Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: What I (@lily-da-vine) Want to See Happen at @anarchaforko!

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Now I’ve been asking you all who express interest in the fork for months to post about it. Some of you get that and do so, generally putting a big smile on our faces here up on the mountain as more and more people start to understand the concept that is Anarchaforko. Some of you don’t which I get, so here I am to share what I want to see at this thing, myself.

A few things first….

It’s not just about bringing the conference back to Acapulco Bay (although that’s an essential aspect) it’s all about the decentralized nature of the fork. So many people have contacted us asking to be a speaker and we’ve told them all we aren’t having speakers. That’s been a little confusing, so I figure it’s worth explaining here. We aren’t having speakers in the sense that we’d: be putting up a stage, with chairs and a schedule with timed slots on specific days decided by us.

If you want to speak at the fork, you need to determine what that looks like for you. Do you need a private space? Or an open one? Considering the fact that you don’t even HAVE to speak, do you even want to? Is there something else that you might want to see if other anarchists might be interested in, like music, art or yoga?

The point of Anarchaforko is to allow people to do what they want. So if you want to do a speech, it’s up to you to purchase a ticket, plan it and add to the calendar. If you have questions or need help, contact us, we love to hear ideas and help people move in the right direction for making them a reality.

Great Forking Ideas!

I’ve heard a lot of pretty awesome ideas forming for people’s plans for the fork, although these plans are currently kept private as many of them are still in the planning stages. I’ll be honest when I say I haven’t heard much in the way of stupid ideas from people for their plans for the fork, even when they themselves consider it stupid. If there’s something you like to do, find a way to share it with others at the fork!

These things can happen spontaneously and often collaboratively. Embrace it!

SO, what do I want to see?

MANY FACES. If you’ll be in town for the dates of the main event of the fork, that is February 23-25, please seriously consider the fork even if it’s just to attend. If you have hurdles to staying but would like to be involved, contact us and we may be able to help you or point you in the right direction for help to make it a reality.

AFFILIATE TICKET SALES. We technically make less money (those behind @anarchaforko) when you purchase a ticket using someone’s affiliate code but we SERIOUSLY WANT YOU TO DO IT. If there’s someone you like with an affiliate code, purchase your ticket through them. Even if you’re not able to make the event, if you want to support both us and your friends, purchase a ticket! You can use your affiliate link to promote and sell tickets even if you’re not able to make the event. We want to hear cool stories about how you made money off of this thing!

PLAN EVENTS! We don’t care who you are, if you’ve got something you consider interesting and you live by the non-aggression principle chances are there is likely going to be someone else at the fork that will be interested in it too. If you’re not sure, bounce you ideas off of us. Our favorite contact regarding the fork from people, both friends and strangers, involves what they want to do, even if it’s ping pong. Soon there will be a video explaining how to add an event to the calendar, all you need to do that is a ticket!


We’ve got a server over at discord related to the fork. There are several channels within it for specific purposes like post promotion (fork only stuff please!!) and house hunting. If there’s a need for another channel, let us know and we’ll make it happen. Start talking with others about what you want to do at this thing, that’s the best way to make the schedule!

CANNABIS LOVERS UNITE: We want an emphasis on cannabis and cannabis freedom at this event. We expect there to be lots of cannabis love to go around and we want those who love this plant too to come celebrate with us at the fork!

Stay on the Beach at the Copacabana! Follow the directions in this post to reserve your discounted room while they're still available!

So what do I want to DO at the fork?

Truth be told guys, I have no idea what specifically I’ll do at the fork at this moment as I expect to be more busy than I can handle this first year. Maybe I’ll share some kombucha or collaborate with people like @lesliestarrohara, @erikaharris or @kennyskitchen.

We’ve gotten some great response from people and I’m just going to share a list of the links to all of the fork related posts that I know of to this point. I want to see these ideas become a reality, or better ones if you have them! Warning, these posts are shared roughly in the order they were posted and some of the older ones are definitely out of date at this point.

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Hi there, if you're new to my blog here on Steemit check out this for more information on who we are and how we got here.

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Thanks for following and supporting us, until next time!

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I'm just now hearing about this as of this past week. All is still new to me, but I am researching much now. Thanks for the general vision/idea in your own words.

Hey let us know if you've got any questions, we're here to help!

i am interested in your post, i as new steemians require a lot of direction and help from all senior steemians. thank you

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By any chane will you be filming any of the speakers presenters or providing current updates while your at the anarchapulco event? I can't go but it would be nice to follow live coverage. Ty... Especially what crypto. To pay attention too in the next few months... ☺

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