Mocafurbs - an animated short film by yours truly & it's Making Of

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Omg guys. This is exciting. why? Because I get to show you my one true love. The thing I love to do the most in this world:


Animation made by me to be specific. Featuring some pretty annoyingly adorable cat creatures, and a little girl who meets an unexpected playmate.

I created this shortfilm during my Classical Animation year at Vancouver Film School back in 2012-13. Although it is a bit dated by now, and student work to boot, this little film will probably always have a special place in my heart.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it ~♡

Why it is special

It was the first time that I learned what I was capable of, in an intense 12 months at VFS. It was the year I learned just how much I love this medium, the year I became sure that I was meant for this industry and that I will quite happily spend the rest of my life animating and telling stories. The year I truly found my place in the world.

It is also the only real traditionally animated project I have, because I later specialised in 3D animation, as the jobs in 2D, unfortunately, are a bit sparse at the moment.
But since I will always remain a 2D girl at heart, this project is precious to me.
I also think it still holds up, despite me having a lot more animation experience now.

The little critters too, the Mocafurbs hold a special significance in my life. I even have one tattooed haha.

What the hell are "Mocafurbs"?!

Mocafurbs, in case you are curious, actually stands for Monster Cat Fur Balls, which, essentially, is what they are: Balls of fur with feline features and personality traits (that's also where the "monster" in the name comes from XD ).

I created the little devils a long time ago, very randomly. I was doodling for a mural I was commissioned to do at the time (a commission that ended up falling through, ironically). The person wanted a fun, monster themed wall in her garden, so I was doodling little monsters in my sketchbook, and BAM, out of nowhere, these little beasties appeared.

I've been drawing them ever since, and they somewhat became my mascots as well as a symbol for my artistic ambitions in life.

I love them, and they're my staple doodle when signing a card or anything like that. Sort of like my trademark. I should really start drawing them more again, they really deserve some art of their own. (Also, they're actually hilarious. constantly up to some type of mischief.)

Here's a little line drawing of them all piled up on branches of their home-tree.


Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing more of the little critters. ;)

Tools of the trade - how was it done?

Mocafurbs is a traditionally animated (also called 2D animation or classical animation) film.
This means that everything you see on screen has been hand drawn with pencil on paper, on an animation desk. In other words the old-school way.

Like this:


even working at home~ :P

The all important persistence of vision

To understand how traditional animation is done, you need to understand what persistence of vision is.

It's very simple really. Persistence of vision, in non-scientific terms, is the phenomenon which makes your brain pick up a bunch of individual images and interpret them as movement instead of single images, because they flash by too fast to separate.

One of the oldest and most famous examples are the famous Muybridge photographs. The guy was fascinated by things in motion and he set out to answer the age old question of whether or not a horse in gallop ever leaves the ground with all four hooves. (spoiler: it does)
He set up a row of cameras along a track which would go off one after the other to capture every part of the movement while a jockey galloped by with his trusty steed.

This experiment had an unintended side effect.
It was one of the accidental discoveries that led to the invention of Film.

Think about it, what is the slightly old-timey name for movies?

Motion Pictures.
Pictures in Motion.

In fact, don't you think movie sounds a hell of a lot like a cutsey abbreviation of moving pictures? ;)

That is what persistence of vision is. It's what makes our brain take one of the (awesome) Muybridge photograph sequences:

Image source. this is also where you can read more about the debate concerning the gallop of a horse

And, when displayed very fast one after the other and looped, see this instead:


Gif source. Eadweard Muybridge Wikipedia page

How cool is that??!

It's basically your brain going "f * ck no. Can't process this sh * t, buddy. Here, have a muddled version instead."

Kinda hilarious if you think about it. One of the most beloved things in pretty much everybody's lives: film and television (and anything that moves on a screen basically, so your fancy new app and your beloved cat Gifs are included in this) only exists because we've learned to exploit the inaccuracy of our internal information processor: the brain.

How this applies to 2D animation

Traditional 2D animation (and really any film at all) works exactly the same. It's essentially a bunch of images displayed very fast one after the other to create the illusion of motion.

