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This beautiful quote, which most travelers are familiar with, emboldens the spirit of Steemitworldmap.

What if we could all share our personal travel-experiences with one another in a convenient way. What if there was a place where you could feel connected to travelers from all over the globe and listen to their stories, while sharing your own. We can all agree that that would be an amazing experience.

Our aim is to connect travelers from all over the world and have them share their personal experiences with one another

How do we do it?

We wanted to have all the stories easily accessible and make it possible to find stories sorted by place or by author.
To do just that, we have created Steemitworldmap. A map which automatically finds posts from travel-bloggers and adds these to itself.

Welcome to the newest way of sharing travel-stories!

How can I get on the map?

  • Go to Steemitworldmap
  • Click code on the bottom
  • Click on the map where your post should be (zoom in if needed and add description if wanted)
  • Copy and paste the code in your post
  • Your post has now been added to Steemitworldmap!

Your code should look something like this
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.012224 lat -34.321289 long Updated: want to learn more about the map? Click here! d3scr)

You will get a confirmation comment which holds the link to your personal map as well

What are you willing to do?

The upkeep of the Steemitworldmap takes a lot of work. At all times we have a team of four people working on the project on a nearly daily basis. Fixing bugs, curating the content, improving the Editors Choice Map, etc. etc.!

We love doing it, but with the map growing at an incredible rate, the workload is becoming bigger and bigger. The entire team is working longer hours, trying to keep up! Behind the screens, we are constantly optimizing the Steemitworldmap project!



Steemitworldmap is being developed by @martibis and @oroger, with occasional help from other developers. Our team also consists of a team of curators, that help select the best travel posts every day for our daily #traveldigest. The two most longstanding members of our curation team are @choogirl and @livinguktaiwan.

@martibis is a passionate and young web developer and the founder of Steemitworldmap. He's spending a lot of time behind his laptop. Whenever he can find the time he is traveling the world, looking for new adventures!

@oroger is an incredibly talented and experienced back-end developer, without him there might not be a Steemitworldmap right now! He is a fan of new technologies since ... well always. He has been a developer for 10 years and is also involved in the french Steem community were he is maintaining the Comprendre-Steem website. He is focusing on software architecture and development, mainly in Java and Python.

@choogirl is one of the most active curators on the platform and is also helping with the selection and curation of the content for our daily #traveldigest. Also a curie curator, which in itself speaks of how highly skilled she is in curating good content. She moved from Austalia to Panama after quitting her job, selling/giving away all her stuff, and buying a one way plane ticket to her new life.

@livinguktaiwan is a strong member of the Chinese community and is also helping with the selection and curation of the content for our daily #traveldigest. After living her life in the UK and working in Hong Kong she decided to take a career break and move to Taiwan.



Hey good post, I'm glad you did it!! I didn't know about autovote... Just finish the setup for a 100% autovote on @steemitworldmap !! It's not much but it we make the différance if every user of the map does so as well :-)

Heya @lpv, I think you're one of the biggest supporters of the map! We really appreciate it a lot! So once again, thanks a lot for your continued support and I can't wait for your next video to show up!!!!

Thank's, we are currently in Fès, Morroco for the week-end, so a video should come out soon :-)
And de have another short one about Marseille that we just need to edit :-)
Oh and we are going to Malta next month... maybe we'll catch you there 😉

I've been thinking of going to Morocco again myself actually! I went three times already, but never went to the South and the last time I was there is about 5 years ago now! It is a lovely country to travel in from what I remember, enjoy it!

Awesome, can't wait for them all to show up!

I am no longer in Malta now, back in cold, rainy Belgium unfortunately, but probably not for long, haha!

it has been a great idea to create and develope this project!! You create another fantastic community !!! Thanks for your post and your project!!

I definitely agree with you! It still amazes me how more and more people find the Steemitworldmap and through it other travelers!

And thank you for using and enjoying it!

How Do I know if my post is added to the steemit world map? I have been making some beach post and I really don't know if I'm making it rigth haha

Hey hey, you should get an automated comment stating your post was added to the map! Updated it in the post above as well!

If you are not getting it, throw me a link to your post here, and I'll take a look into what's going wrong!

I did recieve the comment :D Wuujuu

PD: I love the steemit map idea, is just a great place to find new cool post and steemians near me :)

I use it all the time! Great site! :)

Heya, glad to hear you like what we are doing here!

I love your project, but I have a problem. I would like to add the location of some post that I cannot edit anymore. Does it work if I add the code in a comment?

Unfortunately it doesn't, although we are thinking of maybe implementing a feature like that, but we first want to make sure what the possible consequences could be for something like that!

Then I have a good excuse to translate them into English.

Great post!
Care to take a look at a post I made yesterday?
Kinda timely, and about SteemitWorldMap!
I hope more people get involved and use SteemitWorldMap.

Here's my post:

Oh great, always good to have more people spreading the word about the map! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the great work, guys! It's amazing how after several months the number of posts on #traveldigest has grown :)

Yeah right, it seems as if the map is in overdrive nowadays, haha!

Great initiative! Getting me stoked to read more travel blogs. Thanks for sharing.

Heya, very glad to hear you like what we are doing here! We definitely will keep going!

Congratulations, Your Post Has Been Added To The Steemit Worldmap!
Author link:
Post link:

Want to have your post on the map too?

  • Go to Steemitworldmap
  • Click the code slider at the bottom
  • Click on the map where your post should be (zoom in if needed)
  • Copy and paste the generated code in your post
  • Congrats, your post is now on the map!

Wow this post is wonderful this for sharing keep up the good work, looking forward to more of your post thanks.

Thank you for all you all do! Thanks also for sharing a little bit of your personal stories...that makes for more meaningful connections.

I will continue sharing my happiness as well as living vicariously through the adventures of fellow Steemians. Thanks, as always, for your is so very encouraging!

I definitely agree with you, otherwise we're just Steemitworldmap instead of the actual people behind it all, haha!

I am very happy to hear you enjoy what we're doing here! And thank you for helping the map grow a bit more every day!

Such a cool project! I love maps. I love the world, travel, stories. You made a beautifull integration of it all, with great interface. THANK YOU!
I'm in.

Glad to hear you're enjoying what we did here, haha!

Thanks, does it work? Took me a while to figure it out! Got the confirmation comment, but the link does not get me anywhere! This is a test post:

I get back to you, gotta run ........

WELL DONE GUYS & GALS!! this is awesome. Being a travel blogger, I am so happy to see this.

Thank you, glad to see you like it!

What if the post is not entirely about a place but travel tips in the Philippines? Can I use the tag and should I still add it to the map? @steemitworldmap

Definitely, if it's still to do with a location, it is more than welcome on the map!

Ok thanks!

Awesome, will implement this in all my future posts! :-) Great Idea!!!

Hi. Does it have to be in the post itself? Can you add the code to the comments? I was wondering if I could add old posts?

Hi how do I create my own steemit world map?

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