Announcing Our Intention to Fork the Anarchapulco Conference!

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Hi guys, we’ve got a big announcement to share.  After months of deliberation and discussion, we have decided to fork the Anarchapulco conference. Similar to forking a blockchain, we’re taking it in a different direction with the support of whoever would like to be involved.   

We first came across this sort of concept several years ago, when we ended up in New Hampshire just after the Porcupine Freedom Festival that’s held there annually.  We didn’t know it until we got there but there’s another more anarchistic event (that’s been running almost as long!) that happens at the end of Porcfest for about a month known as the Burning Porcupine Festival. We showed up for the very beginning before while things were just getting started but we heard many awesome stories about years past.   

It’s got a colorful history but honestly just stems from a desire to fill a need people had in regards to the Porcfest conference and their time in New Hampshire in general.  This was a completely attendee dictated event.  If you showed up and wanted to host something, be it a knitting class or a lecture you could. There were often a lot of people showing up to look at properties and really dig into what life was supposed to be like there, us partially included. It made for a very interesting dynamic that made us want to go back.  Honestly if we could go back this is one event we would make a point to attend.   

We spent a lot of time talking to those who attended this last years Anarchapulco and we learned a lot about what people were really expecting and looking for when they came here.  As Anarchapulco has moved more in the direction of the standard conference structure, we feel inclined to step in and offer a different, more organic and free-form experience for those who want it.  A standard conference structure just cannot simply meet the needs of all who attend, so this is our best attempt at finding another way!

We bounced the idea of offering another option off of many people at the conference receiving much support.  Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz both publicly support the idea and there are already talks of collaboration on this with Amanda.  The idea is not for us to put together a package for you to consume, it’s for you to put it together yourself with us, with the hope of making something even better and more perfectly suited to you and your needs here.

What we’re talking about now is realistically just a blanket event, much like Anarchapulco is with it’s main event and sub-events.  We’ve got ideas for topics of these sub-events we want to focus on, like: Steemit, blockchains, life in Mexico and Acapulco, entrepreneurship.  We want to leave this as open ended as possible because we recognize that we cannot cover all the bases ourselves.  What is important to YOU?

We want to be clear that we are not interested in competing directly with the Anarchapulco conference, but rather to add the things that it cannot in it’s current form.  We’ve let Jeff know of our intention to fork before posting this post as a sign of respect in that regard.  We do not currently have the support of the conference (although we do have Jeff’s quick vague support so far) and we won’t say we do unless we actually do.  But again to be clear, we aren’t trying to compete with or replace the conference, we’re just offering MORE!

We don’t have set dates or even a name yet (we’ve got a whole whiteboard of ideas and are looking for MORE)  but this is probably going to be a month long non-event that will happen right after the Anarchapulco conference with NO firm structure.  Just about everything is open to negotiation other than the vague time frame and location of somewhere Acapulco Bay.   

It’ll be an open source organic function in which the awesomeness of the outcome is determined by those who participate. It’ll be free form right to the end, subject to change on demand as life often does.    We want to start an open discussion of what people want to see, do and talk about while they’re here.  If you want to see it addressed, say something or do something about it!

Want to learn about living in Acapulco? Go looking for places or to the central market with anarchists who have lived here awhile. Want to learn about how blockchains work? With @modprobe’s help and support, we’ve got that to offer too.   If you’ve got an idea on how you want to see this happen, let us know. If you want to get involved, PLEASE DO!

Interest will totally determine how this is handled, whether there’s a location to be rented or just a bunch of events around the city. In a perfect world, there’d be both things but it’s all in what we make it together.  We’ve got a lot of ideas as to how it could go and we’re hoping you all will help make it awesome.  It could suck, but it could be way better than any of us are expecting.  It’s an experiment in anarchy, true free form assembly, so why not give it a try?

So what are we looking for? Ideas on how this should go down and people interested in helping us make it happen.  Do you want speakers? Just the chance to mingle closely with those that would be speakers, like Larken Rose? Are you someone already well known looking to collaborate?   Do you have something you want to contribute, content or otherwise? Are you looking to join the conversation actively and really determine how anarchy works in action?   

We are starting a discussion, here and now on this.  What do you want to experience here? What do you want to hear about? Let us know your thoughts on this and as the conversation grows and develops, we will keep you posted on any plans we make.  We are open here guys, so let us know your thoughts.   

All proceeds from this post and posts relating to it will go to making this happen.  If you're interested in donating funds, time or other things contact us directly and we'll start the discussion!


I totally support this. Why wouldn't I? It just adds to all the things we are doing and fills a lot of needs. How about this for a name, Afterpulco?

We will put it on the board! One we came up with that I think you'll like is Anarchaforko.

Erika, I like jeff's better, yours is cute thou.

Hey, @healthiswealth. This is actually Lily's post... but she and I are cross-linking like crazy, so I totally see how you could get us flipped :-)

Don't worry, though... THAT WON'T HAPPEN IN PERSON. (Red dreads, and a curly 'fro, lol)

Your a sweet heart, thanks ;)

It would make sense to have Steemit discussed at the event.

You mean to have activities within the normal schedule, or will you be doing something while the main conference is going on? I'd hate to miss one to see the other.