This means a hell of a lot of drawing. Check out the size of 2 of my longest scenes:

IMG_3432smll.jpg IMG_3601smll.jpg

That, in turn, means hard-core dedication, the need to really love what you're doing, and an iron will to fight through this kind of crap:

!IMG_3604smll.jpg IMG_2685smll.jpg

Oh, and did I mention sleep deprivation?


And days where you be like:

how am I ever gonna make it?

But if you love it, truly love it, you power through and you end up surprising yourself.

So what happens with all those drawings?

Simply put, everything gets scanned in, including the backgrounds, then it's coloured and the single scenes put together in a compositing software.

It's all a tad more complicated than that of course, but let's leave the in depth explanations for another time. this post is already wayyyy longer than initially planned XD XD

colouring one of the scene backgrounds in good old trusty photoshop

to the left, a "compositing tree" in ToonBoom Harmony. Told ya it's a tad more complicated :P

After that, the different scenes get exported again as image sequences (again, those moving pictures) and put into an editing software, where everything gets edited together.

Then music and Sound Design is added: We were lucky enough to have an in-house Sound Designer at VFS who was very good at his job.
Also, random fun fact: I voiced the Mocafurbs and Penny, the little girl ;D

When all of that and more is finally done, it gets exported into a movie file, and voilà, a short film is born!

Alrighty folks, I hope you enjoyed this slightly lengthier than planned post and sneak peak into how a 2D short film is made.

I would super appreciate a little comment on whether or not you enjoyed this post, if the length was ok or too much, and if you would be interested in a slightly more in-depth view of the different stages of "the making of a short film" perhaps.

Any feedback is more than welcome and appreciated.

I shall leave you with some photos of what a 2D animation workstation looks like ;)

IMG_3496_2smll.jpg IMG_3714_2smll.jpg

until the next time.
Rock on.


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Hi @jillustrations I loved this post so much! Mocafurbs are adurble, totally adurbs, I have all the lurb for them. I think of 2d hand drawn animation as a dying art so really cool to see it still being taught and practiced (yeah yeah I know you said you can't find work in 2d animation, end up doing 3d, but just that you did this at all, even for school, is so cool!). I loved seeing the glimpses at the behind-the-scenes work that goes into even a short 2d hand drawn animation like this. So impressive. You are also a terrific writer and the post was put together so nicely.

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You can check out the previous week's Author Showcase to get an idea of what we are doing with these posts.

Thanks again for the amazing post!

Cheers - Carl (@curie curator)


Oh my gosh, thank you so much!
This really means a lot to me, as my main goal on steemit is to bring animation a bit more into the spotlight and hopefully get people interested in the thing I love most in the world by writing informing, educational and hopefully interesting articles about this modern artform. ♡
Yes 2D isn't very mainstream anymore, and it's tough to get a job in it at the moment, but it's very far from dead! (hmmm.. another post idea perhaps? haha)

And.. just... wow. thank you so much. I'm very critical of my writing (and my art XD ) so to hear that my writing is good is butter for my ego :P

I would absolutely love to be featured in one of your Authors showcases, I just had a brief look at your link and I'm truly honoured that you feel my post is worth including. These are some seriously top knotch posts. (I know what I'll be doing all day tomorrow... checking out all the awesomeness ♡ )
Please feel fee to quote/include anything you like.

I'll also drop you a line on Discord.

BIG FAT THANK YOUUU~~~ once more! ♡


You make us #steemit-austria “Gang” so proud Jill!!!
This is one of the best articles, I have ever seen on steemit and This since June 2016!
Go Girl!
I fell in love with those furry balls 🌷
Wirklich toll und außergewöhnlich, was Du da machst.


aweeeeeee Thank you @mammasitta ♡ ♡ ♡
That is high praise indeed!
I shall strive my best to keep more good content coming! ;D Though I don't have that much more animation in store haha bit of a time consuming art after all.
vielen, vielen dank, schaun wir mal ob ich nicht Österreichs erste richtig berühmte animatorin werde hahahaa das ist jedenfalls der traum.
also nicht "berühmt" unbedingt aber Disney-Pixar ist das ziel! ;D Und soweit ich weiß gibt's da noch keinen Österreicher :P


Funny #writing -- like when u replied, " to hear that my writing is good is butter for my ego". Ha !

