Anarchapulco gets Forked! Official Anarchaforko Trailer #1

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The idea for this video was born when John read my draft of what we’ve dubbed the whitepaper for the Anarchapulco Fork we’ve been calling Anarchaforko. He determined it was fine, but that we needed a video to go along with it and he was right.

It took several months of coordination from people who honestly have little experience with this stuff. I tried to pawn off the writing of the script to @modprobe as he had agreed to use his voice for the narration. That video ended up sounding like a real estate ad for lack of a better way of putting it and while it got a good point across it wasn’t what we were going for.

I contacted @erikaharris about the script as she’s a freelance writer by trade and has had a passion for the fork since we first announced it. She ended up not being able to finish it to the extent to which she wanted in the time she wanted but what she came back to me with was awesome and I only found myself needing to add more details to what she gave me.

It was true collaboration and the collaboration kept happening when we asked her to do the voice over. While she didn’t end up being the end voice for this video @erikaharris contributed a lot to this so she’s definitely worth mentioning.

This was a collaborative effort of many people at this point with two attempts and this one just being awesome. It only needed a few changes and now it’s ready to share with all of you. For those interested in reading the script, here it is:

In 2014, Anarchapulco was born. Anarchists gathered from all over the world, met in Acapulco, Mexico, and started a yearly tradition of building freedom, friendships… and, most recently, forks.

We love and support what’s been created. And we also expect a conference for anarchists, to be a little more anarchistic, more organic.

If we truly decentralized all the knowledge among us, there’d be no “celebrity speakers.” We’d ALL shine and share.

That’s the intent of Anarchaforko… to provide valuable information, without hierarchy… and to make THE HUMAN CONNECTIONS the main thing, because that’s what it’s always been about. The magic in this thing is in the people who come and become involved and just how involved you become is up to you.

There’s one key to this puzzle that is necessary, and that is the location of the main bay of Acapulco. The idea is to take full advantage of our gorgeous, tropical setting here, and unique venues. There exists a natural atmosphere within the bay that is just more anarchistic, free and human than any other place we’ve experienced, even within Mexico.

Many people left the conference last year craving what they were missing here in the main bay. We intend to highlight what it has to offer for everyone from tourist to possible new movers. This will happen over the several weeks just after the Anarchapulco conference next February. Bring the anarchists back to the bay and see what happens as people gather for user generated events, seminars and parties.

We want to be clear, this is a DIY sort of conference, in which if you want to see it a reality you must do it yourself. Our job is to provide fertile ground to help your idea sink roots and grow.

What experience do you want to HAVE at Anarchaforko? That’s the perfect one for you to CREATE! Send us your brief description of what you’d like to do, and what you think you need to pull it off. We will do whatever we can to help make it happen. Have ideas for this thing? The best way to get started is to start posting about what you could see it looking like, from the big picture concept down to specific events.

What do you want out of Acapulco and your time here? To learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchains? To consider moving out of the country? Cheap tacos and strip clubs? How about a Steem event in Acapulco? The idea is for you to get what you need and want out of this experience by being given the atmosphere and ability to just take it. This is a real experiment at anarchy in action, are you ready for it?

Stay tuned for the white paper which needs updating and editing before posting!

▶️ DTube

I think this event has such great potential. As one of the speakers at Anarchapulco, who does enjoy giving talks, I don't go to Anarchapulco TO speak. In fact, doing the speaking is the least of my concerns and maybe the least favorite part! Haha! I have spoken two years of the 3, and guess what? Both times I couldn't WAIT to get my talk done and out of the way so I could just focus on immersion in the people and conversations and ideas and innovation I love so much about the anarchist community. So much freedom and love everywhere, and my talk was probably more of a stressful point of it than anything, not because speaking isn't fun... but because there's always some stress involved for me in living up to my own standards of delivering content.

I think if an event is more of an organic thing where there's simply circles or pockets of anarchists gathering around different ideas or activities, and all of them are moving amongst those circles of activities as they please, then it not only feels more effortless and flowing for everyone, but it doesn't put nearly as much stress and strain on a specific few people to try to "structure" a centered conference schedule.

I like the idea of having multiple rented out locations near the bay, where each locale is a sort of theme. Like @erikaharris suggested with her idea of a sort of group where people can just focus on sharing something meaningful and take turns with it -- this could be applied to all kinds of things from art to music to food. One area could just have cooks/food vendors/meal sharing in general, and one could be music centered, for musicians to organically share and trade or hang out, and one could be Canna-centered (helloooooooooo Mary! lol), and still another could be about relationships and love, and another about crypto, and another about Steemit and another about Real Estate investing, and another about gardening and home steading!!!!!

Possibilities are truly endless and I, EVEN AS a speaker myself, don't necessarily think any event should be all about ONE stage. There's nothing bad about it, Anarchapulco rocks, but it ROCKS because of all the anarchists there, sharing awesome things.