I'm hoping to meet a lot of friends face to face while there, and meeting fellow Steemians in addition to other liberty lovers would be wonderful.

I tried to make it clear in the post that this was in no way intended to directly compete with the original conference. Its after the conference to offer more to those who want it

Thanks for your reply and clarification!

How about "Fuck I wish I bought enough Bitcoin in 2013 so I could afford to not work for a whole month" event? That fits on a pin right?

Nah, seriously, I love the concept of applying forking to things beyond blockchains. 👍🏻👍🏻💰👏🏻🐳🔛

Me too, its a great analogy

I find it a bit hard to understand, but got that you want to create a festival. Based on a blockchain? And it should be crowdfunded and opensource created by the steemit community?

Awesome, Protagonist activated!
We will start talking about it and re steeming, great idea for those who cant fly over! We are already going to Anarcapulco so it will be an easy choice!

Very interesting, I like and support the idea...great that Jeff supports it as well. At the end of August we are organising the Liberty Fest in Osijek, Croatia. It will be dedicated to great fun/music, culture and education. The educational part is named "Empower your self" and we will do a part of the fest dedicated to Steemit. Soon I will start writeing about it. Thank you for your contributionism & keep up the positivity, cheers, Damir

That's good to hear, I hope you have great success with your event! If you can find your way to this half of the planet, you're more than welcome!

that is interesting as well, make sure to provide photos and videos relevant for steem

Thanks, definitely I will make photos and we will write about it as we really want to create a great Steemit meet-up's...

Count us in!

This needs to happen now more then ever. Is their further talks reguarding this? Id like to be involved.

Hi there, it's still happening, here's our latest update on it. I'll be posting a new update within 24 hours.

forking the event? exciting :)

Yes. Everyone likes a good fork here and there.

I think I may have inadvertently forked with you all this past Anarchopulco conference 😏😉😎❤️

Now it's gonna be official?
I already know it's has all the potential to be awesome!

I'll be thinking of what may be of use and value to add on in the meantime.

Looking forward to all caballeros! You have all my support.

Yes, yes there was lots of forking involved I remember hahahah.

But yeah, we've gone public! If you're coming back this way, make sure you do for that!

For sure! But no if!

Sounds like a good fucking time. I would be interested in doing some workshops on writing, and maybe some other stuff.

You are more than welcome to get involved with us on this, the more the merrier! We are definately interested in encouraging a more capitalist artist mindset too, or I am at least!

Yes, that's got to be a focus. Society doesn't know what to do with artists except tell them to starve. Anarch-artists need to overcome that programming, go out and make weird shit and get the crypto$.

As things develop, I invite you to get involved to help me on this. As a glassblower, I face a lot of socialist mentality stuck in the glass world that makes it hard for me to identify with any of them. In reality, we're all just people producing value and we should be paid for it! I'm sick of the "I hate having to sell my glass" mentality. How about the "How fucking cool, someone wants to buy my weird shit" mentality!

Awesome. I look forward to further updates!

Art your way to anarchy... and prosperity!

I have zero conflicts about the wealth I am attracting, by being of valuable service to others.

@lily-da-vine, by being an abundant glassblower -- equipped with all the supplies you need and want -- you can simply show a different way to be: peaceful, productive and PAID.

Lead the way. You're good at that. :-)

This will be done with the blessing of the Anarchapulco organizers? Or is it competition?

The post states that it is not intending to compete and Jeff is publicly supporting this venture

Great, sorry I missed that when I read it. Thank you.

Good post, I like it. Hopefully your work can be useful. Your experience is a new science to us.

tastes like a canned pink meat product i never consume. 🍖


I kinda like it.....

Hey Lily. Have you heard of WWOOFing? Maybe you and John (and modprobe?) could adapt that concept to become expat-incubators by giving people a hands-on taste of life in Acapulco. As with the WWOOF concept, you could even get some work done with willing volunteers in return for accommodation and / or meals - which would also be a good focal point for discussions and exchange of ideas. If you wanted to be really ambitious you could take it on the road and show your group more of Mexico beyond Acapulco. ;)

We've experiemtned with a bit of that sort of thing, just not as formal. Thanks for the suggestion!

I hope you can hold a great event.

I'm in Costa Rica, it's not that far. And perhaps the trail of Fests should continue down Central America?

I'm a little vague on who is forking from who - as the direct organizers are not so important to me as the networking and learning. What I would like to see at the next Anarchapulco or similar event is more exhibition space and exhibitors. I now have a product/service that could interest people with privacy concerns, but I also networked with many other business owners who have companies or products that I feel would be worth while to showcase there. Exhibit space would not have to run the whole time, but for one or two days during set times would be a great way to get people exposed, and connect users with valuable services. It could add extra revenue for the venue as well as I most certainly would expect to pay extra for booth space.

Hope to join your guys and increase the FORK

So the old one will be Anarchapulco Classic? Just kidding- I will be attending both :)

sounds like a good idea...just gives everyone a little more.

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I want to learn Spanish. Maybe have a group lead by someone fluent who can also teach local idioms?

Ive got a local friend that would be perfect for that sort of thing, hes always teaching me spanish!

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