Steem Fest Forking: Acapulco Edition

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Since it’s launch, Steemit has fundamentally changed the way people look at producing and monetizing their content.  It was an attempt to fill a desire for content creators to be paid real value for their content and in many ways it has fit the bill!  Take us for example, we had an amazing story to share and no easy way to go about doing it.  Considering we needed money to survive, it didn’t make much sense to sit down and start writing until Steemit came along.  The financial incentives within Steemit got us interested and in many ways has fundamentally changed our lives.  We are not alone in this!   

As it gains in popularity, users crave the chance to meet in person and as a result, there are currently Steemit meetups and events in the works all over the planet.  From SteemFest2 in Lisbon to a Steempark in Boston, there are Steemians all over getting together.      Just today, @erikaharris made her own call for a Steemit meetup, one localized in our Acapulco hub.  

As she pointed out we’ve got many Steemians here in the city, like @jeffberwick and @modprobe and she’s right.  We were actually in the process of planning, writing and posting this as she shared her post earlier on the subject. Thanks Erika, for the good kick in the ass that your post provided!

Our dream is something of a “SteemFest Americas” for this side of the globe.  That name is just one of the many brainstormed titles we’ve come up for this, so even that is open for discussion here.  Steem Fest is being held in Europe again and we recognize that not everyone can make that regardless of how much they want to, ourselves included.  Not only that but there’s a huge Steemit population on this half of the globe that is just aching to be brought together, am I right?

Something I noticed at last years Anarchapulco conference was that there were a LOT of people from Steemit there, many of whom I recognized by username (like @voluntary).  By taking advantage of the fact that Steemians will already be congregating here during that time, we’ve already got a head start for getting people together.  All it takes is to organize the when, where and the how to make this a reality.

We do not have the details worked out as far as date, specific location or structure.  Like our forking of Anarchapulco, we’d like to leave it open ended based off of the needs of those who are interested in being involved.  We want your feedback on this as well as your help in making it happen (@hilarski, we know you’d probably love this idea! We’d love your help too!)  If we want a SteemFest on this half of the globe, it’s up to us to make it happen. So who’s with us?   

We all know Steemit has been a great experiment in human social interaction, both online and in real life.  Steemit has brought a lot of people together that maybe might not have become close without it.  Lives change because of things like this as people find new ways to connect with each other.  It’s important that we highlight these things with events like these!

Anyone that follows us knows about our friendship with Steemian @modprobe, someone who we honestly probably wouldn’t have in our lives (certainly not in the same way) had it not been for Steemit.  For a long time he read our posts, commented and showed interest in pursuing a life here in Acapulco. We did our best to answer his many questions (most of which were really good and necessary) and just before the conference he moved here bringing with him lots of new glassblowing tools for me. These sorts of things are only possible with real face to face interaction as well as the stuff that happens on the Steemit blockchain.

For reasons like this, we feel we must call for a much bigger meeting of Steemians on this half of the globe.  Acapulco is the perfect place for this sort of thing because of everything that’s already going on here, between the anarcho-capitalist community in it’s infancy or the Anarchapulco conference.  It’s close enough to the States for the huge base of US users to have access, but not so close that you’ve actually got to enter the empire.  Between the annual Anarchapulco conference and the fact that it’s just a really nice place to come and visit (Yay for super low prices and friendly people!), it’s a great central meeting point for many Steemians on this half of the globe!    

There was a huge love for Steemit present at last years Anarchapulco conference, we’re looking at getting those people together to celebrate the things that have happened as a result of this social experiment and to discuss new ways to develop and use this technology together! 

 So here starts the discussion, how are we going to make this happen?   

All proceeds from this post and any posts related to this are going to make this project happen, for whatever it needs.  All photos in this post save for the last one were just taken from Google and while they are awesome, they are not mine and I'd like to be clear on that.  These were likely made by Steemians, if you recognize your image let me know!


Hi great initiative. A usa edition was already in the planning for this year as i ann'd in steemfest2 post as well as that the next one will be in the usa for sure, as it was overdue. Hope we can align before you are forking this as there is already stuff going on behind the scene.

I'm excited that there's a US SteemFest in the works. I don't think that having one in Mexico will detract from the US one. There's a lot of people who can't get to the US because of visa restrictions, but anyone can go to Mexico, so I think it'd be awesome to have it in a country with an immigration policy like Mexico's.

In my view, the more large Steemit meet ups there are, the better.

I know you commented to email you about this (too long ago, my fault) and while i thought i wrote down your email, I didnt and cannot for the life of me find it. Can you share your email address please so i can contact you about this? Steemit chat is okay for this if you want it private :)

After watching your interview with Jeff Berwick today, i did some Acapulco research. Seems like a really cool place to meet up with others who are interested in Blockchain technologies, while also eating and living healthy. Currently, i live in Micronesia on the island of Guam. I would love to come visit Acapulco, ideally next February for the festival, i wouldn't mind helping out any way possible. Keep up the great work!

If SteemFest America spanned across a few days, @sharingeverybite and I would strongly consider coming. We've been learning Spanish for a while now and are very seriously talking about checking out Mexico as a place to live. In fact, today, we began the "get rid of unneeded stuff" process.

