SteemFest + Anarchapulco: When You Fork Them, Will Folks Come?

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So, @lily-da-vine, John and @modprobe announced HERE, HERE and HERE their intention to fork both SteemFest and Anarchapulco. @jeffberwick just interviewed them HERE on Anarchast.

What will WE self-create?


Most conferences are organized according to the vision and tastes of a few, or a handful.

But what happens when you fling open the doors and windows... and you invite creative collaborations that are only limited by our morals and imagination?

Lily asked me to think about what I might like to offer to these forked events.

I took several days, and really enjoyed the process, too. Here's what came to me...

Open Mic Nights: A Listening Lounge, Just For You


It took me forever to find, accept and use my voice.

This is no small feat in a world that tries its best to train and restrain us. Like service dogs. Or circus seals.

But the truth is that we speak and write ourselves into existence. Our talk, and our text, becomes our reality. So our wordplay is important.

I'd like to create a warm and attentive atmosphere in which creative people can gather and express themselves:

  • poets
  • storytellers
  • singers
  • musicians
  • comedians

It's a little like an open mic night... but with DEEPER LISTENING built in.

Imagine yourself inside that circle of random chairs. You are the center of our kind attention, as you share your craft for up to 10 minutes. When you're done, you rejoin the circle. You then receive another 10 minutes to either hear feedback (of how we were impacted by what you shared), and/or you tell us how you were impacted by sharing it.

Is something like this of interest to you?

Are you drawn to participate? What factors are important to you, to help you feel the most comfortable to express yourself?

I envision these OpenMics as less about perfect performance, and more about brave, honest, daring expression. If you're not sure about it, have lost sleep over it, maybe even dropped tears because of it... ALL THE BETTER.

In the comments, please let me know what's right, wrong or missing from this idea.

Also, please consider adding me to your auto-vote list (if you use one.) That might be a bold request, but it is not groundless. I ask on the strength of care that I load into each of my posts. Thank you for witnessing my words, and allowing me to witness yours.

Now, let's have some PIE with those forks! @erikaharris

Please be sure to modify the open Mic Night/Listening Lounge in the comments below. Thanks!

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Can't wait to hear more details about this! This is happening in February 2018? What days?


It's exciting, @staticinstance! Yes, February 2018, immediately following Anarchapulco (which dates I don't know yet.)



And also, I would equally enjoy the process of actively listening to and providing insightful feedback to others.


I encourage you to ponder your own thoughts on these posts and make your own post with what you wanna see. I will resteem and share it, and would love to have you involved.


Excellent! I will definitely give it some thought!


I know that's right, @lesliestarrohara!! 💥💃🏽🎙

Steemit has clearly showed that people can openly express, without the fear of being trolled, due to the overwhelmingly supportive nature of the platform. I think anarchopulco 18 will be the same, open the doors to new paradigms and ways of living & thinking. @jeffberwick clearly encourages it. Nice post!


I agree, @imrob! @jeffberwick's quick support really impressed me. It was a pure anarchic/voluntaryist response, in my opinion. Not only surrendering to the beauty of open-source, but encouraging it. That's the freedom, in free markets and, to me, it's a sign of HEALTH.

Also, this forked event is AFTER Anarchapulco, so there truly is no direct competition at all. Thanks for your comment!

I like the open mic idea. You could also capture the videos and post them into a playlist or even live stream them to a channel.

It may be wise to give somebody a "guideline" for the amount of time they should take. Keeping it to 15 minutes or so to make sure that there is plenty of room for other speakers.

I'm planning on attending Anarchopulco 2018. It will be my first year so I'm really excited to meet everyone and spend time down there.

Cheers :)


Great suggestions, @tsbloyer. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you, too :-)

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SteemFest was great last year and I can't wait to see everyone again. We will also try to make it Anarchapulcho this year my Panama residency is all sorted out now.


Phew! Big accomplishment. Congrats, @hilarski.

Hello Erika this is one forking I cant wait for.

I want to move to Acapulco to help with "Afterpulco"

are you aware of anyone renting a room, apt or even a mansion?

Or a website or english speaking person that can help?


That's great news, @healthiswealth!
@modprobe has offered space in his post here:
Check out his comments section.


Thanks Erika, I just sent @modprobe a shout.


Did you? Hmm, something isn't working, since this is the first I've seen of it! Are you on Wire? I'm @nn on there. That's one of the easiest ways to reach me.


Sorry not on Wire.
thanks on the link, i may check it out.


@modprobe, can you send me a pointer on Wire?
@sy7 , I'm not seeing @nn come up on a user search on Wire.. maybe I don't know how to use it yet.
I tried to chat you up on steemit chat, didn't hear back from you. thx.

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