My First Ulog Post in Steemit: Wonderful Experince About Live Talk Show with Sir Terry, @Surpassinggoogle at Steemgigs hi

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Hello Stemeains👏👏

Today i will going to share my new experience about,@ulog, @surpassinggoogle, @steemhigs.......

At first I wanted to thanked @mdshahin786 for inviting me in @steemgigs and told me about that.

Thank you @mdshahin786 for inviting me s his steemit account link

He I the founder of steemtuner.

First of all I wanted to say about sir Terry.(@surpassinggoogle)


His name is Terry Ajayi.

I download this picture from his Facebook account.You can communicate with him in Facebook by clicking this link.

When I joined the live voice chat of him on @steemgigs at 9:00 pm (Bangladeshi time zone).I was so nervous.But after listening his voice and motivation I was surprised.How he motivated people it's just awesome.He really a talented person.


First 3 hour I can't talk with him because of inability and nervousness.After some hour listen his speech I'm right I'll talk.And then I say hello to him and introduce myself.He surprised me again.He welcomed me so well that I could not imagine.And I became a big fan of him.Thank you #Terry sir...


He welcoming me by singing song.He had a beautiful voice.He is rock.He know many songs lyrics.

And he said others to singing song by dedicated me.
There are many people singing son by dedicating me one of them is @sn0white.
Here is her steemit account link.


She had a amazing voice.My ear was satisfied after singing her song.I would like to thanked her.
Thank you @sn0white for welcoming me that way.

There was another person who also welcoming me by singing song.

His name is @dynamicgreentk...

Here is his steemit account link.


He is the founder
👑👑 of discord channel named

dynamic steemians

You can join there by clicking on this link


About the Voice Chatting🎙️🎙️......

In @steemgigs voice chatting I can learn many things.Here many of experienced people joined and share their experiences.Many of abuse and many things about steemit.They are trying to help all people by guiding them.

In @steemgigs voice chat I enjoyed lots of fun.Here I have become acquainted with many talented people.

One of them is @edprivat


It is @edprivate.After listen his voice in @steemgigs voice chat I am fallen love with his voice.He singing many songs there some of them is:
1.we don't talk anymore .
3.see you again.
His voice was good gifted.And he played guitar like a boss.

Here is the link if you want to subscribe Edprivat youtube channel

Here is a message from @surpassinggoogle- I got it from mam @mermaidvampire post, I am sharing it back....
Please if you are able. Kindly subscribe to my youtube: I am tried to become more effective in reaching everyone, so I will be putting videos on there answering as many questions and saving it as a resource somewhere. I am thinking of the plan. Please subscribe and turn notification on. I am still setting up. for today, I don't even know what to say but it will go on. I didn't it was sat, until yesterday. I couldn't post either cos things are dead rough - Terry

Let's support sir @surpassinggoogle by voting "steemgigs"as witness and "surpassinggoogle" as proxy. Click this link to vote

Join @steemgigs for more learn about steemit.Join @steemgigs by clicking on this

you can also join our discord channel




I'm also was in the talk-show

I also there.. really it was a pretty nice show.

Sounds like your having fun! I been here for a while already but never had time to join the show or I am just shy. Sir Terry a.k.a @surpassinggoogle been supporting me but never talk to him live yet.

You should talk with him and another.

Hey man ! Nice to meet you during the show! did you manage to talk eventually? cheers mate!

No I am not bro. because I was too tierd.

IT's alright next time !

I will join in next week.

I hope someday i can join with the show ...

I'm also there

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