And that's what you're taking and running with, here. I love it. :)

Thanks for your input on this. In regards to speakers I'll be honest when I say the idea of speaking at a bunch of people is a whole lot less fun and more stressful than what we're trying to achieve here. We don't want people to have their only true involvement be to get it over with lol. And even if you are super passionate about what you speaking at I think it's natural as anarchists to have an issue with telling others how to be anarchists lol.

We are going to start seriously looking at locations now so that way we can start to get some locations nailed down.

Thanks for your comment and input so far, it's helped us shape this thing.

I also think that while a stage and platform is cool so that more people can hear your ideas, it feels uncomfortable to those of us who know we're not ACTUALLY on a pedestal at all, we just want to share.

It can feel like we're being pedantic, or it can feel that way for me, and I very much stay away from talks that "tell people how to anarchy" lol. Some talks head that direction a lot, like how you ought to eat or think, but I try to focus on WHAT IS, what has been, and what can be, given possibilities, or even WHAT IS TO COME because of very good reasons to hope.

I like to make people think, and I know most anarchists feel the same, they just want to make people think, and to also share what we love, and I just have always enjoyed that more in a more intimate and smaller group.

In this way, all of us can get up in front of any group and talk, but because of a different more organic setup, we'll be more likely to talk to people who really care and are interested in hearing what we have to say, and we won't feel like some person having to say "Hey look at me, listen to me cause I'm the best!" we'll just feel like "Hey, I have some stuff I'd like to share among friends and willing ears."

The conference platform/stage vibe isn't necessarily forcing me or anyone to feel something negative, I ultimately know that everyone there is a friend for the most part, but something about the psychology of the "big stage, sitting crowd" lay-out is too long-associated with churches and schools, and I think that's why to me it feels a tad unnatural. :) This feels way more "me".

I can't think of a single person I talked to who was excited for doing their talk no matter if that's what they do for a living. The big stage crowd rubs me wrong just because I know that's not how most interactions are. When we have meetups many people contribute which is what matters.

Our desire to meetup at these conferences isn't in the idea to go and school or educate anyone really, the desire is to share our ideas with other people who might agree. I think it's about time we find a better way of doing this because I think it's something that all liberty events fall short in, not just Anarchapulco.

In a world where people are raised being told what to do many people are a bit afraid of the idea of true freedom even if it's something they crave. That's where the people who tell you how to be anarchist come in but at the end of the day real anarchy exists in daily life. You've lived your own little form of anarchy and what you've shared with the world matters! But I can totally feel the unnatural nature of that stuff because honestly the best interactions happen with many voices, not just one :)

excellent. I hope to see this event springboard into an all-year, week by week, thriving culture-city. Why not? I have to figure every year, some folks say: "Why the phuque am I going home?". This is exactly how I ended up relocating to Las Vegas in 1985.

This is how many of the people who do live here ended up here. We came with the intention of staying ourselves but understand it's totally likely for people to just...stay.

[email protected] Anytime. Anyone interested in building libertarian towns, villages, cities and counties. Drop me a line. Let's do some Real Estate Development and make some cryptoCurrency, Gold and Silver.

This is so exciting! We left last year feeling somewhat disenchanted with the experience, but we still walked away with amazing new friends and connections; it just wasn't as anarchistic as we were expecting. We're still attending this year, but now we're extending our stay to go for this! I know a guy who would love to talk to you all about blockchain, but more specifically the blockchain of food! I'll be in touch! Excitement 5000.

Very interested in participating; was thinking to arrive in Acapulco perhaps a week before Anarcho and wanted to stay on afterward - so this idea fits perfectly! Happy to get involved and assist where needed.

As for suggesting content, I'd like to learn more about moving to the area - logistics, legalities, etc..

Any thoughts you have on this put into a steemit post, even if it's short and I'll share it around so others can pitch in their thoughts. We'd love to have you involved :)

yes. "moving to the area". People like this could cause a 52 week AnarchoForko. THAT would be some kind of real estate development biz. Count me in.

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I think this is a great idea. I'm excited for the main conference, but I also booked myself an extra week after the conference so that I can explore the idea of moving to Acapulco for good. I really think it would be great to have a Steemit event, and some sort of event for those considering moving to Acapulco.

Can't wait to meet you all there!

Can't wait. @lily-da-vine I'm driving down to Acapulco from Cincinnati in about a week and a half. It will take me about 6 days to make it there. Any ideas/advice?

It'd be best to move that conversation to another chat, do you use wire private messenger or proton mail?

Hell yeah!

Sound like a worthy project. So now you are in the movie film work. Indeed you are multi-talented. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the best!

Someone else did the editing, that's beyond me and we ended up trading up at the suggestion of the first editor which is part of what made it awesome.


A small (Or larger) stage-like thing with chairs and room to stand/dance. A way for artists and speakers to apply for some slot times, and a swanky online calender of events with space for copy and pictures and shit. :D

I'll bring my guitar

Interesting, kinda confused but good

It'll make more sense when the full update is posted, stay tuned!

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