Minnow of The Week # 1 | Who is @valerie15 and why should you care?

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When I saw someone in our group in #steemitachievers post Minnow of The Week Contest #1 Searching for Undervalued Minnows! by @runicar

I remember when I was starting @ediah nominated me for such a contest and it helped me when I was struggling for exposure and upvotes. I could use the votes honestly and some more exposure but I would rather nominate and focus the spotlight on someone else just like what she did to me. Sort of a pay-it-forward thinking.

I have always believed that Steemit is a gifteconomy that rewards people for good content and forging relationships. When you turn your followers to engagers it is a beautiful thing as they enrich the discussion and respond to your message. It creates meaningful interaction that further retains people to stay and create in Steemit.

I am an engager of some of the people that I follow in Steemit and I would like to highlight a person who has written some pretty good entries and she just started!



According to her awesome introductory post which you can read in this link

Behind my username @valerie15 is a dreamer, a writer , risk taker and a young woman from the Philippines. Close friends refer to me as "Val" so feel free to use such when interacting with me.

I am a government employee during daytime, a law student at night and a freelance writer during my free time. Pretty occupied, huh? Well, for someone who has a dream, the word rest doesn't exist. It's a matter of learning how to manage one's time and finding joy in everything that you do. Passion is one of the many secrets in life that will prevent you from feeling like everything that you do is a chore that you need to complete. So, make sure that whatever you do, you find joy and happiness doing it.

I have interacted with her a couple of times in both @steemitfamilyph and in #steemitachievers and even answered a question or two about Steemit to help her out.



Then she dropped this bomb on me Owning My Disabilities and Flaws: A Liberating Confession

It was one of the most emotionally raw things that I have read in Steemit and had left me feeling for her and wanting to give her a virtual hug and say that the world is bigger and she has so much to offer.

I was so ashamed when I read about posts of people who managed to share their whole life story in Steemit without any lies. These people gave me a glimpse of their lives without any conditions and I wasn’t giving them the same thing. HONESTY.

So, I am putting this for all the members of Steemit to know who I really am. I know this should have been included in my introduction post but forgive me for finding my courage at a later time.

I am doing this for myself too. Finally, I can be liberated from the world’s hold of my true identity and worth.



Another brilliant piece that she wrote is To the Person Whose Full Upvote Costs $0.001 This is For You

She may have just started but the insights and sense of community she shows is a lot higher as she enriches the community with her content and connection. What more if she has a bigger reach.

All in all, Steemit is an interactive platform where everyone should push each other to be better in their chosen game. So, always encourage people. Tell them the best ways to improve themselves. Talk to each other. Afterall, Steemit wants us to be interactive.



She has another awesome article in 5 Tips That Will Help You Last In Steemit

Treat this opportunity as a learning experience through meeting new people, reading their works and contributing to their entire success. Your Steemit experience should not be an all about money venture for you.
Build genuine friendship with the people in the platform. Know more about their culture while you introduce yours to them. This way, we do not only make new friends but we are bridging cultural differences through deeper and mutual understanding. We will be able to address the issues of racism and gender inequality if we do this. With this, we can finally say that Steemit truly makes this world a better place to live in.

So she posts high quality articles that aim to inform, invoke wanderlust and emotions. She also shares tips to new people like her to make them adjust to Steemit well. A lot of us stumbled and really did not have any direction when we first started writing in Steemit unless you are already a professional blogger or content writer.

The pieces she writes about are things that matter to her and she is not swept by what is trending or whatever else is doing. She is her own woman.


She is a minnow how just started who deserve to win this contest so that she can continue to write things that she cares about, help the community to grow and create better content and have deeper bonds with the humans in Steemit.

Lend her your reach so that she can spread her words. Give her your upvotes so that she can grow fast and be well respected in the community where Reputation points and Vote Value is always looked at. Become one of her engagers and make her feel she matters. Care about her and make her feel she belongs


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WHAT a fabulous idea!! I love the pay it forward attitude from people on steemit and this is an amazing way to help new steemians; because we all know... that was once us.

I wish more people would do things like this. @valerie15 is lucky to have you in her (steemit) life!

I'm lucky to be an engager of hers and see wonderful posts from her!

Thank you for appreciating what I do. I believe that Steemit is a gifteconomy and a pay-it-forward attitude works well. I love seeing people grow and become better individuals and writing awesome stuff.

Giving new people exposure will give them a better chance of earning some votes. If they manage to get 1 SBD everyday for a month they already earned the minimum wage here in the Philippines so its a huge thing to get them involved, create good posts and retain them by supporting their hard work.

Congrats Val galingan mo pa girl xx

Congrats po!

I have read her works and it is indeed amazing. 💜

I would like to strongly second the motion to this nomination. She's an undervalued author of great posts. Her talent and potentials are beyond exceptional. If she gets the attention and the sp delegation I am sure she would be able to showcase her potential by earning the attention of big fishes. But to do so, she would need a little boost, and I believe this opportunity is more than just a "little".


She is really a great woman! She deserves our nomination. I support this pretty lady @valerie15. Stay beautiful in and out. Godbless🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I just saw this today! I swear I didn't see this the past few days and I am so ashamed of myself. Awwweee! @maverickinvictus, thank you so much!!!

To everyone, thank you all for the encouragement and support!

lol it's fine you know that I will always be there to support you and your writing.