MINNOW OF THE WEEK:i m Addicted to steemit . steemit is just like my lover

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Hey to steemit family. My name is NOOR UL AIN. My nick name is Annie. I am 21 years old. I m from Pakistan and a Muslim. I am a student of computer science. I m studying in MSC in computer science my degree is going to complete. I made a lots of websites for my assignment but my big achievement I made a website of university transport management system. I want to be a good programmer.


Addicted of steemit I, m in love with steemit
I m addicted of steemit. When I joined I was just wanted to earn money As soon as possible. But when I joined the steemit I found here is all over the world people. I pleased oh finally I can meet with all over the world peoples and I see all over the world culture. That’s is really a good thing on steemit .steemit is just like my family and I take everyone as family because one way or the other we are all connected and coming into steemit has helped me socialize more than ever as I now have the privilege of communicating, not just with the people of my country but with individuals from other parts of the world’s want to gain experience I want to learn from steemit people. I want to engage with people. I made very good friends here. I am fell love in with steemit. Steemit is just like my boy friend now . I spend most of time here. In 24 hours daily i spend 20 hours on steemit hahahh . i m full addicted of steemit . My journey through steemit has been one that I would call most exciting. Steemit has opened my eyes to a lot of things I never thought I would have known. I will take my time to list everything I have been able to gain through steemit and I hope you grab a bowl of popcorn as I take you through my exciting experience on steemit.

 My journey on steemit …
I joined steemit through my friend her name is @ridaazhar . One day we were in university she told me about steemit. She said steemit Is a platform for earning she joined in November and she has ranking on 32 and I was joined in December and I m on 41 ranking. Just because of my craze for steemit . i daily learn a lots of things from steemit . Steemit is my learning destination. I was participated in a contest my2017 and I enjoyed it a lot I get reward of 6SBD from this contest. It was very happy moment for me when I get this reward. Thank you steemit you accept me
When I joined a steemit I have no experience of steemit how to work. I searched and I find a very good thing first we should do introduction post. I did my introduction post but I was not valuable but I thought I will never lose hope and I will do it and I can do it one day I will must get success on steemit . I started comments on others friends posts and then I made a posts of good content because I m new on steemit my posts not got attention towards from my steemit friends but I m still struggling.
this is my beautiful pakistan
lake saifulmulk

 The great legends superstars of steemit I have met my legends on steemit who changed my life on steemit those who gave me hope.

           I want to share the people I met on steemit. One day a boy comment on my introduction post and said feel free to reach me for any query and help.  his name is @premraval010. I contacted with him on facebook . I called him Brother and really he is just like my bro. I want to say thanks bro for help me a lot for support me a lot . he support as much as possible .  He added me in a group #steemitachievers here I met a lot of good pretty women’s and men’s .they all are very good and humble personalities. @kneelyrac @levinvillas @lebron2016, @g10a @jacinta.sevilla they all support me and guide me . help me . they all are good humans . 

O I can’t forget my friend @wajahatsardar. He is also Pakistani and has very good personality. I find a precious person by comments I read their comments and I thought he is a good boy then I contact him on facebook . After that I find a great and very great and good person. Now he is my friend because of steemit. Thank you @wajahatsardar for support me.
 What I discover on steemit steemit and still my efforts is continue until I get my aim

  1. I discovered lots of good people here. Huge and great talented people here. Every kind even here is I found the persons whose belongs to different profession. Steemit is not a earning platform also it is learning platform .here you can find everything belongs every profession people
  2. Here is I discovered a good People those who organizing a contest for newbie like @artz @czechglobalhosts @juliank they all are doing good work for newbie . I will start by recognizing @runicar, the great brain behind this contest. Another person I would love to recognize here is @surpassinggoogle, a man who has great love for minnows and has devoted his time and effort to making sure minnows thrive on steemit like any other person.

 How I have value for the steemit community

I m a common person and led a very simple life. I don’t have any ego . I have very soft heart . I can understand the pain of others. hahahha even I have soft I can weep on any sad song. Even in song or film people acted for a money and weep whenever I saw emotional songs I started weeping and crying
Anyway I have value this community because I m very friendly. I thought if I got permanent voting power I will definitely helps newbie’s. I want to support newbie and want to save them from disappointing. Also I m a good chef and I will share with you all my cooking’s recipes. Yummy recipes for you


 You can get the better on steemit by making Social Bank if you have social bank you have everything
What is social bank ? how it work for? What is the purpose of it? Answer is that social bank Is your tongue how you can use the tongue for your achievements. I think the person who use their tongue with sweetly and engage with others with good behavior this kind of person cannot fails in his life . do good have good . keep humanity . Understand the pains of others. don’t harm others by your tongue . I think tongue has poisons and sweetness as well. if you use poison then you will lose everything either you have million then even your own relatives not sincere with you . if you have sweet tongue and engage with people with good manners then you will never be loser in future . make your social bank with the best behaviors and good language . don’t hurt anybody . ifyou want earn money the best formula of earning is sweetness on steemit .comments on others post with good behavior don’t ask for upvote
Just make a best comment then you will see a result. Talk with sweetness. i m a class mate of sir dave he and me joined in a same month he is very senior as compare to me in age and in experience but they help me lot we talk like a classmates @davemccoy this is because of their sweet nature if you have good nature then you have everything

