My psychedelic drawings - Chicken #23 (+ process)

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Some of you where asking me how I create my psychedelic drawings. Here is my newest drawing and how it developed.

The first step is to draw the basic shape of my motive with pencil. Do not put to much pressure for you want to rubb it away later and it might not be possible if you are not careful.

The second thing I do is to draw the outlines with a fineliner of 1mm and erase the pencil lines. Depending on the motive the first two steps take me 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The third step is to fill the drawing with all kinds of patterns with a fineliner of 01 mm strenght. This takes some hours. With time you develop a feeling for which patterns fit where. For example if you have an animal with dark eyes like a lion it makes sence to draw the area around the eye in a light shade so the light part of the eye shines more.

Today I wanted to try something new. I did not like the patterns I drew on the beak so much so I decided to paint it black and draw some while patterns on top. How do you like this mixture of black on white and white on black?

Then I add some colours using photoshop.

Then I upload the drawing in different colours to and choose the animation speed.

More drawings of this series:

Frog & axolotl
Tiger & elefant
Pig & camel
Duck & shoebill

Lots of Light and Love <3


I prefer the black n white. The strobo light chiken is to much for my eyes but still an intresting aproach!
Good job! Im folowing cause i want to see more and upvoted for the unique art😊.
Keep walking!

Haha yeah i liked the black and white as well but thought the color one might give me a siezure.

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Keep up the good work!

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I think I like this one the most so far. It's not as complex as the other ones, I really enjoy that. The others are great too, but this one resonates the most.

Interesting :) Maybe it has to do with the new style I added... Thankk you for your feedback I will try out more with this style :)

Nice picture! In my opinion it looks like it has a lot of self-confidence :)
Boss-chicken in da house ;-)

Haha nice comment :D You made me laugh ^^ Thank you for your support ;)

good efforts nice job.

bork bork bork we the chicken giirls :)

Step by step. Nice. Resteemed :-)

The black and white one is neeeeeat !

Do you sell pictures also ? I could use something for a T-shirt , followed, upvoted and resteemed !

Thank you :) I already made one online offer of a shirt with one of my drawings.

At the moment I am creating another online shop for fashion with my works. It will take some time still but I will let you know when it is finished. You can buy the artworks but that does not imply the right to copy and print them on shirts. If you wish to have this motive on a shirt in black and white I will add a black and white version to my shop :)

Well, the first chicken that scares me a little :-) Thanks for the insight and keep up your nice work!

Thanks for your support ;D Don't be scared ;) It is a friendly chicken ;)

If you say so.. ;-)

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Thank you very much for your support <3 <3 <3

That's amazing! Sounds like a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it! I will try it for sure :) Great idea, which you had to put it into photoshop and create an awesome animation out of it!

Thank you :) Please send me a link to your work if you share it on steemit :) I will follow you but I don't want to miss it in case I am not online for a day or so :)

Yeah! I will ;) Thank you for the invitation ;)

Thank you ;) Feel fantastic ;)))
My emotions after all your posts about animals - soooo high ;)))

Thank you very much for your support :) It makes me happy to hear ou ennjoy my works so much :)

Yes, yes, yes ;))) Have a great day my lovely artist ;)))

Thanks for including an insight into your process for making these images, I love seeing how somebody goes about creating their art.

That chicken looks kind of angry. I like it.

Thank oyu for your support :) I am happy you enjoyed seeing the process :) I think the chicken looked angry in the first drawing but with her psychedelic cover I find her more funny and funky :D

True, haha.

This cock from the Family guy))))

Oh wow! This is awesome! :D The final psy version looks very cool! :D Just need some psy music in the background haha!

The detail is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Cheers :)

I think I just had an acid flashback!

Note: if you don't understand this expression please let me know. I'll explain the meaning. ❤

so beautiful psychedelic chicken!!!

Thank you very much <3

Whoa, your artwork is great. Looking forward to seeing quite a bit more!

Thank you very much for your support ;) I am happy to see you enjoy my work ;)

so sick! great job haha that gif fuks with my head tho xD

Haha :D That can happen easiely with gif :D Happy you enjoyed ^^

That must've take you ages. He's a really funky chicken, thanks for sharing.

Well it took me about 7 hours I would guess. Thank you for your nice comment :)

Soooooooo niceee. Iove it <3
Steemit is made for your creativity !

A french steemer.

Thank you very much ) I am happy to be part of this great community :)

Nice work!
Very cool design.
Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you ;) I am happy you enjoy my work so much <3

Beautiful work, kids can learn. Keep it up.

Thank you ^^ I will ;)

Its so fantastic , thank you so much for this great post

Cheers :) I am happy to hear you enjoy it :)

thank you for sharing amazing content
if you like travel & cryptocurrency feel free to check out my account

Thank you :) I did and gave you an upvote for your latest post :) Looks like a beautiful place :)

It's weird you didn't add a red or yellow hue in there. Love it either way.

very creative, love it so much its awesome :)

they are just amazing please tell how this can be made easily

Thank you :) There is a detailed description in the post :) What else do you want to know?

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That is pretty freaky and super cool.

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