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Note: This post was originally posted by @dragonanarchist, she has personally sent me this code to share this post for more visibility! --Lily

I sent out a ton of invites to my entire friends list recently to join the page for AnarchaFORKO. People have messaged me and asked what it is.


Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 9.28.00 PM.png

I discussed it in a post a little while ago on Steemit, when the idea was still just an idea -- PRE- the fabulous sponsorship it recently received from Smartcash. You can check out my initial take on it and catch up a bit on where this spawned, just click here.



The important thing is that you understand this is not designed to directly compete with the great conference known as Anarchapulco, and really it couldn't/shouldn't, because this event is not really a traditional conference, hence THE FORK in the name. It's a divergence, a break away, to a different genre all its own. And its potential is just as big for drawing anarchists far and wide.


As @LilyDaVine so eloquently put it--

Why do forks happen? In the case of bitcoin, people were unhappy with its ability to scale. It was getting bogged down with slow transactions, high transaction fees and small block sizes. When working on a solution, it became clear there was a split in opinion on how to proceed. When this happens, in crypto-currencies anyway, we fork. What was one now becomes two different entities and it’s now up to the market to decide how and if they continue being used.

Some of the issues the conference is facing are scaling issues, as it grows in size and popularity. People expect (and respect for sake of familiarity) a standard conference structure, partially because they don’t know anything else. Anarchapulco has the struggle of wanting to be decentralized while still being centralized conference and there will be issues and growing pains with that.

Video Coming TOMORROW

The 2 Events, And Why Freedom Lovers Need BOTH!!!

FROM Anarchapulco's
"If you build it, they will come."

TO Anarchaforko's

"We are coming to build it."

Stay tuned for a D.Tube/Steemit video posting TOMORROW, {Sunday} of Larken Rose & I discussing what the two events offer and what makes AnarchaFORKo different but just as badass an opportunity for anarchists.

We'll chit chat on camera about where the fork idea was first born w/@LilyDaVine last year, and why you'll want to find out now about what YOU get to a chance to do WITH THE GREAT FORK that follows Anarchapulco 2018.



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If you're new to Lily's blog here on Steemit check out this for more information on who she is and how her and John's journey led them to their life in Acapulco.

Thanks to @LilyDaVine's followers and supporters, until next time!

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