                                       Value of  money 

According to me value of money is not greater then a humanity. if you earn money you spend it and the money have ending but the humanity have no ending if you help a person . This person remembers you in all their life till the end. Please give values to humans. Share love each other. Helps the needy and poor. Give values to elders don’t tease them because they are pernicious to us. If we have an elder generation then we have gold take ideas from them. Help newer on steemit and help them guide them it’s my humble request from you all

steemit change my life my writing skill my thinking my living style thank you steemit for the being part of my life
Thank you @runicar for this great opportunity to pour out my heart this much, I really do appreciate. Keep up the good work. for giving me such a great chance for improvement . i m happy to participate in this contest . thank you very much

• Why I deserve winner
Being the part of this community everyone here is winner. Everyone here is doing best but I made a good content posts . I m doing my best for steemit . I write a blog very hardworking either I m a newer
If you want you can check my blog top number 5 posts


stay connected
stay bless , follow me , love for steemit
thank you to all

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I am beyond happy to see you measuring the height of your success, here on Steemit.

Ever since you have been here, I have been marking your efforts on Steem Blockchain. Besides that, it is also commendable on your part to invite your other friends to Steemit.

As you mentioned that steemit is more of learning and not just earning, it actually captures the essence of us, steemians here.
Since you have been grateful to me, I must mention that more than me it is your efforts that got you flying colors. You have actually prioritized the needed assistance to Steemit.
You seem to be a paradigm proving that...

"Thing which matters most, must never be at the mercy of things that matters least."

I wish you eternal Success for your upcoming Steemit Journey, you are definitely gonna draw miracles here.

Keep in touch !!

PS : Before getting connected to you, I had no idea that I being an Indian could befriend a Pakistani girl like you, but you changed my perspective and made me befriend you. I feel Fortunate to get in your good books & I assure you that you can contact me whenever you feel down or you are in neef of any sort of help, just remember Prem & I will be here.

|| Stay Connected ||

                  ** Happy Steeming !! **

Ohh thank you broo . Thank you v much i m happy u commented on my post . I was nothing when i never met . Thank you for being the part of my life as a bro . You helps me lot i will never forget . You are such a nice person . Thanks for your kind words for me . Thanks for appreciate me
Stay bless
Keep in touch

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Thank you

Nice food thanks for sharing keep it up

Thank you dear keep in touch

This is the best post in Steemit..🔥🔥🔥 upvote :(

Ooh thank you thanks for your kind words
Keep in touch

Great post! Welcome to steemit family :)

Thank you . Keep in touch

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Hi @annie32 We share the same feeling about spending time in steemit and its more fun here... And, since I am newbie here, I am excited to redeem my rewards and spend with helping people around me... I am excited ^_^

First welcome to you on steemit your kind words is very important for me hope we will spend good time here together
Thank you
Stay connected

Nice @annie32, I can feel you if you say this words I'm addicted to steemit. Check this one but do not upvote its already 11 days old just listen to my song click I FOUND YOU STEEMIT by @g10a

Thank you sir for correcting me .thank you so much i always need your guidelines

woahoo hey Annie ... The BRAYNI looks awesome ..

Thank you 🙂🙂🙂🙂☺

Hello Annie!! Nice to have you! You will be great here!
I can see you know what you want; this is a good think!
Stay blessed and keep on!
Hugs from Romania

Thank you
Keep in touch

Sure! You can write me if you need anything!
Also, You're very welcome! I'm glad you are a girl with perspective :)

good work annie i really appricate you

hey @annie32 i hope that you will going have a nice journey on steemit. or jhot kam likha karo

Hehehe chora mat kroo ...thank you

Realy nice, even me i spent a lot of time on steemit, and im so glad that i found steemit in my life, aside from having plenty of friends. They are helping people with open arms. Im a proud member here in steemit.

Thank you sister

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Welcome @annie32 to Steemit! Great introduction and thanks for sharing. I added and followed you on Steemit, will be awesome if you check out my contents and follow me as well, and hope we can stay connected and support each other~ :)!

o my goodness thank you very much and i will defiantly check your posts becoz we are friendz keep on touch

Thanks @annie32 haha...looking forward to your upcoming posts!

It seems you are doing great work.. I am also a programmer and an experienced one.. :) ... I may help you in programming.. :)

Great to know sir i just saw your fb id you are my uni fellow also

That's good.... Well that was a long time ago.. BTW in which university are you studying?? PU or VU?? and now I have about 8 years of working experience.. :)


I want to gain some information about your contest

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

sure you may join our discord channel.. The discord address is given in the post about contest...

Xongrats Annie! Hope you'll win. We are still proud of you if you fail but never give up! Xoxo

thank you mam