New To Ulogs | Welcoming New Celebrities (June 11, 2018)

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Great day, Uloggers!

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We have over 50 new members in the last 2 days! That's amazing. Please help curate and find new friends in this new breed of #uloggers. Welcome them to the platform and leave comments that will give them more understanding of the essence of this movement.

Remember, flaws are allowed. Their #ulogs may not be perfect but let us welcome them with open arms and help them polish their shine with our support. Share helpful tips and encouragement for them to improve and shape themselves to be valuable contributors to our cause.

Remember, we need to make sure we use the tag properly and we must always make it a clean tag. #ulog or #ulogs promises to show the true beauty of HUMAN. When you do this exactly, the better chances you have getting boosted and curated because you contribute value to #ULOGS.

We sure love to see those macro photography of insects but not unless it gives value to your shine and beauty please tag it appropriately and skip tagging it as #ulog. Defining a single English word and grabbing photos online also does not qualify as a #ulog. Taking a picture of a fish in the supermarket and labelling it as "fish" does not make a #ulog. These are just a few of the things we see in ulogs everyday. If you or your friends are doing this, please be informed of the guides to making ulogs below:







Learn More About ULOGS by Watching The Video of Surpassinggoogle:




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@rasyidin's ulog-001.. Story Flower rabaroe


Ulogs are many other "beautiful things":

  • The "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".
  • With ULOGS, "YOU", is what's pertinent and media formats e.g no-Vlogs, no-cameras, shyness etc should pose no barrier to you extending "YOU" to us and to the world, ever-constantly; "tirelessly".
  • With ULOGS, "you are celebrity and we your fans".
  • With Ulogs, you now have at least one steemit post idea daily, that constitutes YOU. "No longer, should there be a day, that the world is starved of your beauty".
  • With ULOGS, "no longer should a day emptily slip by, without "your shine" in it.
  • With ULOGS, want you to shine. We want you to lit the steem blockchain and shake it with your beauty.
  • With your ULOGS, we will create a fresh trend for #ulog/#ulogs on the entire web-space, filling it with the indispensable awesomeness called; "human"; steemhuman; "steemians".
  • ULOGS: Each day and "YOU" in it; carries it's own freshness. So, not a day aren't we capable of re-shaping the entire internet with a piece of freshness.
  • By means of our Ulogs, we will be creating historical history by reshaping the internet; surpassing Google in the process.
  • With ULOGS: "No longer should there be a day, when we can't add value to the steem blockchain". No more will there be a day on the steem blockchain, when you can say, "i don't have a steemit post idea.
  • With ULOGS; "we will keep us ever-present on the web-space; opening us ever-incessantly to opportunities; "even breakthrough opportunities".
  • By means of our ULOGS; "our kids and generations yet unborn will read of us and know that we were here each day, evolving in our substance, so that we can leave them legacies behind.
  • By means of our ULOGS, we will have fun; fly; shine.
  • The world and its toughness can deaden and relegate "our shine" into remoteness and forgotten-ness; by means of the steem blockchain (OUR ULOGS), we want to use each day, to recover some of "our shine" back.
  • And if we have lost our shine completely, we will gradually restore it using each ULOG and begin to shine again, like the "true celebrities" that we are: "light in the tunnel".
  • ULOGS: Learning; especially learning about yourself; is the ultimate earning.
  • The essence of the #ULOGS movement is to remove "barriers to entry", when it comes to "mining the human", using each content-blog that we create.
  • You can be Ulogger and "all that's needed is "YOU" and each day and this we will celebrate".
  • ULOGS: There is nothing as fresh (in terms of content) as "pieces of us". It is dynamic, fresh, unique, rare. And no "two days" are exactly the same, especially with "You" in it, for we accrue experiences, new moments, new adventures etc.
  • We aspire new resolutions each day and fail and succeed and "succeed overall", by virtue of "the gift of life" and this we will document all these celebratorily on the steem blockchain using our ULOGS.

Helpful links to understand #ulogs more:

@surpassinggoogle's #ulog: Become A ULOGGER Today! Reshaping The Entire Internet With Steemit
@ulogs' The Birth Of Ulogs. "You Are A Celebrity, So Why Not Just Ulog?" No Video Camera; No Problemo.
@ulogs' "The World Needs To Hear From You. Even Steemit Is Calling!" Now, You Can Answer. "Create A ULOG Today". (The "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".)
@ulogs' @ulogs Featured Posts, Curation And The Fundamentals Of Making #ulogs
@ulogs' Daily #Ulog Featured Posts, Curation And A Call For Help To #Uloggers
@ulogs' Daily #Ulog Featured Posts, Curation And The Emphasis On Removing Barriers To Entry
@ulog's Daily #Ulog Featured Posts, Curation And Connecting With Fellow #Uloggers

Dig and understand the essence and principles of this movement.

