Draw it Again Challenge #2 !

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For another #drawitagain challenge! Ooooohh~ yeah!

But first things first: HUMONGOUS thank youuu~~~ to the awesome @artwatch for the generous sponsoring of 5 SBD prize money for this challenge. ♡

You fricking rock.

Her posts and art do too btw; I rarely come across someone who is so candid in their writing on steemit and it's extremely refreshing on a platform that has a rather large amount of fake nicey-niceness going on, so I really encourage you to go check her out.


What This Challenge is About~

Basically, you grab an old drawing/piece of art, minimum a year old but the older the better (because fun! ) and redo the thing with your current skillset.

The aim here is to show yourself how far you've come in the years since and to marvel at the hilarity of what you once thought was a "decent drawing".
hee hee~~

by @oreille-pointue

by @katalinaooma

Any medium (traditional or digital) and subject (characters, landscapes, still life etc) is welcome as long as it's some sort of visual art.


I have to exclude photography in this because I don't feel like I have the expertise to accurately judge a bettering in skills, and I'd really only like to include things here that fall under the arts and crafts category. things you create with your hands.

But anything, like, say... Sculpture, and paper cutout art, collages, screen prints, origami, wood cutting, knitting, crochet, fimo etc, etc. is included in arts and crafts as per my subjective definition. I'm fairly confident I could reasonably well tell a difference in skill in all of those. Though I doubt there'll be many sculptors, wood cutters and knitters participating because time consuming much?

That also includes btw: 3D sculpting, modeling and texturing. (Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, Blender, 3DsMax, etc, etc) I work in the 3D industry so I do "know my shit" in 3D as well as in the more traditional Arts, in case we have some 3D Artists hanging around who'd like to participate. ♡

But I digress...
The most important thing of all is:


Check out the last challenge results for more amazing examples!


Ze Rules in a Nutshell~

  • Upvote and Resteem ♡
    This is NOT MANDATORY since that is considered abuse my steemit, but it would be greatly appreciated because: The more resteems - the more potential participants - the more fun - the more potential upvotes - the more likelihood of an increased prize pool for the next challenge. It's an allaround win-win situation if you ask me. ;D
  • Pick an old piece of art - minimum 1 year old, but preferably older & re-do it.
    The older the better. More fun this way and the visible progress will be much greater.
  • make a post with your revived piece of art
    Tipp: Add the backstory, if there is one. I always enjoy reading those and it makes people "connect" more with your Art.
  • You can adapt pose, certain design elements, colour and composition etc to fit your needs but it HAS to be recognisable as a "new version of an older piece"
    For example if you're doing a character, and your style has changed so drastically that they may not be recognisable from the face alone, make sure that some other elements like expression, pose, clothes and/or composition stay similar to the original.
  • The post HAS to include the old drawing as well as the new!
    Otherwise, how are we gonna compare?
  • Please date the pieces!
    If you don't have the exact date of your old work, give an approximation. We want to know how much time has passed :D
  • The updated piece must be from within the last month.
    Maximum 30 days-ish back from the date of this post - which is the 13th of March 2018.
    It kind of defeats the point if your re-do is also like a year old.
  • Fanart is fine as long as labeled as such, any medium is acceptable as long as it's "Arts and craftsy"
    Read above paragraph for details on mediums
  • Use #drawitagain as one of your tags
    Does not have to be the first one.
  • Add a comment here with a link to your post and a thumbnail of your work.
    If you don't know how to put a thumbnail into a comment: Just drag and drop your image file, like you would in a post. ;)
  • Deadline is payout of this post.
    You can check how much time is left if you go here, scroll down and look at the "posts" tab in the content rewards.

That's all folks!


Ze Prizeezz

1st Place - 5 SBD
2nd Place - 2 SBD
3rd Place - 1 SBD


This post would be getting too long if I included my own DrawItAgain, so I'll be sharing it in the next post and link it here retroactively ;)
It's a fun one from a pretty defining period of my life, two Original Characters I created to fit into the Dragonball Z universe. good times~
I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I still do, after all these years.

And here it is: Draw it Again #2 - my Dragonball Z OCs: Neori & Neopheli

Steem on my lovelieeeess~~! ♡ ♡ ♡
Till the next time.



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Been waiting for this next challenge @jillustrations. like the first drawitagain any old drawings right? I'll join again :)

aaah it is back ! very nice and exciting <3 good luck everyone !!!

It's great that this challenge is back! ^.^
It was such fun to be part of the previous one. Good luck to all contestants! ^.^

Have a great weekend! 😊


Hello Huslein! thank you for your wonderful entry! :D <3


Hi. You're welcome I hope you like my work

i waited for the second one! and! i dont have the time!

will you make one after that? please?

also sorry if i sound pretentious, but could you please check out my latest drawing? i like it quite a lot and i reeeeally want a bit more attention
thanks :D

How did I miss this contest -again-?! I didn't even realize this was happening. XD Next time for sure!


Hey! thank you so much for participating! this is a sick entry. love it

Hello there this my entry, and also this is my first join on your contest.i hope you like it.


Heya! thanks for participating! <3

Here´s my entry. I hope I´m still on time. The system won´t let me upvote the post, I don´t know why, I´ll keep trying.


no worries, the upvote isn't mandatory. ;)
Thank you for participating, and don'r worry, I think you were still on time! ;D

Congrats!! I hope soon enough I may be able to do this challenge without any regrets, hehe


well, I'll be looking forward to it!