Never heard that one before. GOOD LUCK with the Authors showcase -- and CHECK Out my reply (BELOW), as I answered 2 of yr Feedback requests



Hahaha I believe that's probably because it's a direct translation of a phrase I say in German XD I am not a native speaker after all, and borrow from German quite often. :P
And thank you~~! ♡


WOOHOOOOO! * bounces and runs to check it out *
.... ..... .....
I love it ♡ Thanks so much again! :D


actually, I'm afraid I can't find you on Discord for some reason :/
I'm a bit of a noob with that too, do I have to be on a certain server to find you?
my Discord name is also @Jillustrations

I just wanted to have a brief chat about what sort of statement from me you'd be looking for exactly. :)

thank you~


Huh. I can't seem to find you either :( I honestly have no idea if there are different instances of Discord on different servers, but previously any time someone had said to find them on Discord I could just start typing the username in the direct message search and it would pop up, but I am not seeing a @Jillustrations. Feel free to email me, same username as here with ye olde gmail appended.


@jillustrations & @carlgnash. For discord, u need to include the ID number as well.
For example : @zord189#7776


Thanks @zord189 we are in touch now :) cheers - Carl


very well deserved!!!!

I kinda like your "little devils" .. I imagine this is quite fun for you ♦♦ Your Love ♥ for your #ART really comes through.

What a wonderful #Animation short ! Watched it all the way through, and appreciated that it featured Cats e.g.

==> "Yes, I'd be interested in a slightly more in-depth view of the different stages of creation."
As far as Length, well I was glad that you went in DEPTH as to "Persistence of Vision" & the Muybridge photograph sequences !

Found it Noteworthy when you explained that the Single sketches were 'put together' with a compositing software ♦♦ Will check into that.

P.S. - You surely were lucky you found an in-house Sound Designer ! It came out well (Will share this via a Re-steem) - You EARNED it !

☻☻It's nice you got to add yr Voice to the masterpiece, too ♦♦ Kind of like a signature!


sweet, thank you! ♡

I'm glad you liked it. I have a few posts planned of a more in-depth view of how a shortfilm is made, by popular request :D so check back occasionally, there will be something coming within the next month. ;)

Yeah, the School had a resident Sound Designer whcih was super lucky. He was a fricking beast too, because he did ALL the sound design for ALL the student shorts in both classical AND 3D animation. That's an insane amount of work to still keep the quality up. I have a lot f respect for that man.

Thank you so much for the Re-steem ♡
much appreciated!

Have a lovely day!

Wow!... this is so great... an insight story of the animator herself, explaining the process and showing her beautiful animation... Great job @jillustrations!

My animation student will learn a lot from this. Your concept art and character designs are great. Your motion wonderfully applied to Animation principles... and we can feel your passion through your animation.

I'm liking this post very much and will resteem it in my blog!
Thanks for using #steem-cartoon as one of your tag.
Glad to see your post in this community.


Thank you! :D
wow, thank you for showing your animation student! :D
I'm planning further explanatory posts about animation in the future so make sure to check back if you're interested ;)
all the best to you and your student, & thank you so much for the resteem ♡

Yes! I was invited by @zord189 to use the tag :) Thank you for having me ;)

Woooow einfach nur wooow

Ich bin echt hart beeindruckt, nicht nur von dem Ergebnis, also dem Kurzfilm, sonder auch von der Arbeit, der Motivation, der Hingabe, der Kreativität die du da reingesteckt hast.

Auch die Geschichte und Beschreibung der Mocafurbs, wie viel Gedanken du dir dazu gemacht haben musst :3

Ich hab bis jetzt noch nichts resteemt, aber ich muss sagen, das hat es sich echt verdient.

