Draw It Again #2 - March 2018

in illustration •  10 months ago

The original drawing I did for the Draw It Again Challenge (hosted by  @jillustrations ) was something I sketched in 2011, right after high school, while I was abroad in Europe. I uploaded it later the next year after I scanned and colored it.

I don't remember much about it besides wanting to draw something cool so YEAH. Sexy Elf girl on a weird wolf like steed...

I didn't want to change the poses when I was reworking it, besides adjusting the legs so they weren't awkward.

The lineart is usually when I add a bunch of details...which is what I did. 

Added colors based on the original piece. I also brought the tails to the front on a suggestion from a friend.

This is how I do my values sometimes. But it's a lot more work so I don't do it very often. (I then put this layer on multiply over the colors.)

And then I added glow stuff. Woooo. 

(And I accidentally used the wrong saved file for the comparison so no glow in the comparison, whooops.)

Thanks for reading!!!

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Thank you for entering my draw it again challenge! WHOOP WHOOP!
I hope to se you back next time hee hee ;D
This was interesting to me because I work pretty similarly with a multilply layer on which I paint mainly in purple for my shadows and a colour dodge or overlay layer for, well, "glowy stuff" as you so accurately put it XD
never thought about doing a whole "value" drawover though...
I shall have to try this.... !
whoohoo! yay for learning new thiinngzzzz! happy dance


thank you! i'm planning on doing this again, so i'm looking forward to the next one!!

2011 you were already ahead of your time. 2018 is simply out of ordinary. Brilliant pieces. Both of them. I know illustration takes time, but my Oliver Twist self wants to see you blog here pretty more often :)


Thank you so much! I'm trying to post more (as well as just MAKE more) so while it likely wont be a weekly thing, I'm trying to get something up on the regular.

Thanks again!

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Its a nice art sir, It inspired me sir :) as a newbie here sir I want to learn here in steemit sir, hope you'll making time reading my post sir, I accept criticism :)


thank you! and good luck here! it does take some work!