Plus we were at SteemFest in Amsterdam and already have our plane tickets for SteemFest Lisbon. We kind of have to attend SteemFest Americas!

I agree with @shenanigator 100%! We had the time of our lives at SteemFest last year and are excited for SteemFest2 in Lisbon. We'd LOVE to have the opportunity to meet up with people on this side of the globe who might not be able to make it to Europe (like you said).

Plus, in our efforts to move to Mexico by 2018, we're looking for any excuse to come explore the country more and help us make our final decision. :)

There will be an anchor event although we don't know when so stay tuned.

Sounds great, I'll keep an eye out! If it were just a one-day thing, I'm not sure we could justify coming all the way from the US.

Sounds great, We have been doing meetups in Panama with a group of people frequently! We can luckily make it to Mexico, but we are not authorized to enter the USSA anymore! Keep it coming, We are already going to Steemfest in Portugal in November! WE are gonna be at Anarchapulco. Looking forward to this, and makes sense. A lot of us will already be there! The more people we can inform the better~

I was sent here by Jeff Berwick! I think a Steem fest on this side on the "realm" (earth is flat) would be a great idea! Upvoted and now following!

Wow, this is certainly fun when steemians meet up...would love to see you guys too in person and give you a hug. Thanks for sharing.Feel free to check out my latest post on : Why Steemit will disrupt social media and gain market share.

I enjoyed hanging out and having dinner's with some of the Steemit team at the 2017 Anarchapulco Conference . Great times chatting out on the patio at the conference center with them and all the other attendee's and speakers.

I have lots of idea's for "Afterpulco":

  • Poker Tournament
  • Do it at the Grand Hotel not Mundo
  • Do a Group bus tour of the City - at the Mundo you miss everything Acapulco has to offer or take a taxi 45 minutes???
  • Group Sail/boat Cruise

Seriously, I have so many idea's Erika, but some of them I wish to be involved/ first hand.
We need to chat more on this.

I totally support this. Why wouldn't I? It just adds to all the things we are doing and fills a lot of needs. How about this for a name, Afterpulco?

Afterdark-apulco.... late nights with anarchists. haha

Coming together as Steemians is what builds community and it motivates and develops society in a very deep and meaningful way. It is like a club or, better yet, a family. It is very important that we come together as much as we can to collaborate and stuff. That is humanity. That is who we are.... I mean, yeah, this is who we are for sure. Facebook people do not really come together in this kind of way. Facebook is the enemy. We can see a contrast between Facebook and Steemit. We will continue to share the differences to Facebookers for the next ten years in this huge global transition we are shifting through between 2017 and something like 2030 it seems.

Yes, while Steemit may not be the end all be all solution for this sort of thing in the long run, it's a great start in terms of experimenting!

Hello, it is a pleasure to have you in this community that grows more every day, post as these are the ones that should have a daily welcome and that you have a great time do not forget to follow me and support me;) a big hug greetings from Colombia

I'm IN.

I will visit in Nov and check the lay of the land... for Feb.

$400 RT air tix from SF to ACA, they make it really easy to come out and visit.
Looking forward to a new adventure.
Cheers! SY-

Hey, good to hear! Well be posting our update on these adventures soon.

Meeting fellow Steemians while at Anarchapulco in 2018 is yet another good reason to go. Did Jeff add that to his post's list yet? ;-)

Jeff so far has shown support, so stay tuned!

Oh, I mean the other day he posted "Reasons to go to Anarchapulco" or similar. I couldn't remember if meeting Steemians was on the list. haha

Oh, i see how you mean. Ill have to check!

We are meeting in Bucharest also. These meetings make our community stronger :D

Wish you guys success

As I see, steemit with its help, everyone became part of the same group and share their ideas, way of thinking, knowledge and experience. We found it really helpful and we made a lot of good and important relationship with people who are really amazing and have a talent that they show often through posting on steemit. Personally I m grateful for that and hope we could improve together within this community ! Thanks for this post, I appreciate the remarks and ideas you've shared !!

Steem is really revolution. But Bitcoin was first one revolution project. I look forward for future so much! :)

I wish you success in organizing this event in Acapulco. There are not many Steemians in my part of the world. Hopfully we here at Borneo can start of by having a meetup first.

Thanks for sharing. I admire people like yourselves who are coming together to network individuals and their content.

Great idea and mind boggling. You can meet up with fellow Steemians all over the world. This platform is limitless in its potential. Quite remarkable. Good post.

Shit, I'm in! As a native Acapulqueño I'll do whatever I can to both promote my hometown and make it prosperous. I've had enough of the whole media propaganda of how dangerous Acapulco is, which is bullshit!

Acapulco has such immense potential and it just angers me that corrupt politicians and greedy business people want to keep Acapulco and its people ignorant. Let's shake things up!

This forking seem like heading for centralizing

I'm not sure what you mean. This will likely be spread out all over the city and be run by many people...that's not centralized.

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i lik your post... about locat of steemit in all over the word i hop shar that with a peopl in my country algeria :)


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