#ulogs is just one of the many Steemit Projects by @surpassinggoogle in celebrating the Human.

Read about Un(dis)talented here.
Read about here.
Read about Teardrops here.
Read about Steemsecrets here.

Join the movement and start making #ulogs and be a #ulogger.
Let millions of Uloggers bloom!
Join the Steemgigs Community in Discord here.


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To vote for Steemgigs as witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

If you want @surpassinggoogle to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.



Best regard @ulogs

This is an amazing initiative @ulogs. Terry, this diversified a lot of Steemians from the mindset of producing quality blogs, you clearly pinpointed it that in Steemit, it's only part of the whole.

Absolutely i agreed with you @jassennessaj.

well first is to remove barriers to entry, build the inside and a fly person will create awesome blogs. a ulog though doesnt remove the mindset of creating awesome blogs, it incites it. it allows all media but most of all wants to reshape the internet by add fresh piece constitute human into it daily. my vision is world adjustment. plus, just a bullet point above can cover the best of blogging. tell us what you did today and I can consciously do something to write a ulog or even if I did, I cant recount all my blogging, vlogging, steemit activities, research etc into a ulog to conclude the day. as per steemit and content, there are different types of content, dsound is content. zap is content. a ulog apart from entering the real world is remove barriers even from content curation and turninf it in fan-style curation anf removing the rigor. too if we get to at least 80 percent of a clean tag to where 80 percent of posts on hashtag ulog is a ulog, we will fix many worries both for content curatiob and creation. in the grand picture a ulog helps yoy tap into lost shine, relegated shine, makes you fly and wheb yoy fly, your blogs will go beyond quality and enter great. cos there is quality and there is greatness, icon, legend. we all have great in us, we simply tap into it by attempting out-of-the-boxness. when I got a steemit, steemit was also a legacy space, a library, a sandbox, etc blogging was part of the etc. as for ulogs in title and tag and the name ulog is to feedoff an existing trend, e.g blog, vlog and enter the seaech engines promoting steem organically using a trend. if someone makes an error and types ulog in place of vlog or blog, google will no longer say "did you mean vlog" or did you mean blog, cos a steem related result will show up for ulog. more about it here:

I also took large cognizance of our growing communities the creating the model. make it as difficult as 123, restore activity, remove barriers to entry for newer ones, create excitement, highlighting for use for a steemit post and the power of a steemit post in terms of opportunity etc in the near future will be contests to makethe the effort to consciously evolve will happen to instill a culture of digging, steemit and beyond, blog or one liner

oh even Steemians with great reputation here starting to become a Ulogger.
Welcome to all new Celebrities😊

I keep going through the guidelines of writing a post to be considered a #ulog post, just to be sure am updated.
Thank you @surpassinggoogle for #ulog- another opportunity for steemhumans to shine.

Haha! I have been following the celebrities here a little while and tagging ulog to spread it to my followers.

Now, I am numbering it and doing it properly and glad to be one of the gang.

ULOG on!

let's welcome the new and true celebrities/uloggers! 😊 keep ulogging, keep shining

Yay! welcome to all #uloggers! Have fun writing your #ulog everyday! 😊😊😊

I'm excited every Saturday til Sunday morning becausr of the discord talk show.

Wow. New #uloggers are here with their first #ulog article posts. It is so amazing seeing #uloggers community is increasing. Congrats to #ulog and welcome#uloggers.

Congrats new uloggers for being featured here.. Keep on doing your #ulog. Share your experience and be a celebrity :)

Now I know more about @ulog
Keep shinning @ulog
Keep shinning @surpassinggoggle
Keep shinning

#Ulog is growing very fast. Great work from sir Terry. Congrats for being featured today.

this is wonderful to hear about!!! Ulogs will bring so much joy to people like they have me!!! just follow the simple rules and make yourself the star!! YOU have a story to tell and WE want to hear YOUR story!!!

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for making Ulogs and the joy that goes with them for me!

Thanks alot. Now i really know what ulog is. I am starting it really soon. once again alot of thanks

Thank you so much for this opportunity. Still a newbie here on Steemit and just started my #ulogs.

