IntroduceYourself Revised: Lily Da Vine and John

One year and over 2300 followers later I think it’s time for an updated introduceyourself post about us as things have changed a lot in the last year. If you missed our first introduceyourself post, click here.

We started over a year ago on Steemit with the hope of sharing our story and making a living doing so as we needed money to eat and live. Save for some slow points where we’ve had to supplement income through other means we’ve managed to make a living on Steemit and then some down here in southern Mexico, beautiful Acapulco.

The person writing this post (and all but a few of the rest of them) is Lily (also who's featured in the photos), but I’m not the only one that makes this story possible. My partner for over 6 years is John and we came to Acapulco in some pretty unique circumstances. Many of our early followers know our story intimately from what we’ve shared on Steemit but our new followers have barely any idea who we are, we’ve found.

We became popular here on Steemit by sharing the very true, very hard and very amazing story behind how we ended up in Acapulco. Truth the told there’s still a lot of the tale yet to be told but I think it’s important to back up a little for the people who haven’t been following me since day one. Soon I’ll start sharing again soon the tales that still haven’t been shared.

We made the bold choice two years ago to go on the run to Mexico rather than face 25+ years of felony charges for cannabis. Realistically speaking the stories as to how we got where we are started as children. Had we not experienced what we did in our lives both separate and together, we probably wouldn’t have made the same risky decisions. For it was a choice, be free or bow and be caged. We chose freedom.

It took months of planning, work and traveling before we made it to our destination. Our journey was possible thanks to a few helpful individuals that saved our asses when we needed it most. The people who helped us along the way helped to make what most considered an impossible journey totally possible and amazing. Since then I’ve been told I’m lucky and I am if you use the definition of luck that I do...luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity; then I am truly lucky.

When faced with total loss of freedom, we got creative and fought with our feet to the border instead of legally fighting in a notoriously corrupt area where justice would not be found. We were treated worse than heroin addicts and meth cooks despite our only crimes involving possession of cannabis and the things to process it. When it became clear that the powers at be weren’t going to play fair we decided to leave.

So we made what is the most epic journey I’ve ever embarked on with our only regrets to this day being that we didn’t take pictures, especially within Mexico. There are so many beautiful sights that we have to go find again if we ever want to see them again, not that that’s the worst thing ever. Mexico is a beautiful place.

We crash landed in Acapulco and have been since making waves in this community as we restart our lives here in Mexico. It’s been a crazy adventure of working hard to survive and thrive in this foreign environment. At the Anarchapulco conference last year I interacted with many people who told me they didn’t think they were going to see me again, but much to their surprise we were here and thriving a year later. It was good to be a surprise in that way, as I understood where they were coming from. We crash landed here broke and exhausted the first year we attended (the second year it happened) and it showed.

Steemit gave us the chance to do what we had intended to do before we ever crossed the border. We wanted to share our story to help other people avoid ending up in similar situation, with their backs against the wall. We do it in a way to not point fingers at anyone, but a system as a whole because this is a worldwide issue. Since we’ve started, we’ve been contacted by SO many people who’ve felt inspired by what we did. That’s the point, to help people like us make the decision to be free before it’s a really hard decision to make.

Since then our blog has developed beyond much more than sharing our past which was the original intention. Now I blog about everything from: food, gardening, life in Mexico, life in Acapulco, sunsets, jungle. adventures, traveling, life, anarchism and much more. It’s developed into a lot more than I expected at this point. I’ve continually been surprised by what people find valuable from me.

As it stands, we’re still on the run. We’ve been here almost two years and have done our best to show respect to those around us and it shows with the fact that we are still here. There is always the chance that we will be arrested and sent back to face our charges, but the chances are low and we’ve done what we can to reduce them.

Life is about the choices you make and the risks you take and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t take risks. Of all the things in my life I do regret, running to Mexico is not one of them although I would have hoped for better circumstances. If you’re in the fence about moving out of the country, consider if it’s worth losing your freedom for good to stay a little longer, because that’s what it meant for us.

We currently live in Acapulco, Mexico and spend our days working on our many projects that we share about here on Steemit. Steemit and the people we’ve met through it have allowed us to thrive here in Acapulco despite our challenges.

In an attempt to educate new readers on our story, I’ve been doing flashback posts.

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And coming soon, I’ll share a master post of everything I’ve shared and link that here too.

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Congratulations! Thank you being with us!

Mexico is awesome, You made a good choice going south, much freedom you have compared to here in USA.

The only luck you guys had was getting to the border at all - you had some pretty close calls (pulling out of a parking lot as the police were pulling in, as I recall). All the rest is on you, and you should be proud.

There was lots of luck lol

Awesome post. Truly tragic that the US government imposes such hard time on people who do not commit violent crimes. I admire your bravery.

"For it was a choice, be free or bow and be caged. We chose freedom." Resteemed. Nice tattoo ;). And your man has a great name :).

I should write greeting cards lol

Great idea. and maybe greetings & cookies lol

A courageous and real story. Yes I remember you speaking of it. We do have choices and risks. That is what makes life an adventure. One can coast along on autopilot. Or one can take life by the balls and go for it. You did that and have set an wonderful example for others to follow. Thanks for sharing.

This is extremely inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story!

Hello Lily, you are magnificent and very nice person both physically and in mind. I feel like you, with no freedom to be creative because I live in a country that suffocates me. I hope soon to leave here and find a new place where I can be, free to do what I like. Create.
Greetings and good luck in your projects.

Thanks, hope you can find some freedom soon!

Inspiring story for your freedom. I and my husband want to move to El Salvador where we lived for 2 years but had to come back to Canada to finish some things, but we can't wait to go back to El Salvador where we feel Freedom, just like you found yours in Mexico. Thank you for sharing

Very Excellent Pictures!

Nice to meet you. :-)

Upvoted and followed!

Thank you for sharing! :-)

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congratulation dear friend
thank you for sharing

Hi great post.
tip: be careful re tags, I've seen lots get hit by bots for using "intro" more than once, and for using steemit for non-platform related topics.

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