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Hi there STEEM minnows and dolphins!

The dropAhead Curation Team wants to acknowledge everyone participating in this project! If you ever upvoted or resteemed one of our posts or comments, then please receive our warm regards for helping us build up great things!

While there is a lot of people to acknowledge! I would like to highlight a few that may represent all of our collaborators.

First mention: @mandolincarls

This guy is a great motivation for the team. He reach out to us and offered help, volunteering to help us moderate our channels. He earned full moderator status for #25_Votes_Plus a few days ago! You'll find that @mandolincarls is writing and recording videos about music, and he recently managed to buy a new mandolin for his band, funded with STEEM! This man deserves more upvotes and follows for his great work, go and support him!

Second mention: The unknown funder

Along with the extra capital raised by our team, we got an unknown contributor who kindly delegated 325.00 STEEM POWER to the cause! Allowing us to upvote way more minnows. We hope this motivates more people to do the same, since we not only want to upvote more minnows but to reward them with higher earning!

Third mention: @vegetarianbaker, @bottymcbotface, @ahsansaeed and @fahmidamti

They have donated both STEEM and SDB, willing to join our channels but we don't have a fee yet! They don't asked the money back, they wanted to contribute their hard earned crypto to this project, which means A LOT to us and this only encourages us to keep working for all the hardworking minnows and dolphins!

Next step: Voting Infrastructure and Weekly Lotto!

We are getting more minnows asking for support everyday and we can't handle all requests manually. We are urged to automate a big portion of our operations so that we can escalate our services. Such infrastructure is costly so we need to raise funds. Time for lotto! We are releasing a weekly lotto that will help us raise funds and to reward a random minnow with some delegated STEEM POWER. Yup, we don't want to give free fish to people, since our mission is to support their growth as much as we can!

There will be more details about the dropAhead Lotto in an specific post, so stay tunned ;)

dropAhead for Witness! and other ways to help

We get more and more people joining our channels: #25_Votes_Plus, #50_Votes_Plus, #100_Votes_Plus and #200_Votes_Plus, but our STEEM POWER is still very limited and although we want to upvote every legit post, we can't. Hopefully there are ways for you to help us raise more STEEM POWER for this project:

Earnings are converted into STEEM POWER. Own comments are voted by the curation trail for speeding up capital growth. We hope that some day we'll have enough capital to run an STEEM node for becoming a witness!

Keep steeming and support us, hard working minnows need your help!

That's all folks!


woo go @dropahead
Its a great service you provide and am sure have helped many's a minnow and dolphin achieve greatness!

how can i join you dear

Hi, have you joined our discord chat server already? Please join there and send mi a direct message:

Thank you! :-)

very good post

Nice post
Plz Follow me and upvote my post

Very good post

Upvote and resteemed!!

💯 % upvote by @detlev

Will join the trail as well! Great 👍 team !

@dropahead Just dropping by to say a big thank you for all the help :)

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