The Smurfs "To Resteem ? Or Not Resteem ?"

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Greetings My Dear Friends

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Smurfette : "every post takes time to do and always love the thought of you being able to share it with your followers. I am sure a little click on RESTEEM would not hurt, but for the person who wrote the post ... i meants the world. "

my rendition of Smurfette


  1. Your content is just not good enough for my followers to see
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Brainy : "Steemit is about the community and about the content. Share good content and you will have more people following you. It cost you nothing but it does help aspiring authors to increase visibility"

had real fun to do Brainy and Smurfette. Hope you like it as much

Thank you for supporting me and keep on steeming my friends.
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Street FIghter Guide to Steeming It

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Love your sketches. Hope to see more in the future.
Sometimes people don't resteem because it hides their posts.

What makes steem beautiful It's because of Steemers like you.

Congrats, @bitrocker2020 you've been featured on
"Steem is beautiful" ... Stop by and take a look.
I am following, upvoting and featuring you.
Welcome to Steemit > I'm happy you could join us.
Hope this Quick Start Guide will help you:
Stay Original >Stay Creative > SteemOn Daily


oh wow .. really .. thanks

Hey bitrocker, I love the drawings. A tip from me, try to draw a game character and when you post use the gaming tag. We gamer nerds love these things :)


Do you take requests or make personalized drawings? I have an idea for a drawing and am willing to pay for it. Let me know if you are interested and name your prize :) I will mention you accountname (design by @bitrocker2020) every time I use the drawing. It will make my posts look cool and draw attention to you posts/drawings.


hey @xervantes .. i don't really do personalized drawings as between juggling my time, my kids, my post and my taking care of a few oth things ... things gets a little crazy. my apologies for it. perhaps in the very near future i'd do this and will pm u for sure


Hi bitrocker, no problem. I am in the same boat as you. Kids, work, Steemit, wife :) almost no time to do anything else. Keep up the good work, your drawings are amazing.

Very good use of line & shade, well done!


Thx @groundcontrol and welcome to steemit

Love the way you took your time to present this one :)) I upvoted and Yes I RE_Steemed . ::))) Have a great night . ::))) Love the Smurfs :D


Thanks so much @westerngurl your support has been just the best !


you're Welcome @bitrocker2020 I am happy to help :))

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I like the characters the details are great really nice work and I'll be glad to hear your opinion about my work here is the link and hope you'll enjoy it :)