Bitte mehr davon!


aww dankeschööön! ♡
Es is immer voll schön wenn die harte Arbeit, Herzblut und Schweiß , die man in ein Projekt steckt anklang finden ♡ und dann gleich SO VIEL LIIEEBE hihihihi


bitte, du hast es dir verdient!

This is just amazing! Thanks for sharing your making of and thoughts! You did a wonderful job, really love it!


thank you very much! :D

Thanks for the valuable showcase of the animation process, practical reading, pleasant and a beautiful result. This is the kind of stuff that is worth not only being read but also saved in favorites for future reference!!


Oh wow THANK YOU! ~~♡
Oh me gosh, saved into "faves" for future reference! .... 😳
Thank you very much! :D

OMG! Are you kidding me... Mocafurbs are beyond adorable... I almost cried at the point when Penny left the one at the tree... please confirm 2 things for me?

1.That she does have it in her backpack at the end
2.There will be a sequel very soon

and 3) OK, can you confirm 3 things for me

3.I can adopt a Mocafurbs from somewhere?

In all seriousness, brilliant post and I for one would love to see the process broken down into "bite sized" posts :)

Thank you for bringing Mocafurbs into our lives 😻


Nice post. Amazing film. Very creative


thank you! :)

The amount of sacrifices and effort that you put in for your animation without passion, it is impossible to accomplish. It was great the curie noticed it for what your hardwork. All the best and don't let your passion die down as you continue to head for greater success!


Thank you so much @fun2learn!
It definitely means a hell of a lot, getting this recognition from them, and making it possible for me to reach so many people with this film ♡
Definitely haven't lost the fire yet ;D (and it's been 5 ish years since I made this film.. omg. time flies. )
thank you for your well wishes, they're super appreciated ♡

First of all, you created a successful movie. When I watched the film, I remembered the book by Anna Llenas Vocie of Spain. I absolutely recommend reading it :) I wish you continued success. Pinar.


Thank you!
Well I love books, so I'll definitely look into it. Thanks for the recommendation. :D
good luck to you too ♡


oohhhh "El Monstruo de Colores" are super cuuuute! I love it, thank you for showing me. ♡
unfortunately there don't seem to be a lot of english translations of her picture books :(

Hi there Jill! I LOVED THIS POST! you're amazing, and I want, no sorry, NEED one of those cute mocafurbs here with me ♥ They have won me over haha. I am absolutely reesteeming this post, because it surely deserves all the recognition in the world, it's such a beautiful project.
Me personally would love to know more about the stages of making a short film, since I'm studying graphic design and I'm interested in animation.
The post had the perfect lenght, it's really cool that you were able to show us how it's done, even you on your workplace (or home haha).
Thanks! ♥


Hahahaha! awweee thank youu~~~ ♡
I swear to god I need to market those things somehow. And get plushies made or something. You have no idea how many people (women and men, interestingly) go: "OMFG I WANT ONE" when I show them this film hahaha
For now, they're copyrighted. But I haven't had time to really delve into trying to make something more elaborate with them. Hopefully one day soon.. ;D

Cool stuff! I'll think about planning a series of posts on "how to make an animated short film" then.
Hmmm... this will need to be planned well because, depending on the medium, the process differs somewhat... hmmmm... * grey cells working furiously already * XD
Are you interested in a particular medium? (hand drawn, cut out (done with adobe flash or toonboom harmony), 3D?

I'm super happy you enjoyed it and didn't find it too long. I always have trouble keeping it short. I'm a very "wordy" person and when I write something, the trouble is also, during the writing I tend to come up with tangent thoughts and more ideas and then the thing totally blows out of proportion. hahaha
Breaking it up with images and photos helps somewhat though.. XD
I'll only have time for these long ones on weekends though. Took all day to put this together..

GAH! but I'm rambling again!
anywayyys thaaaaaaank youuuu~~~ for reading, commenting, upvoting, resteeming!! ~~~ ♡ ♡
It's suuper duper appreciated! :D

Really love what you're doing @jillustrations! And your short film! Like what @thepaperplane said, ' I NEED that MOCAFURB'. Should seriously merchandise that little fella. Keep up the good posts. :P Looking forward to see more from you.