Ulogs has improved my journey in promosteem . before ulogs came to be , the commonest reply i do get when i tell people to join steemit . most of them normally tell me

i dont't know what to blog

when they say such , i dont't know what else to tell them .But as #ulogs shows up , anytime i come across such reply i do tell them

come and tell us about yourself ,everything about you and by so doing , you make a living .
and this statement alone has made me lure people into steemit .

Please help curate and find new friends in this new breed of #uloggers.

Having a flare for seeing human displaying their reall life style has made me to become an active curator in ulogs post and stuff related to it . And this is a very thing of my life , i wish it will continue growing because indirectly , it helps me lenghthening mylife span when seeing what gives me joys.

I've been doing a #ULOG since I started, but didn't realize it until someone told me. :D Of course I didn't realize once I started using the #ULOG tag that it was supposed to be the first tag, I believe its my second tag. I'll have to start changing that if I remember. I'm getting terrible at remembering new information, ugh, getting older is for the birds, LOL. :D
I'm resteeming so others can see all this information for themselves and maybe decide that they too already have a #ULOG, but just need to add the #ULOG tag and the #ULOG to their title to make it official. :D Hopefully we'll get everyone here on steemit to eventually join us, that would be very cool. :D
God bless you all. :D Have an awesome day everyone! :D

Yes many have been ulogging before the birth of ulogging

This comment was made from

Perhaps, I've been doing it wrong all this time. Huhuhu. Glad I came across this blog. I didn't know there are rules on how we should do #ulog. Hehe. Noted ✌🏻😉

Am I getting this right, to become a Uloger, one just has to start posting about himself and his day using the ulog/ulogs tags?

Not a must but it can become an awesome culture

This comment was made from

Fascinating. I will keep that in mind.

Thank you again @surpassinggoogle for this comprehensive explanation for #ulogging . Really very helpful for beginners ! More power to you!

Wonderful movement. Voted you for witness.

Thank you alot

This comment was made from

I'm ready to start ulogging! Just one question: step 4 - use your ULOGGER footers/headers. What is that?

It is something optional but if you do want a footer, you can send a memo /comment to @phantum04. I think it is 0.1 sbd

#ulog @ulogs i have post my first #ulog post but no welcome at all.. @ikemsamuel

That will happen. There were 19k ulog entries in one month. So reaching you will happen. Overall, the essence of a ulog is beyond financial rewards

This comment was made from

Copy that Boss!..

You see #Ulogs is an initiative to create everyday star, to improve quality contents, reward quality contents and this is simply by telling us an account of your day . What your day was all about in detail with pictures or videos as proof of your detailed account of your day. Then use #ulogs, #uloggers as tags , preferably the first two . Here @ulogs, we create everyday star and we all @uloggers are your fans .

Note: #Ulogs & #Uloggers are basically for ULOGs post, unrelated post won’t be entertained as it won’t get curated by ULOGs curators .

For every #ulog post there is a blessing, so new uloggers follow all the steps and make a difference in our lives with your posts.

Great initiative.. It would bring out the best in terms of skills in a person.. Will surely roll in..

Ulog is one of the greatest initiative here on steemit. I feel so relieved anytime I'm sharing about my self with the community, and the respones I get are really amazing. That makes me more happier.
But recently I've not been getting my blog seen resteemed and I don't really know why. But then I'm happy to be a ulogger.

Thank you both @surpassinggoogle and @ulogs. Coz everybody here makes a celebrity. Greatly appreciated that kindnes. Be bless!

Amazing updates again this time, it's nicely done, great help links to new comers and newbies and also through and through, helping out with manually clarifying the essence of ulog to anybody that may be bereft of it's meaning, by and by imperfections are allowed, ulog is originality.

Congrats everyone..

God Bless!🙏👍

ULOG looks good on us. Am seeing as the first niche to play shoulders with google. #ulog is on its steps into flooding the internet

I welcome the new participants to the #ulog family. A community of celebrities

Ulog is a project by Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, to make at least a post in a day, he has explained how to use the tag and what to write above,pls re-read if it didn't clear so as to perfect your ulogs

You are Celebrity and we are your fans. Welcome to ulog

Truly #ulog project is a success, with this new set of #uloggers listed above. welcome to #ulog, and you became a celebrities and we are your fans!

Congrats to all @uloggers! God bless!

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Yes..we are growing bigger now.. A lot of steemians too requesting their ulog footer/header to me!👍

To all, try #ulogging today and become #ulogger.😊

Wow so informative and initiative

Great news! #ulogs is making history.
Welcome to new uloggers! Enjoy being a celebrity.