Travel Digest #129

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the 129th edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
    As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

    Heya, @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest!


    #1 A wild kingdom of tigers, rhinos and elephants

    The @travelfreaks take us to Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Before they can visit, they have to be able to reach it first though! This is not a given in Nepal, where earthquakes are quite common destroying the already poor infrastructure. Luckily after 7 hours and 150 kilometers they make it to Saurah, the gateway to the National Park. Waking early at 5 AM to aboard the little canoes, and the walking trip through the jungle can begin! The first animal spotted is a stunning rhino - which had apparently already killed five people. After the walking tour, it was time to aboard a jeep to be able to cover more distance and see more wildlife. Ending the day with a stunning sunset.

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    #1 A wild kingdom of tigers, rhinos and elephants

    #2 Panama - Cake, coconuts and skyscrapers

    @dbo takes us all over Panama. Getting into it from Costa Rica - is like any Central American border crossing - quite a hassle. Eventually after three checkpoints he makes it into Panama. First stop up is Bocas del Toro. After having a late night, in the morning they get to cure their hangover by relaxing at the Playa Estrella. Around the different islands he spots red frogs, dolphins and sloths. After spending time at the beach it was time to head inland, to the Lost and Found hostel, high in the mountains in the middle of the clouds. Next up is Panama City, an incredible modern city, from eating ceviche in the fish market to watch the sunset from an infinity pool overlooking the skyscrapers. Last but not least we go along the San Blas islands direction Colombia! Sleeping in hammocks on the different islands, and meeting the indigenous Kuna population.

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    #2 Panama - Cake, coconuts and skyscrapers

    #3 Onion tarts and confetti fights

    @theviewfinder takes us to the Zibelemarit festival in Bern, Switzerland. A festival which is all about onions - whether you believe it or not. It is the biggest farmers market in Switzerland and has been a traditional fold festival since the Middle Ages. Through the haze of people throwing confetti everywhere you get to enjoy onion soup, onion tart, onion quiche, onion soup,... well you get the idea. Luckily there is also Gluhwein to get away from everything onion-related!

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    #3 Onion tarts and confetti fights

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    Yay, so excited to be on that list!! Thanks again for thinking we're worthy of it!! ❤

    You definitely are, you did an amazing job of catching the vibe of hiking through the jungle! You know, not only the beauty of the sights but also that fear you felt etc.!

    Aw this is all so flattering 😁😁 excited now to sit down and write the next part of our story!

    Resteemed 😁

    Congratulations to the winners and happy to make it onto the honorable (not horrible) mentions!

    Definitely not horrible mentions, haha!

    Hi @martibis, thanks for the feature on my Panama post.

    Great to have another travel post recognised and it’s very motivating to get the next one out. Look forward to reading your other selections.

    You're very welcome, really enjoying your posts! Also just a small idea worth throwing around, seeing as your posts are most of the time quite lengthy, it might be a good idea to split them up a bit more so you can pin each place on the map as opposed to having to pin it in the country specifically!

    Thanks a lot for you add me to the list..

    You're very welcome!

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