Thanks a bunch buddy!
I super appreciate your constant support! ♡ ♡
Hahaha will hopefully manage to merchandise the critters some day. but so much woooork~~ nyohmahgawd haha
Will do my best with follow up posts! thank you~~ ♡

An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day ;)


no offence, but I have no idea what the hell you're talking about haha

Awesome work Jill! Love the layouts and designs.


Whoohoo! thank you! :D it was a lot of fun to make :) I got to just let loose on that haha

Very original of you.


thank you! :D

wow, absolut gelungen. Ich mag cartoons und dein video ist super gut.
Man merkt richtig wieviel Spaß dir deine Arbeit macht. :D Sehr schön zu lesen.

Hy I resteem your post and u follow me


don't double post pls.


Sorry brother but I am new I dont know

Wow Jill!
This is such an awesome and supercute animation 😍 Totally worth the hard work and time!

Wonderful to see how you do your work!! Love this whole post!!!
And of course the mocafurbs! How cute!! I WANT ONE!!! 😋

One of the greatest posts I've read here on steemit!
Thank you so much for sharing! :D
Upped and resteemed!


Thank youuu~~~! :D
hahaha yeah I should really merchandise the critters. There seems to be quite a demand for them hahahaha XD
Thank you so much, I'm so happy people like it. ♡ there's a lot of my heart in this post and even more in my film, which took me 6 months to make, so it means super much that this post exploded like this.
no I'm not crying

Make your story by drawing and scenes sequence.
inspiration and motivated, thank you very mush.


My pleasure! And thank you for dropping by. :D

Bam. Na Servas!
Mocafurbs for the win!
I'll let the other people do the speaking for this one because the quality speaks for itself. :)
You deserve it!



thank you~ ♡

Thank you for posting! great stuff and great sound to go along with wonderful animation! Grats especially for finding that elusive joy in the work you do! More animation!


haha thank you very much!
I'll try and post some more things, but animation is very time consuming and this is the longest and most elaborate 2D animation I have, unfortunately. I work in 3D now, so not much time to draw!
But there'll definitely be lots more animation related content coming so keep a lookout ;)

impresionante me gusto demasiado. saludos.


muchas gracias! :D

Amazing! Hard to understand how much work gets put into a project like this until reading such an in depth post, I definitely have a new appreciation for your line of work :)


aw sweet thank you Ali!
That's really awesome to hear because it's one of the things I'm aiming for on steemit. kinda give people a bit of a glimpse into this amazing art form, and just what it really takes to make all those cartoons, animated features, and vfx heavy films that everyone just kind of takes for granted now.
there's insane amount of craftsmanship and skill behind these things and even the "lowliest" cartoon is crazy labour intensive to make a reality.
I hope to give a bit of a glimpse at how all the magic actually happens ;D ♡

Love this so much, those Mocafurbs are so friggin cute!!! <3 <3 <3
Thank you for sharing, not only your fantastic work, but also the process.
Congrats for the 400, you sure as hell deserve it :*


thank you so much @Schlomit
I'm freaking out a little haha but it's pretty awesome!


It sure is <3

Awesome job. The mocafurbs are super cute. The animation looks great.


Thank youu~~! :D

SUPERSTAR Material!!! Bravooooo!!!!


haha whoohoooo!! danke dir! ♡ ♡ ♡

WOOOW just amazing and great! Thanks for sharing 💚


aweee! thank you for appreciating! ;D ♡

Reallyy amazing i enjoy nice vedio


thank you!

Absolutely amazing. You should be incredibly proud of this! Followed and upvoted ya. Very excited to see more from you @jillustrations!


