My psychedelic drawings - Rhino #22

in art •  2 years ago

I am happ to share another fineliner drawing with you. I hope you enjoy it and the gif editing I created with it using photoshop. Next time I will make photos of the process of drawing.

More drawings of this series:

Frog & axolotl
Tiger & elefant
Pig & camel
Duck & shoebill

Lots of Light and Love <3

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AWESOME!!!!!!! Yoganarchista <3 ^ ^


Thank you ;) That gif made me smile ;)


You´re awesome <3

Dude, this is so impressive! Congrats, you have a lot of talent


Thanks a lot for your nice comment :)

I really love it:) The lion is also great. Which fineliner do you use? Do you scan the drawing afterwards? Let me know.
Saw your post on #welovesteemit


Thank you :) I use staedler 0,1 mm and 1 mm. They are the first fineliners I had that are really great to work with. I take fotos with my camera of the pictures. That is why the drawing does not have the same sharpness all over the picture. I think it is still fine :)

Beautiful and with so much detail packed in.


Thank you <3

Wonderful animal, such a uniq one. Great drawing with such a incredible details my friend :)) Have a great day ;) Up :))


Thank you very much for your support :) I am happy you like it :)


You are so welcome. Your drawing open my mind for details in my photography. So I like it a lot ;))))

You, my friend, have lots a of patience.


WIth drawing yes... other things - not so much :D

Nice. Would you mind if I download this and your previous goat one to add some colours and then glitch them?

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Your art is very trippy and spectacular. I can't wait to see any future drawings!

I love this! Rhinos are one of my favorite animals ^_^

So cool! I like how the rhino's attitude is a calm type of strength. Doesn't seem aggressive, just majestically powerful :D

Jeesh, I'm digging your artwork. The detail is superb. I can see this wild animal series as a coloring book–they're back in style you know. Your work inspires me. I resteemed.

AMmmmmazing!! 100% upvoted and resteemed! I reall wish you massive success with your drawings and am so inspired by them! I will try some of my own one day!