to.

My vote goes to @axynos because he is one of the most sincere and supportive people I have ever met. There are a lot of things that could demoralize him from doing every-day things, but that will most definitely not stop him. He puts sweat and tears into his posts (we all joke about it in our little Estonian Steemit community). He posted this post some time ago, which, in my opinion, would've definitely needed more recognition by people, but sadly did not get it. I feel like he deserves to win and although he might not, he will emerge as a winner to me.


My post.

My vote goes to @axynos . His post.

this is my entry to @runicar contest

and i wont lie about who i will give my vote to, the person i got inspiration from to write mine..
its @sistem much love bro.. this is his entry

I understand how overwhelming it is..
Almost like marking exam scripts...

Here is the link to my beautiful write up. I have to blow my trumpet.
And I voted for @sistem. Here is his link

Is there a specific definition for a "minnow"?

There is here

This is a very good twist to your competition @runicar. What a brilliant mind.

Anyway, this is my entry for the competition

and the entry that I am voting for is this,

thank you for this.

Here's My Entry :

My vote goes to @urielactub. I could really see the effort which he had taken to write the post and could relate to him as well. Here's his entry :

Thank you so much for this :) knowing that someone just noticed and appreciated what I've done is priceless. Thank you for the nomination, this means a lot to me.

Welcome ☺

You are absolutely right! Everyone of us needs hard work to achieve what we expect. ;)

Here's my entry for this one.. https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@levinvillas/minnow-of-the-week-a-turning-point

I have read some entries and I'm moved by @urielactub's blog because of his dedication towards making quality blog contents. My vote goes to him :) Here's the link. https://steemit.com/minnowoftheweek/@urielactub/minnow-of-the-week-the-open


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So after going through a few posts I realised that there are really amazing people out there with little to no recognition.... So I'm just going to drop a post i like and not my own post...


You're so kind :) I thank you so much for this. I hope you get successful in your future blogs. This surely means a lot to me.

You're welcome, kababayan @urielactub I wish you success as well.

My entry
And this is the post of Another user I’m voting for just because his post didn’t get many votes and I thought he needed some support
Good luck everyone!

This is my entry

This is my entry to the contest HERE

I vote @nickibanjlady. Here is her post HERE

Thanks dearie

This my post which have simply denote my mind and also according to the instruction guiding this contest


I will therefore vote for @aristokratos on this post


@aristokratos has simply stated the kind of person he is in the above post as related to the contest. He is a man of honour and selfless to the course of humanity. According to me he really fit to be consider for this contest @runicar. I gave him my 100% vote.

Thank you.

I vote for @nickibanjlady

This is my post here
I vote for @hungry-nomad here is the link
I voted for her because i went through a lot of post from the contest and i find a post passionate and measurable with good track record for set goals and community values, even though I randomly came across her post. Weldone!!

Thanks deàr....