Anarchoforko (Anarchapulco Fork) Update: It's Still On, Here's How to Get Involved!

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It’s been about two months since we announced our intention to fork Anarchapulco. As it stands we’re calling the project Anarchoforko (although @pauliepro’s suggestion of Forkapulco is still an option if people like it better) and it’s still on.

The update has been delayed primarily by a video we decided to do after it was written. Truth be told producing a video is harder than expected even with help. I’ve dubbed that update the White Paper and it’ll be posted as soon as the video is finished.

There’s a lot of confusion on this thing and the purpose of the white paper is to dispel all confusion on it. While we’re not ready to share the white paper we are seeing the need for an update to dispel at least SOME confusion.

We’re proposing a DIY sort of thing. Simply put, if you want to see it happen you’ve got to make it happen. We’re here to provide fertile ground for those ideas to grow, that’s all. So it’s understandable there’s a lot of confusion, this sort of thing hasn’t been done before. The scale of your involvement is purely up to you.

We want to be clear when we say that while we have the support of the Anarchapulco conference as it stands, we are not in partnership with them on the planning of this at all. This is not an extension of the conference and for that reason we won’t take Jeff’s catchy name suggestion of Afterpulco. This is a different event, with different intentions.

The forking will not happen at the same time as Anarchapulco, but after. This is of course to take advantage of the many anarchists that will already be in town and bring them back to the bay. The whole thing should last around a month depending on what people want to see happen, with a possible 3 day anchor event at a resort if there’s enough demand.

Anarchapulco lost something when it moved out of the main bay into nearby suburb Diamante; that was clear at the last conference. Acapulco is a dynamic free form city that is the perfect place for anarchists to come together to talk about everything from cannabis to bitcoin to expatriation. Last year at the conference we found many people were left craving the bay.

Our goal is to bring things back to Acapulco in a way that allows everyone to take what they want out of the experience. We want to make human connections within the bay the main thing here, as that’s where the magic lies in this.

If you want to get involved, start posting about it. It can either be about the concept as a whole down to specific events and parties you want to see happen. This has already started thanks to people like @erikaharris, @dragonanarchist and @lesiestarrohara (see below for links). The idea is to get these ideas out there and start a discussion. As things develop we will help where we can to make sure everything is set up here for that idea to become a reality.

I’ve encouraged people to think of ways to monetize this thing for themselves, if they so choose, and will continue to do so. This is an anarcho-capitalist experiment so if you think you’ve got something people would be willing to pay for, you’re welcome to try and sell it. This can be in the form of products to sell, seminars, talks, classes or services. There will likely be an attendance fee for this fork as a whole to cover costs, although it’s not for sure and it won’t be much.

Consider what you want out of Acapulco and your experience here and use that to drive and motivate you in terms of getting involved with this thing. Into fresh food? Plan a central market trip, the best place for fresh anything in town. Interested in moving to Acapulco? Plan viewings of houses and apartments. The idea is for you to sculpt your own experience and while being able to take advantage of the things other people have going on within the bay too.

We have no locations rented but some in mind and that will change as this develops. As we see it now, there will be many locations with a possible 3 day anchor event at a resort if there’s enough interest shown. We also are interested in holding some sort of western hemisphere Steemit event to take advantage of the high population of Steemians already coming to Anarchapulco.

If you’ve got any ideas for this thing as a whole concept, in terms of what an anchor event would even look like (trying to discourage the typical speaker audience style conference), start posting or commenting. We want your thoughts on all of this because that will help us determine the direction we take it.

There is not currently a dedicated website or way to organize this thing yet, but that’s something we recognize is necessary. How exactly we will go about coordinating is honestly to be determined. We’d like to avoid Facebook but will use it if we have to. There will be a dedicated Steemit account soon for this where these posts will start to come from.

Stay tuned for the massive but informative white paper and the video that will accompany it. We will alsoresteem anything we come across in regards to this, so if you post something about this share it with me.

All proceeds from this post go to covering any costs for Anarchoforko.

A special thanks to @pauliepro for making me the first image! I used a few of Judd Weiss' photos from the conference as well, those are clearly marked.

Below you can find all the links relating to this event (posted by me and others), as well as our possible Steemit event:

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"There is not currently a dedicated website or way to organize this thing yet, but that’s something we recognize is necessary. How exactly we will go about coordinating is honestly to be determined."

Sending so much respect to you, @lily-da-vine + everyone else, for TRUSTING A DECENTRALIZED WAY, which means risking a degree of chaos... but also means raising the odds of beautiful, spontaneous order.

I see Anarchoforko as an exciting experiment in self-responsibility... where folks will have a chance to TRY and DO things they may have only imagined doing in their hometowns.

There is a greater degree of leniency and permissiveness (within reason) here. You can go from idea to implementation much more quickly, because there's so much less static and nay-saying noise. Put it to use, y'all. 💜

I've found there is much beauty in chaos. :)

Totally understand the reason for not using it but "Afterpulco" had such a wonderful Baywatch Nights vibe to it.

It does. Maybe Jeff can use it for something else ;)

Unfortunately I can come early but not late. :(

There's a joke to be made here but I'm not the one to do it.

This is awesome to see! Hope to be a part of it :)

How involved you become is up to you.

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Nice and i like post you my friend @lily-da-vine


Photography wow

hi lily-da-vine72 nice post.

This needs to be called Forkfest