Thank you so much! ♡
and I totally am proud of this film ;D worked my butt off!
Thank you for the follow and upvote!! I hope I'll prove worthy of it ;)

amazing!!!!!!!!so cute


thanks! :D

i'm speechless!!..2d animation at its best!!..i cried watching this..haha..your animation so smooth and really enjoy to watch!!..glad you post this short jill!!..thanks


aww really?! that's such a big compliment! thank you~~ ♡
it's my pleasure sharing it with this awesome community.


hahaha thank you! ♡


I should be thanking you for such an authentic and inspirational post :) This was one of the best posts I have seen.


oh wow! I know I'm repeating myself but thank you! :D
I will do my best to continue writing interesting posts!
Thank you for your support ~ ♡

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


hahaha thank you!

Amazing:) I can feel the love.


thank youuu~~~! That's always so lovely to hear. it's good to know the love comes through! ♡
thank you for taking the time to read (and watch) ;)


No prob :) I’m just a steemit noob trying to get a foot in the door. Take a sec to check my stuff out when you’re free! Until then keep up the great work!

Good job, how much time you spend doing this animation?


thank you!
All in all from design stage to final result it was 6 months

a very nice post. Thank you. I wish you continued success


Thank you very much!
All the best to you too!

Really enjoyed the video. The mocafurbs really did a number on that hurt finger, but it was worth it. Something about the lines on the tree bark looks very whimsical to me.


thank you!
yeah, drawing every day for 8-12 hours will do that to you O_O but then I've always pressed down too hard with my pencil so, really, it's my own damn fault. lol

They are the cutest creatures ever! You need to bring them back somehow!


Thank you!
I believe I will. I can practically hear the crowd roaring "WE WANT MOCAFURBS, WE WANT MOCAFUBS"


haha! Yes!! I'd love to see what happens next in the storyline, you should continue with your passion


heheee thank youuu ~~~! ♡ ♡ ♡

Please keep animating. That was a rad post.


Thank you very much! And no worries about that ;D
I most definitely will keep animating ♡

Hey!!! This is awesome! Cute mocafurbs :D Thanks for sharing the process too! Didn't know it took so much effort to animate 2D... gotta love it!


Thank you!
Yes it is indeed a lot of work. this short took 6 months to make!
And this is just a very rough summary of how it was made too. I might do some more detailed posts on the process of making a shortfilm in the future :)

great post

This is nice. Hope you get more reputation on "Ampliative Art - The Steemit for Artists". Read it more about this here :


thanks, but you do realise that if you keep shamelessly self-promoting on random peoples posts you're eventually going to get down-voted quite heavily by someone with a lot of SP, yes?
Spam and self-promotion is severely frowned upon here. Try and get attention a different way my friend. This does not make me want to try your app...


Hey mate. I dont have to promote this app. And I dont even own this app. And pls correct your word shamelss. I am just giving you another platform where you can publish your article too which is based on design alone. And excuse me that I am also and designer and I know what to promote and what not!


I sincerely apologise for any offence I've given. It's just the wording of your comment resembled a lot of the "self promo comments" that inevitably float around articles which make it past a certain earning point. And when you're going through your replies one by one and come across enough of those, it doesn't take much to trigger that "ugh" feeling.
Now I read it again, knowing what you just told me, it sounds completely different of course but I didn't know that at the time.
Still, I'm very sorry. You meant well, and I misunderstood completely. Many apologies! :(

Amazing! Absolutely amazing works. I'm speechless, I don't know what to say... Clap* Clap* ^^


awww thank you so much! ~~~♡ squeeek

Very cool. :) Would be nice to see a post on the scanning in process and what happens afterwards.


thank you! :)

well the scanning isn't very interesting, it's literally just that: scanning.
though it is a special scanner that scans very quickly, and there's a program being used that automatically arranges the pages in an image sequence and orients them according to the peg holes at the bottom of the paper to make sure everything aligns.
Compositing.. well it's an whole other beast, and I'm not a professional compositor. Essentially what happens is that the backgrounds and animation gets coloured, Background layers & animation layers all get put together "on top of each other", camera moves are added, parallax, if there is any, and effects, if there are any. The sound design is a whole other job that is done by our in-house sound designer and I don't really know much about that.
I am however planning a series of posts that are more in-depth about how animated short films are made. So check back occasionally, it'll come :)


Cool. :) I love animation but I'm not sure I have the patience for it. ;) I really respect those who do, though!


haha no problem, I don't have patience for a LLLOOOOOT of other things. and even with animation I occasionally need someone to kick my behind.
also, we need more animation appreciators than we do animators! ;) otherwise no-one would have a job.... hahaha


Haha, I guess that's true! :D

Those mocafurbs are truly adorable!!!! i love your work! how long did it take you to finish making that video Jill? wow it must feel really great to have found your passion in life! a lot of people dont really get to live their life living their passion! awesome work Jill! keep it up! :)


thank you! :D
from start to finish it took a bit more than 6 months of full time work. 8-12 hours a day, including weekends occasionally, especially toward deadline ;)


wowww! the effort and time you put into making this film! thank you so much for sharing it with us! it was definitely worth it i bet! :)


and my absolute pleasure. films are made to be seen after all ;)

I'm overwhelmed by cuteness!


hahaha XD careful or you'll get buried in a Mocafurb pile. they like doing that. :P

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asakfaghargh~ WOW!! O_O

yep, definitely don't mind getting this kind of information. haha
thank you kindly for giving additional love to my already very petted ego XD ♡

All the best~

This is AMAZING! Resteemed it! As i've always been a fan of 2D animation, i find this really really cool. Wish i could do this!

My problem is that i'm terrible when it comes to finish my drawings :3
I even started a comic, but it's still sitting here with 1 page left to do. Lol


aweeee thank youu~~! ♡

haha I get that too sometimes. but wow 1 page? really? if there's only ONE left you should really finish it! I've started so many comics but never made it even halfway through! haha
yeah it takes a lot of dediaction. I don't know if I could have done it if my teachers hadn't kicked my butt!

this deserve a reward very nice work on the animation and also the music background which really fit with the feel :D . This is just soo great !!


thanks a buch! ♡ :D

I'm just... in love :D ! There is sooo much work behind this, and the result is so nice !
Thank you very much for sharing, and keep goind on. You do very good work !


awww thank you! I'm happy you like it ♡

This is so great and inspiring.

I also create animations using maya, and I will start uploading tutorials of how to create basic animations and movements.

you can check out my very first post @tochai


Thank you!

aw cool! I'll be posting animation tutorials soon as well! ;D Let's teach all of steemit how to animate! whoohoo! * fistpump *


definitely. I tried uploading tutorials since 2 days ago via but its not working.


oh no! that sucks. :/
hmmm maybe head over to the dtube Discord server! I'm sure they can help you out!

Just wow, this is insane! I feel like i am cheating with the animation i am doing, if i can call that an animation after i saw yours. I mean i never went to art school, so i never really learned developing characters, and all the important stuff most artist is building their work on, i am just making stuff, and if it turns out okay i am glad. But this is amazing! I only knew about the story of the horse photgraphs because of one class in my university. But thats it, also back in the day before i had a digital tablet, i basically made a drawing station for myself, because we have some tools at home, so i was kind of able to draw things, but nothing too complex, especially not like yours. Thank you for sharing these. :)


oh don't you dare feel like that!

First of all, I already had a Bachelor in Illustration (so 4 years of art education) when I even started my classical animation course, so I was 24 years old and already an accomplished draftswoman and Illustrator.

Secondly, we spend 6 months prior to starting our short film project taking a ton of animation, character design, background design, Layout, 2D FX animation, story boarding, colour theory, life drawing, animation history, and even even acting and tons of other classes, doing tons of exercises and drawing for 8+ hours a day, every day, sometimes including weekends.

You get decent very fast at that intense schedule.

I totally admire people who fight through it on their own, totally self educating and soldering on without someone behind them kicking their butt, just because they love it! I really think that's amazing!

I would have NEVER been able to pull this off on my own at the time.

so shut up, what you're doing is amazing, even if you don't feel like it reaches some standard or other.
you'll get good if you keep at it and keep learning, learning, learning. ;)

on that note, check back from time to time, I'm planning some educational posts soon, there might be something interesting for you in there somewhere, although I'll be starting them with the assumption that the people who will read it know absolutely nothing about animation, so it might be a bit too basic for you at the start. ;)

but you'll never know :D

keep on rockin!

This is fantastic,... I do claymation with my kids. So much fun.


oh sweet! that's such a cool idea! ♡ I bet they love it. :)
and thanks! ♡

wow great..I would love too


do it! ;)

Amazing post. I hope i can be an animator someday. 😕


Thank you!
Well, I'm sure you can, you just have to start somewhere! ;)
check back from time to time, I'm going to start uploading educational things about animation soon ;)

Thank you for sharing your love to us. It might have been a short video but I truly enjoyed it. Love those mocafurbs, so cute! 😄 I knew it might have taken you a lot of time for this and the work is so much appreciated. Upvoted and followed you for more. 😄


Thank you so much! ~ ♡
It means a lot. This film is very close to my heart :D

Hi! I'm new here. Really need help. Please vote My articles. I vote for yours. They are very good. Thank You!


Hey, I'm new too. In fact, you've been here longer than me judging by the dates on your posts. You also have more followers. So need to beg for attention here.

Just a friendly tip, don't beg for votes and follows on other peoples posts. It's kind of rude...

Just make good content and comment useful things (no vote and follow begging! That's considered spam.), instead make friends with like minded people and they will naturally follow you and vote for you. :)
all the best


Спасибо Вам за совет! Удачи и процветания!


I can't speak or read Russian so I had to google translate that haha
Спасибо! All the best to you too ♡

I so wanna watch this movie now! 💯

I so wanna watch this movie now! 💯

This is amazing post! I did only clay animation experiments and wish I could learn computer animation and computer drawing. May be one day I can do it.


well this was animated on paper, not on the computer. :) it was just scanned in later.
There's lots of cheap and even free drawing programs out there, all you need is a tablet! and you can get one second hand for cheap!
There's also a TON of open source 3D animation software out there, like blender for example! And lot's and lots of tutorials all over youtube to go with it!
All you need to do is start! ;D

Thanky you! and have a lovely day. I hope you start animating soon! :D

I found your short very entertaining. I am glad you decided to share it. Take care.


thank you brent! :D

love cartoons!!


me too! hee hee



Wow, beautiful and incredible hard work behind, thumb up!


Thank you ♥️

Adorable - I really love the traditional 2D animation with the watercolor backgrounds. It has so much more warmth and spirit than the digital stuff.

And three eyed cats! It's like Saturday morning cartoons mixed with Game of Thrones!


Thank you! ~~♡
Well I assume you mean 3D animation with "digital stuff" because the Backgrounds are total fake watercolour and all coloured on the computer! haha I got some watercolour bushes in Photoshop, it would have been much too slow to colour everything in analog unfortunately.


Well they definitely pass for authentic!

I know digital watercolor has its own challenges. My wife does it in Painter and it takes forever to render those brush strokes.

This is very inspired about traditional 2d animation ..we in malaysia still struggling to build up again 2d animation industry. No more traditional is because of technology has changed.what you share it makes me touched.Thanks for sharing all of this things.One thing i have to admit it... your animated short film are awesome.. :)


thank you so much @aurah !
yeah the 2D industry is kind of struggling everywhere at the moment :(
I'm glad you liked it ♡ It means a lot to me :D

Oh my, is that a siamese? They are indeed annoyingly cute! purrr


Haha yes she is and her name is Miou ♥️ She was my companion for 18 years ♥️ This film is in part, for her ♥️

I just randomly found this. Are there more? Id like to see what happens!!


haia @limabeing! Unfortunately no, short films take rather a long time and a lot of dedication to make and I have not had the opportunity to work on another one since my student days.
I'm really happy you liked it though! <3
if you look, you can kind of see a glimpse of what happens to Penny (the girl) and Miou (the Mocafurb) in the credit drawings ;D basically they grow up together and have a lot of cute adventures. :D
I love the little critters and I definitely want to create some more content with them at some point but it's just not something that's doable for me at the moment.